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Britney Spears' Dad

Bargain Basement Tour Director

6/16/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Spears is going to court to get some serious money for directing Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour that kicks off today in Sacramento, CA... but turns out he'll be the best bargain in town.


TMZ has obtained legal docs that Jamie has filed with the judge in Britney's conservatorship case ... asking the judge to give him money for directing the tour and managing the logistics of the tour.

Jamie has not specified the amount of money he wants, and sources tell us it hasn't been calculated yet.  Sources tell us the amount will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's crazy cheap for what Jamie is doing.

To give you some perspective, 5 people managed the 2009 Circus Tour.  Although the amount they made is blacked out in the legal documents, we were able to discern the amount is in the 7 figures.

With Jamie on board for the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj Femme Fatale Tour, 3 of the 5 positions will be eliminated.  Thus, if Jamie gets a 6 figure salary for the upcoming 8-month world tour, everybody wins.

Whatever Jamie gets for the tour ... it will be in addition to the $16,000 a month he's pulling in for serving as Britney's conservator.


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Jamie a hero? He left bankrupted businesses to deal with his daughter. We don't know his "heart" . Would him and all of family be with her if she sis not have money!?

1225 days ago


Hope the basemaent tour is more exciting than the apperance where she showed she can not walk in heels and that squeck thing she does is not singing. RETIRE ur awful I was embarressed for you girl. The Mickey mouse days are over .

1225 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

i jus wanna see the biatch naked again...maybe getting triple penetration from sum hung black guys. daddio jamie can watch & direct if he wants

$arah Palin needs to have a chat wit brit (nit2wit)

1225 days ago


come on people---- SHE HAS MONEY!!! he deserves this! He has straightened her life out, and though she may be on antipsychotics, she looks freaking AMAZING. Also, the FF album has been one of her best.

He may be asking for his daughters money, but he is keeping her income and financial well being alive, he's keeping her from shaving her head again, or showing crotch or stealing necklaces, he is watching whicht evil people try to invade her life, and really...if it makes YOU feel better, ALL THIS WORK BENEFITS THE SAFETY AND WELL BEING OF HER BOYS (AKA-HIS GRANDCHILDREN).....

1224 days ago


Also, people, 18 years o****e and older, who have developmental delays often pay family members who care for them. Medicaid allows for funding for items like "rent, homecare, and providers for needs".

I'm not trying to call Britney developmentally delayed- just trying to show similarities that people, in the U.S., based on governmental funding, get paid to take care of family members. Britney, on the other hand, doesn't need government funding.....

She's actually doing better than the U.S. government is.....

1224 days ago


My heart aches for Britney and all the betrayals and manipulation she has had to endure in her short life.

1224 days ago


This man is disgusting. Sold her into the music industry when she was just a child. The real story behind her is so so so sad and disturbing. People need to wake up to what's going on. Just google "britney spears mind control" to start.

1224 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★ HEY! Some of you guys (Not ALL of you - Thanks Harvey!) were not very nice to Britney on the show last night.

TMZ has been doing alot better lately about being nice to her.

Can we please try a little harder next time?

Thank you! I've really come to expect more from TMZ lately.

Please be a little nice to B? Her diehard fans (like myself) really would appreciate it.

Thank you!


HI RIBEYE!!! X-D ★ ★ ★

1223 days ago

Ellie Mae Clampett    

This moron couldn't take care of herself, so her dad had to step in. She still can't do anything; a 30 year old woman incapable of taking care of herslf...WTF. It would be her problem if it was just her, but she has brought innocent children into her crazy antics. I don't see why her father shouldn't get some type of compensation.

1223 days ago


hello britney spears!! you britney spears owes ibraham patel -ibrahim patel- money for apparel design and manufacture hair cutting and styling and video production(beacause it did happen in knighton 1997-1998) and britney spears you also owe ibraham patel -ibrahim patel- for the pregnancy abortions!! pay money soon to ibraham patel -ibrahim patel-

1086 days ago


You people who think her father should not get paid are missing the point. He's earning probably way less than all the sycophants who previously held the exact same jobs. And doing a better job of it. Fact: when he took over, Britney had no savings, investments or retirement of any kind. All over her money was in a couple of regular people checking accounts. WTF?! That made it way easier for all of her help (read: paid friends) to take money out for whatever "she needed." You cheap bastards are the same as****s who think your brother the electrician should redo the wiring in your crappy, fixer-upper for free because he's your brother. Never mind the paying jobs he will have to turn down to do your couple of grand for free. You are taking money out of his pockets from the missed wages from paying customers to the time resources and materials used on your home. Jamie Spears is getting way less for this, than he would have from being named executor/one beneficiaries of her estate, 'cause she would have been dead long before now.

1078 days ago
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