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TMZ Live: Brooke's Wage War -- Cruel & Unusual?

6/28/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is all caught up with his child support payments, but Brooke Mueller still got a judge to garnish $55k a month from his wages -- some nerve! And did Shia LaBeouf violate the "man code" by hooking up with Megan Fox -- who may have been dating Brian Austin Green at the time -- or is Megan so hot ... she's an exception to the rule?


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(0:00) It's war today: Mueller vs Sheen, Gilbert Arenas vs his baby mama, Halle Berry vs Gabriel Aubry, Shia LaBeouf vs Megan Fox ... and more!
(5:40) NBA star Gilbert Arenas does NOT want his baby mama using his name to get famous on "Basketball Wives." Nina has the deets.
(7:00) Arenas had FOUR kids with her ... she should be able to do what she wants. Right?
(8:00) Are all wives of professional athletes golddiggers?
(13:20) A judge ordered Warner Bros. to take $55k out of Charlie Sheen's monthly paycheck ... and give it to Brooke. How'd this happen?
(24:30) Dax rips Harvey for misspeaking.
(31:30) Shia LaBeouf says he hooked up with Megan Fox ... when she may've been with Brian Austin Green. Is Megan an exception to the man code?
(35:00) Max is the voice of reason here -- he says you should live by the man code ... whether it's Megan Fox or not.
(41:00) The hits, runs and errors of the L.A. Dodgers stadium beating.
(42:30) Video of Bryan Stow at the game shows he had a verbal confrontation before the beating. One man claims Bryan was running his mouth.
(43:50) TMZ DID NOT insinuate Stow may have deserved the beating.


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some guy    

Not to be juvenile, but "Sticks and Stones will Break My Bones..."

Which is what this story is... juvenile behavior.

1182 days ago


No men should be served alcohol at sports events.

1182 days ago


i am a san francisco implant living in l.a. so its hard for me to ever pick the Giants over the Dodgers and vice versa... No Doubt I think its horrible what happened to Bryan Stow, but I also feel when you talk a bunch of crap to ppl, you should be prepared fight for what you said. I don't think Bryan deserved this beating, but had he not provoked the attack, he wouldn't be in the medical position he is in. I think a mob mentality is what hurt Bryan, but his actions is what sparked the fight... Dont put your dog in the fight if it has no teeth... (bad analogy, because I love animals, but closest to what I mean)

1182 days ago

some guy    

Not to be off topic, but I hear San Quentin is lovely this time of year.

1182 days ago

some guy    

Good luck, Mark

You're gonna need it. Seriously.

1182 days ago

some guy    

Me, personally, I would've kicked his ass.

1182 days ago


Its common sense not to piss off Dodgers Fan, even when its its a huge rival game.

1182 days ago


1182 days ago


It was reported that Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Men” is in the process of writing in the details of Charlie’s tragic death on the sitcom to give room for former “That 70′s Show” star, Ashton Kutcher to step in as the manly replacement.

1182 days ago


Re: Charlie/Brooke. The point you are making about messing with the mans bill paying is the EXACT point I would make as a woman. Say a man decides for whatever reason to pay late ONE TIME and that mothers bill paying is totally screwed up. On that low of an income when you are raising children, one week will make a huge difference. I'm happily married so I don't have any experience with this but if I needed it I would soooo request that garnishment order. Man has concrete proof it was paid and woman has guarantee it's coming each and every pay period, perfect.

1182 days ago


Charlie Sheen (aka the toothless douchebag) will have to come up with some new inane word to rant at the public. His ex gets $55,000 / month for the kids. Her new slogan: "WINNING!"

1182 days ago


Back in 2009:

“They’ve agreed to an open relationship where Megan can see other men but Brian can’t date anyone else,” a source to the couple blabbed to The Sun this week.

1182 days ago


STOP-STOP-STOP saying baby mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1182 days ago
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