TMZ Live: Kim K. Wedding Spree Ruining the U.S.?

7/1/2011 2:55 PM PDT
Harvey is outraged by Kim Kardashian's over-the-top wedding -- and thinks future brides will go broke trying to be like Kim ... wait 'til you hear how the newsroom reacts. Plus, love her or hate her, there's a good chance Octomom made more money than you last month -- change your opinion of her?

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(4:00) Kim Kardashian is spending MILLIONS on her wedding -- is that the message the self-appointed role model wants to send to her fans?
(5:50) Mike is the anti-Harvey on this topic -- he thinks weddings are worth it.
(7:30) Counterpoint -- Max plays the anti-Mike.
(10:15) Evan's turn ... he's the anti-Max ... because he thinks it's great that Kim is stimulating the economy with her ridiculous wedding.
(13:20) The best caller we've had so far. Classic.
(26:00) Octomom raked in $28,000 last month -- do we owe her an apology?
(31:30) What it sounds like at Octomom's zoo house ... from NEXT DOOR. What a nightmare.
(35:40) The Situation's dad has his tail tucked between his legs -- but the big question ... was this whole thing just for show?
(40:30) Aaron Carter claims he DID NOT say Michael Jackson gave him wine and cocaine when he was 15 ... despite reports otherwise.
(43:30) Does Harvey believe Aaron didn't say those things?
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