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TMZ Live: 'Caylee's Law' ... Political Chestpuffing?

7/8/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians are taking advantage of Casey Anthony's trial to push a new law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours -- but Harvey and Jason agreed for the first time ever ... it's all just grandstanding BS.

And Xzibit is up in arms over "planking," claiming it's racist. Does he have a point, or is he grasping at straws?



(1:50) Jane Velez-Mitchell is on the horn to talk about Caylee's Law -- a proposed law that would force parents to call police within 24 hours if their child is missing.
(4:00) Harvey and Jane agree -- this proposed law is probably just a power move by sleazy politicians to make a name for themselves.
(6:02) Vegetarian talk with Jane -- with an appearance by Ribeye.
(9:20) Jason makes three ... he thinks the 24 hour law is ridiculous as well.
(15:45) Casey's lawyers caught heat for sippin' champagne right after the trial ... and one was busted flipping the bird ... Gary explains.
(16:45) The bird-flipper's explanation of the incident.
(24:00) We shift gears back to Casey's law.
(40:00) Xzibit rips planking as racist -- does he have a case?
(41:45) A few shots of celebs planking ... including The Biebs.
(43:00) Swastika talk! How'd we get here?
(46:45) The real problem with planking ... is that it's "stupid" ... so says Max. And to prove it ... we show a picture of Ribeye doing it.
(47:00) A caller puts everything in perspective -- that on slave ships it was called "packing" ... not "planking" ... and that it's not racist.


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Why is it that vegans, vegetarians, etc. want everyone to eat their way--please stop trying to convert us--we have our own church.

1166 days ago


I think this planking thing is so stupid. It's just a fad and means nothing. Exhibit(whatever his name is) get a life and stop taking offense. It's only for people who want exposure.

1166 days ago


What do you think of The new of the world closing down. What are your thoughts on this???? As you guys are in the new game.

1166 days ago


Are ya kidding me... We are talking about children. I would rather have the police look for a child reported missing who is not actually missing then have no one call and the child ends up dead or tortured and abused.. Children are our responsibility, period. there should not be any $ amount placed on our childrens safety.

1166 days ago


1. Can you make the Jersey Shore people go far far away?
2. Can they take Weston Cage and his bride of frankenstein with them?

Why do you guys think these people are news? I don't get it. I see their headline and move on. I can't even bring myself to read about their nonsense.

1166 days ago


All of the prior points are valid on both sides of the proposed "24-hr reporting" legislation regarding potentially missing chlidren. One point that has not been brought up is any and all situations where a child is involved in a "joint/shared custody" situation. At what time should the non-custodial parent be notified of a potentially missing child? At what time should a non-custodial parent have the right to contact the authorities regarding a "no contact allowed situation"?

1166 days ago


Who is paying for Casy Anthony's Lawyers? The Tax payers? If so does this mean the tax payers are paying twice? The Defence and Prosecution? So the lawyer who gave the finger really gave it to the tax payers?

1166 days ago


Caylee's Law is a great idea. You're right, good parents will report their child missing, so it won't be a problem. This law will, then, solely target the "bad parents."
Also, the law would give them 24 hours, so it wouldn't affect a parent who simply didn't know their child was at a friend's house. If a parent hasn't seen their child in 24 hours, there is a problem and it should be reported!

1166 days ago

Shawnda Duffell    

Would this not make it so that you could charge and hold someone who is suspected for hurting their child. This would keep the person in jail while they got the case together, wouldn't it?

1166 days ago


I think the "Nancy Grace"s of the country are destroying our American culture. The country is in a state of decline.

1166 days ago


Welcome to the nanny state...

1166 days ago


Its the year 2011, People need to stop crying "Thats racist" about everything, its a simple act of laying down thats trending. laying down in bed at night isnt racist either.

1166 days ago

nee nee    

24 hrs. starting from when?? home from school? friends house, the movie? who decides when the 24 hrs start ?

1166 days ago


They want to have this law about reporting the missing child on the books so that when they suspect a parent of murder and the time of death doesn't match up with their story they will at least have SOMETHING to bring them in and get search warrants

1166 days ago


Then the murderer won't have an extra few days after killing the child to cover up and come up with a story.

1166 days ago
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