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Nic Cage to Baby Mama: Lay Off Weston!!!

6/14/2011 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage is scoffing at his baby mama's attempt to get a conservatorship over their son, Weston, telling TMZ, "I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help."


Christina Fulton and Nic are in court today ... trying to settle her $13 million lawsuit claiming Cage didn't give her the home he promised, causing her emotional distress. 

Outside the courtroom where the settlement conference is taking place, Christina mouthed off that she was taking legal steps to get a conservatorship for Weston by the end of this week.

Weston had a meltdown last week, that caused cops to strap him to a gurney and take him to the hospital.  He's been released.

Nic tells TMZ, "Weston is a man.  I have complete faith he will weather this well."

As for Weston, he's adamant ... he wants nothing to do with Fulton, saying, "I am a fully capable and self-sufficient adult.  I want no contact with Christina Fulton and will never undergo the torment she put me through ever again."

Christina has had virtually no contact with Weston for months.

061411_fulton_launchUPDATE: After court, Christina and her lawyer told us the $13 million lawsuit was settled to the satisfaction of both parties -- but the exact terms of the settlement are confidential.


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sloppy seconds    

i would LOL if this ugly kid dies! what an ugly procreation!

NOT something to be proud of there Nick. DUH!


1224 days ago


that spoild brat should just be tossed in the slammer, that'll cure his stupid ass

1224 days ago


Hey, I'm the first one! Stunning eyes, the rest, not so much...

1224 days ago


Why is TMZ trying to make this ugly fool happen? I smell another craptastic reality show coming on.

NEWSFLASH Hollywood - The world is sick of reality shows.

1224 days ago


Sad, another rich dead beat dad that has turned a son against his mother. And the kid still sides with his dad who had him beat up?! brainwashed poor kid.

1224 days ago


Sounds to me like some his issues are here BECAUSE of his mother. Personally, I think Weston is somewhat attractive. I like his eyes. However, it's been said his mother suffered from that disorder where they make up things to make everyone believe that their child is sick when in reality he is really not.

1224 days ago


Weston eyes are beautiful: I wonder if they're real or bought? Christina needs to let this go b/c he's an adult and it's his decision who he spends time with. Besides, if there was going to be conservatorship over Weston, Nic would get it before her.

1224 days ago

northern gypsy    

here we go...the gloves are's getting down and dirty !!!
sorry...i'm not buying what N.C. is selling...why ???
you don't treat your son like a man...
mom...sounds like you've been sucking lemmons for quit awhile...
your bitter and toxic (that's right) for your son...
having said that...sadly i honestly believe W.C. does have some kind of mental illness...

1224 days ago


I don't know about this one. We never heard of this kid getting in trouble when he was with his mom growing up. According to things I've read and his Mother dropping certain phrases it sounds like he has some sort of mental issues and needs a good support system. I think his parents need to stop bickering and learn to parent this kid together. I realize he is an adult but like I said, it seems he has a mental illness and needs to be monitored. Put Weston first and put your bickering aside. I'm sure that would help things tremendously, and he wouldn't feel like he has to choose a side.

1224 days ago


Their all a bunch of ******* I n nut heads... Put them all in the nut house.

1224 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

instead of calling him "Weston" lets all call him "the Blue eyed BeZerKer"

1224 days ago

Sin D    

This is really sad and hard to sit back and watch. It's an ugly thing to witness and have to see. Maybe it can be saved...his hair.

1224 days ago


What a nice family.

1224 days ago


Nic will handle it. He will just send a thug to beat the crap out of Wes whenever he steps out of line. Much cheaper and easier than a conservatorship.

1224 days ago


She needs to stop, now the truth is coming out that shes a nut...

1224 days ago
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