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TMZ Live: Harvey Attacks Nancy, Joan Attacks Harvey

7/6/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "TMZ Live," Joan Rivers and Harvey battled it out over the Casey Anthony verdict ... after Nancy Grace had the audacity to say she "KNOWS" Casey is guilty.

And Harvey and Charles take on child advocate Susan Moss -- a Nancy Grace screamer -- who claims at an extremely high decibel level the jury botched it.



(0:00) IT'S ON ... Harvey starts off by RIPPING Nancy Grace for attacking the jury in the Casey Anthony trial.
(4:45) Watch out Nancy, Harvey's just warming up...
(7:40) Joan Rivers is on the phone! It's about to get NUCLEAR!
(10:30) The gloves are OFF! Harvey and Joan are knee deep in a shouting match. Special thanks to our delay button. 
(14:50) Finally, Joan cracks some jokes about Nancy and Casey ... and everyone is friends again.
(17:50) Harvey compares O.J. and Casey's respective jury.
(20:10) Family attorney Susan Moss -- who blasted off while on Nancy's show last night -- is on the phone. Get ready for round two!
(24:00) Harvey rips Nancy and Susan for creating a "lynch mob" mentality ... discouraging people from wanting to be on a jury.
(27:04) Harvey and Susan are going toe-to-toe ... which involves FAR LESS curse words than were in the Joan bit.
(34:00) Casey's attorney pops champagne after the trial -- bad move?
(37:00) Why isn't the prosecution taking more heat?


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Celebrities Suck    

Hello TMZ'er why do you guy have a Micky D french fry in the middle of your cubicles? Micky d's food is unhealthy why not put a vegetable instead? just saying!

Harvey what is your opinion on the Cassey Anthony case, justice has failed.

1172 days ago


if I was rich I'd offer money for Casey and that jurors heads... just saying.

1172 days ago


For you idiots who say Casey "Baby Killer" Anthony should sue Nancy Grace...get real, Nancy Grace is doing her job, she's paid to give her opinions and thoughts on whatever she feels. If you don't like what she has to say, turn the channel, no one is forcing you to listen to her or watch her show. America is in trouble, and it's because we have a bunch of litigious morons who blame everyone else but themselves.

Now go do something productive with your lives and stop watching Jersey Shore...

1172 days ago


Nancy Grace is a lawyer, allegedly. I'm sick of her pious, judgmental attitude. She sucks.

1172 days ago


oh and those s***bag lawyers too.

1172 days ago


Nancy Grace running her mouth is actually less revolting than the Casey Anthony trial/verdict. By the way what's up with the relationships in that family anyway? Creepy. Love ya Charles!!!

1172 days ago


there's fatty mike....always has to get on camera.

1172 days ago


The devil is dancing and she got 12 back up dancers!

1172 days ago


The juror can do whatever he wants. It's not like they get much money a day and he had to take a lot of time off maybe he even lost his job because of the length of the trial. If he can make 5 figures or more let him. Besides some people can't understand why they gave the not guilty verdict and he could elaborate on the decision.

1172 days ago


Harvey, would you rock a Honey Badger shirt?

1172 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

eliminate that french fry that's in the middle of their cubical and you'll see how your tmz employees will get fit. Your employee look like they have never stepped in a gym. lmao

1172 days ago


Nancy Grace definitely flaps her yap too much, and everyone is always guilty to her NO MATTER WHAT. But here's the thing: Justice isn’t what you want to happen, happening. Justice is bigger than you, or me, or Nancy-*******-Grace. Personally, I’m proud of the justice system. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. It doesn’t matter if the media has judged a person as being guilty. Everyone has the right to a trial by jury and are to be presumed innocent until the prosecution can PROVE otherwise – not to you, not to me, but to a jury of our peers who listen to all of the evidence, not just what they play on the news.

I’d much rather a guilty person goes free than an innocent person be imprisoned unjustly. That is what the justice system tries to protect against. While I wasn’t on the jury therefore don’t know all the facts of this case, I don’t care. This is real life, not the soap opera so many of you have treated it as. If there was a failure here, it was on the part of the law enforcement and prosecution, NOT the justice system. The justice system got it right. And I can’t help but wonder how many of the people damning Casey Anthony to hell and judging her without having been in that courtroom are Christians? Just curious. I guess that whole part of the Bible that says “Just not, let ye be judged,” is one of those things that you can take or leave whenever you want to, huh?

This whole situation and people’s reactions to it makes me sick. People who call themselves patriotic Americans and Christians piss me off, too. We are innocent until PROVEN guilty. And there is only ONE who can judge us. How can you call yourself either and still so blatantly stand against those principles? I wish people knew how precarious freedom would be if the burden of proof to send someone to their death was simply cir****tantial evidence. I wish people knew how many crimes THEY could be connected to based only on cir****tantial evidence.

The reaction to this case speaks more to people’s sense of self-importance than anything else. It doesn’t matter what you think. It doesn’t matter if you think she did it. It doesn’t matter if you think she should rot in jail or die in an electric chair. Your opinion doesn’t mean anything. You are insignificant and so am I. We are something greater than individuals. We are a nation, united. We are a system of justice that protects its citizens above all else. We are a nation who demands our guilt be proven beyond any and all reasonable doubt. If this woman is guilty, it’s not a jury’s fault if the evidence doesn’t prove that for a fact. This is a woman’s life at stake here. It doesn’t matter that you think she not be entitled to freedom or life. She is guaranteed the right of freedom. If that right is denied to just ONE of us, it is taken from ALL of us. JUSTICE prevailed today. That doesn’t mean she was innocent. It doesn’t mean she was guilty. It means that the system did what it was supposed to do and based on the rules of our system, she is judged innocent and free. Those who don’t realize that make me sad. Those who think their opinion is above any other make me sad. Those who are so biased because of the opinions taught to them on a “news” channel, each with their own interest and agenda, make me sad. You cannot and should not believe anything and everything you are told. If you do, you are a fool.

I’m happy that a jury of 12 had the integrity to do what they felt was right and not what they felt pressured to do. The American public is filled with fools and idiots and people who think themselves above others. Anyone judged by the media is guilty. Can you imagine being an innocent person in a high-profile case where the media has decided that ratings will be better if you are shown in a guilty light?

The system of justice won today. Yes, at the end of the day a little girl has died and that is a tragic loss. It is also tragic that no one will answer for the loss of her life. However, it would be more tragic to feed into the ignorance of the lynch mob crew, and that just makes me cringe.

1172 days ago

Ellie G    

Apparently most of you people want to live in a country that has no juries and judges. I guess you want to convict a person by what you see on the tv and read on the internet. The prosecution did Not prove its case. The defense Won their case.

1172 days ago


Nancy Grace as a prosecutor, had many of her decisions over-turned on appeal.
Nancy Grace as a "friend" is currently being sued by a dear friend who claims Nancy screwed her out of an Executive Producer position for her newest show, after many assurances she wouldn't.
Nancy Grace is a pundit. She is not remotely a "Journalist."

No one has any idea of how good of a mother she is. But my guess is she's a helicopter parent....and I feel for them.

1172 days ago


If you know she did it then there is no reasonable doubt. Guilty!

1172 days ago
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