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Beating Victim: 'I Rather Eat Feces Than Dodger Dog'

6/28/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who had a verbal altercation with San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium shortly before Stow was brutally attacked claims Stow was inciting Dodger fans by screaming, "I rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog."


TMZ has obtained a text message sent yesterday by Juan Banda, the man who had the pre-attack run-in with Stow in the stands. TMZ posted video of the altercation Monday morning.

A friend of Banda's texted him that he saw Banda on TMZ.  Banda texted back "They are not saying they are looking for me....right?  Reason I was arguing w him was because he [Stow] crossed the line ... he yelled out, 'I rather eat my own ficies (sic) than eat a dodger dog.'"

Banda continued, "I asked Merced [a friend Banda was with at the game] to watch my back and told him [Stow] it was one thing to root for your team but you are crosing (sic) the line ... he didn't say much ... neither him or his buddies who were with him ... they were just trying to excuse his words."

Banda continued texting:  "Nothing happen and I went back to my seat. ... What I can't understand is where were his buddies when that [the attack] happened ... he was not alone during the game ... he was with 3 or 4 friends ... he did have a mouth though!"

And Banda texted, "Maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys!"

062711_fight_small_v2_launchWhat's interesting about the texts is it paints a picture of Stow trying to incite Dodger fans.

We tried contacting Stow's lawyer, but so far our calls have not been returned.

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artfull dodger    

i did not buy it for a second that this was an "unprovoked" attack. i have been to MANY games and have NEVER seen a fight just errupt unprovoked. stow is a meathead loudmouth and he ran into some meathead criminals...nuff said. and seriously, where were his ***** friends? they watch their buddy get beaten into a coma? stow and 3 friends vs. 2 cholos, wtf?

1221 days ago


What kind of ghetto thug gets into the face of a person insulting the quality of a hot dog? I'm surprised this "Banda" even knows what the word "feces" means.

Regardless of what Bryan Stow said or didn't say, this incident is representative of the bigger problem at Dodger Stadium: the thug fans.

1221 days ago


I know there are people out there that are bashing Mexicans on many websites and saying that this guy deserves to be beat in to a coma bu*****ch the video.. I am a Cubs fan (insert comments here) and i have seen opposing fans getting mouthy and if you have every FINALLY seen someone tell them off you usually clap and make a scene to make him feeler even dumber than the fan is.. Watch the guy standing in the aisle.. He starts to clap once BANDA passes him.. I would say Banda is not the guy who beat him but the guy who told him off like other Dodgers fan should have... For who ever did this i hope they catch him

1221 days ago


I know its not right to kick someones ass so bad that they go into a coma. but when this story first came about, I knew that guy had to have a big mouth and was probably talking major **** to get his ass kicked the way he did. Is it right? No, but he was also disrespecting the Dodgers fans by being a drunk *******. Maybe someone got tired of his mouth and decided to shut it for him??

1221 days ago


Well, what do you expect?

The athletes act like petulant children, throwing fits, spitting at fans, yelling profanities, etc.

So why should their weak-minded fans behave any differently?

"Hey, homes...dees muthafukka jus' deessed the Dodger Dog. Das not cool, main! I'm gonna go athlete on his gringo azz. Uh...watch my back, mi hombres, jus' in case he's badder than he looks. (Or I'm not as bad as I think.)"

"Civility? Civility? We don' need no stinkin' civility!!"

1221 days ago


David Jong 23 minutes ago


That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that this type of behavior is unacceptable at an event where people bring their kids.

So tell me... how hard is it to hide a shiv in one of those foam "We're #1" hands? **** you ********.
That kind of behavior is NEVER acceptable! We are adult human beings, its to bad people don't know how to act like it!

1221 days ago


People just need to grow the F^ck up. What happened to sticks and stones? Why do men always think they need to kick someone's ass once they get a few beers in them? What a bunch of azzholes.

1221 days ago


I kind of figured Stow had initiated all of this. Not a good idea to bad mouth gang members. Now you see the end result of this. Best to keep your mouth shut and just enjoy the game. Now the dude is fighting for his life. Nobody deserves this but still...come on...you're in gang territory if you go to a Dodger game....PERIOD!!!

1221 days ago


I was there on opening day. A LOT of Giants fans came to the game with a BIG F-U attitude and were getting kicked out by the police for talking crap. It was not a good situation. and we even had to tell a nice couple that were giants fans that it would be best to take their giants colors off before they left, which they did and they were thankful some one gave them a heads up. I am a Dodger fan and I even was scared to look at someone wrong and get beat down. The animosity amongst everyone was that bad.

I am no where near surprised this happened to a Giants fan. Jesus why cant people have a good time anymore without worrying about people taking things too damn far.

1221 days ago


I hope each and every one of you here, defending or justifying the slimeball that beat another into a coma have the happy occassion to run into someone just like him and have your face beat to a pulp, just because you execised your right to free speech (which - BTW - DOES include the right to trash-talk the opposing team).
Then, all the other caring and considerate folks here can trash you and blame you and insist that you had it coming.
Because based on your comments here...you probably do.

1221 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

anony about an hour ago: NO matter what the guy said, it's no excuse for beating him into a coma.
If someone gets really mouthy and gets into a fight, a beatdown might be in order, but one where the guy still gets to go home.

I agree 100%.

1221 days ago


The victim is an EMT. If you have ever been to a baseball game you would hear some of the things they say. It happens all the time....this guy didn't deserve what happend to him. regardless you people that say he deserved a beating are f*$%@# up in the head. This is why this country is full of animals. Look are your mindsets...it's a freaking game get the hell over yourselves. Think of his two kids that might one day read this....heartless losers sitting behind a computer screen

1221 days ago


Wow, some Americans are sick *****. He deserved a beating but not into a coma?

I once raped a girl, but only with the tip of my ******o it was OK. Plus, she was dressed like a slut so she kind of deserved it.

1221 days ago


What the Giant's fan said was gross,
but nobody deserves to be beaten into a coma for insulting a hot dog - and if that Banda guy wants to talk about crossing lines -
how about putting your own name on a jersey? -
Now That is crossing a line - a clear fan violation.

1221 days ago


I wonder why it is that people can't have a good time at MLB- NBA games -High School Foot Ball Games -proms-local church fests -shopping malls...Uhmmm Yea Ok...

1221 days ago
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