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Kobayashi INHALES 69 Hot Dogs -- The VIDEO!

7/5/2011 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Takeru Kobayashi DESTROYED 69 hot dogs in 10 minutes yesterday ... smashing his own world record in an UNOFFICIAL speed eating display ... and igniting a HUGE controversy in the process!070511_kobiyashi_v3_still

TMZ obtained footage of Kobayashi's UNBELIEVABLE feat ... which he accomplished on a Manhattan rooftop ... miles from the OFFICIAL Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship at Coney Island. TK wasn't allowed to compete at the Coney Island eat-off because he wouldn't sign a contract with Major League Eating.

So, in protest ... Kobayashi did his own thing. Of course, Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's title with 62 dogs ... but Kobayashi put down 69!!!!!!

Chestnut later remarked, "It wasn't a competition ... It was no different than what I do at practice on my own and I'm able to break a record at my house."

So, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


@dale LMFAO, you are correct sir
this "event" would not get the coverage it has without koby, he put MLE on the map..
joey is great but koby is still king
obviously if your vegitarian your gonna hate this event..

1185 days ago

tippy katz    

And Anonymouse:
Impressive: it only takes 69 hot dogs to make you feel morally superior for a whole day!

1185 days ago


All I want to do right now is go get some Nathan's hot dogs and eat the whole pack. In the words of Apollo Creed: "You won but you didn't beat me."

1185 days ago

jon doe    

the guy counting is off by like 4-5 , It should be 64 hotdogs, check the counting again.

1185 days ago


Chestnut kicked his ass over and over and this little ***** is a sore loser, last year he spent the night in jail because he acted like a retard .... why wont he sign a contract?, is there another game in town? No, he simply can't beat the best anymore and this proves nothing...It would be like a baseball player saying I wont do the Home run hitting contest by MLB bu*****ch me hit more in my backyard...and as far as having a problem with an eating contest. its funny and who cares ...

1185 days ago


The MLE wants to control Kobayashi. They want him to sign a contract with restrictions to what contests he enters. They are full of it. He is one of the few people who makes decent money doing this type of thing and they want to control that. Screw them... this is July 4th... the biggest holiday about our freedom... and they have the nerve to keep somebody who is qualified out of the contest. I haven't bought a Nathan's hotdog since they kept him out of the competition last year, and I no longer consider Chestnut the true winner or the contest valid since it is restricted. As for the people complaining about starving people in the world... don't waste your money on a computer and go buy some food for a homeless shelter... get off your rear and do something about it...if not, then STFU.

1185 days ago


Wow, messed up on so many levels
But can you imagine, whats going on in his bathroom after a stunt like that??
I sure he must bring in a good book.

1185 days ago


Kobayashi got to compete against Joey via TV, so he truly was competing. Joey did not have that chance. This is whole thing is BS. JOEY IS THE TRUE CHAMP!!

1185 days ago


I do not care what that guy ate then or at other times. He was not in the competition because he is obviously an arrogant ass who thinks he doesnt need to sign what the others did so he lost. Whoever was in the competition and won then has the title. To me he seems like a crybaby for even doing that. IF he wants to be the winner then sign the papaer and join the race. Its that simple.

1185 days ago


If Kobayashi wants to truly win titles and hold records, he must do it in an OFFICIAL capacity and compete head-to-head with other eaters. Otherwise, he's just another guy eating some hot dogs on the 4th of July.

1185 days ago


OMG, a contract to eat hot dogs. Was it about safety? probably not. IT was about signin your life away on that dotted line beneath the tiny fine print.Kobayashi you are a true hot dog hero. You are the champ.

1185 days ago


Tippy Katz, Alas, you are wrong. If I were morally superior I would not lie or cheat or steal. I am instead a person who recognizes my role in the world, and knows that if I eat more than I need, I am taking food out of the mouth of someone who needs it. Find yourself a dictionary, child.

1185 days ago


What do some of you not understand. This is not about Kobi not wanting to play by the rules, it is about him not wanting to have a management company that he will have to pay a portion of his winnings to.

1185 days ago

tippy katz    

WOW! Stunning, anonymouse! You have more than 1 thing to feel superior about!!! Oh, and have fun lying cheating and stealing. Because those things never take anything vital away from anyone else...

1185 days ago


Just because Kobayashi's feat wasn't sponsored by corporate America doesn't negate the fact he ate 69 hot dogs.

1185 days ago
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