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Beating Victim: 'I Rather Eat Feces Than Dodger Dog'

6/28/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who had a verbal altercation with San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium shortly before Stow was brutally attacked claims Stow was inciting Dodger fans by screaming, "I rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog."


TMZ has obtained a text message sent yesterday by Juan Banda, the man who had the pre-attack run-in with Stow in the stands. TMZ posted video of the altercation Monday morning.

A friend of Banda's texted him that he saw Banda on TMZ.  Banda texted back "They are not saying they are looking for me....right?  Reason I was arguing w him was because he [Stow] crossed the line ... he yelled out, 'I rather eat my own ficies (sic) than eat a dodger dog.'"

Banda continued, "I asked Merced [a friend Banda was with at the game] to watch my back and told him [Stow] it was one thing to root for your team but you are crosing (sic) the line ... he didn't say much ... neither him or his buddies who were with him ... they were just trying to excuse his words."

Banda continued texting:  "Nothing happen and I went back to my seat. ... What I can't understand is where were his buddies when that [the attack] happened ... he was not alone during the game ... he was with 3 or 4 friends ... he did have a mouth though!"

And Banda texted, "Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys!"

062711_fight_small_v2_launchWhat's interesting about the texts is it paints a picture of Stow trying to incite Dodger fans.

We tried contacting Stow's lawyer, but so far our calls have not been returned.

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I can't believe people actually stick up for the guys that beat this man! There is absolutely no reason a man should be beat for spouting off things about a baseball team! Grow up!! It's a game! The man has the right to say whatever he wants to about a silly game, people don't have the right to abuse someone for that! People that agree with this beating need their heads read and need to grow up! Sit your butts home, we don't need people like you at sporting events! You're clearly not mature enough to be there!

1211 days ago


so he was heckling the team at a baseball game. so what. tons of fans do it all the time. granted he shouldn't have gone back and forth w/this new guy, but we don't even know what was said. it's this other guy who's pointing at brian, and quite frankly, why did it take him this long to speak out? it took his friends 'convincing' him to come forward? sorry, not quite buying everything that this guy is saying. if this whole incident was on the up and up, he would have gone to the police and spoken up when this first happened. regardless, brian didn't deserve what happened to him. no one deserves that.

1211 days ago


Those Dodger Dogs are gross! Just sayin' . . .

1211 days ago

turd ferguson    

Nobody deserves to be beaten like that, but take note Giant fan: When you fly planes around your rivals stadium taunting them and then do it to their face, expect the worst...

1211 days ago


So all you can hear is spanish. Do poeple not relize what country we are in. Its america where we speak ENGLISH!!!!. Im sick of all these immigrants coming into my country who cant even speak nor how to learn to speak it. If you live in this country speak english while in public. How do any of us know your not a terrorist. And for gas stations. Do americans not own them anymore? It seems ever gas station I go into is ran by a immigrant family. WTF : For real dough!!!!!

1211 days ago


I am not saying that this guy deserved to be beat into a coma. I am not sure if the guys that did the beating intended for the guy to end up in a coma. My dad always told me this and it is perfect for this situation.

"Don't write a check with your mouth that your a$$ can't cash!"

If you are going to be saying stupid things be prepared for what comes your way.

Hopefully this teaches people to shut up and enjoy the game.

1211 days ago


I called this when I first happened. Stow talked sh#t to the wrong people. All you people who defend this ass and tried to portray him as an innocent victim at the wrong place at the wrong time must feel duped. What I want to see is an interview with Stows "friends". Where were they when he was getting the feces kicked out of him? He should have just ate a Dodger dog and enjoyed the game.

1211 days ago


Duh. It was obvious from the get-go he was looking for a fight.
He found one.

1211 days ago


I hate to say it but i think this guy is telling the truth. Mr. Stow had to have been running his mouth before he was beat up. I can't see someone beating someone else up over wearing the wrong gear since there were probably quite a few giants fans at the game. I am also wondering where his friends were at the time of the attack.

1211 days ago


Is he talking about a real dog or a hot dog at Dodgers stadium? Whatever it was, how weak of a rant.

1211 days ago


really doger fans are such delicate flowers they can't take a little smack talk and for this loser to imply stow asked for it is outrageous grow up doger fans your a discrace and so is your team.

1211 days ago


The dude wasn't beaten into a coma! He wa***** from behind, fell, and hit his head... probably against a parking stone! The attackers didn't intend for what happened to the guy, and it's most unfortunate, but there is a whole lotta "accident" involved in the incident....

1211 days ago


Dodger fans are s***............

1211 days ago



1211 days ago

Anna M.    

Regardless of the gear he wore, the support he showed the Giants, and of the comments he made, Stowe in no way deserved to be beaten into a coma. No one does. And, it's pretty bush of Banda to infer that Stowe in any way deserved the violence he encountered- boo on Banda, L.A.'s newest embarrassment.

1211 days ago
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