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'Dog' Chapman -- 'Come On White Boy!!!!!'

7/13/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A racial confrontation erupted between Dog the Bounty Hunter and a bar owner in Colorado last week ... with Dog screaming, "Come on white boy, come on motherf**ker" ... after the other guy allegedly called Dog a "half-breed" ... and TMZ has the footage.


It all went down on Thursday at La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- when Dog's team stormed into the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges. Dog was on the hunt for the guy as part of his reality show.

In the video, Dog's team can be seen marching through the kitchen after entering through the back door. When confronted by a camera-wielding patron, one of the Dog's team members says, "I'm not a superstar ... I can f*ck you up and not get charged."

At that moment, another member of Dog's team throws a closed-fist punch at the patron's face ... sending his camera crashing to the ground. We're told a brawl broke out and another patron was punched in the eye. Check out the injuries below. 

The restaurant owner then goes outside to confront Dog face to face ... screaming at the reality star to get off the property ... and that's when things get CRAZY.

Dog loses his cool and lashes out -- screaming, "Come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on mother f**ker!!!"

The owner then throws a plant at Dog -- which pissed off Dog's right hand man ... who lunged at the owner ... tearing off the guy's shirt in the process.

That's when Dog whipped out his stun gun -- and made sure everyone knew he meant business.  Dog eventually left without having to shock anyone.

Sources close to Dog tell TMZ ... Dog considered his target a "very dangerous guy" ... and notes that tensions were high that day. 

We're also told Dog -- who claims he's part Native American -- claims the owner made the FIRST racial taunt, referring to the reality star as a "half-breed."

We're told Dog also felt his team was "rushed" when they entered the restaurant ... to create a diversion so the suspect could flee out of another exit.  We're told Dog is claiming one of his men was sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid ... and that's what ignited the altercation.

The suspect is still on the run.


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What a crock of **** story. People defending the criminal despite the fact he did a burglary with a pistol. The felon was armed. I checked into this story more through a friend at the bar. The guy that got punched was some drunk patron, not the owner. If you knew about the crime, you would also know someone was shot. People are posting crap without looking into the facts. Another sloppy TMZ story

1175 days ago


That "dog" is a real piece of sh@#!... Will charges be put on him??? He is the one who caused a brawl.... He had no business going on property acting like he owned it, clearly he is the one on drugs..

go back to Mexico, you and your fat pig wife.. who is so big that she can yell and scream at people when they are cuffed. LOW LIFES WITH MONEY. DOG SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

1175 days ago


Hey Superman, read about the legal rights of Bounty Hunters. They have REAL authority. If you want to go on sites and post ****, at least know what you are talking about. The real owner is the felon who is wanted for crime with a gun !!!

1175 days ago



People should be more concerned that a convicted felon is allowed to force himself onto a property that isn't the bail jumpers! Son or not!

1175 days ago


HAHAHAHA nice work, camera man, hiding behind A WOMAN

1175 days ago


Its also easy to tell from the way the tape plays that it is doctored. We all know the television show covers with multiple cameras. Wait until the episode plays and TMZ is show to be wrong again... and the fact the patrons are lying about what happened. THis family needs to give up the fugitive, who was granted bail in good faith and could not bother to go to court. You may not feel the same way if he was near you. GO DOG GO

1175 days ago


The entire "Dog" family looks like they need a bath.

1175 days ago

T Dogg    

The Dog is a murderer and him and a bunch of hired thugs run around under the guise of being bounty hunters and attack people. He pretends to be a badass but there are a ton of security with him. They just attack innocent people and for some reason that is entertainment. He should be charged on the regular for crimes he commits. I hope he gets shot. He is still the same worthless person he was back when he thought he was a badass biker. S*** of the earth and I would like him to be gone. Poof.

1175 days ago


What is DOG mixed with? Native American? I hope the patron who got the black eye sues DOG and his show. DOG is nothing but trash.

1175 days ago


Nothing but WHITE TRASH with cash!

1175 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sorry, TMZ, "white boy" really isn't a slur. It's really hard to hurt white peoples' feelings with racial slurs--snowflakes are pretty, crackers and white bread are tasty....they're damn near compliments.

1175 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Is that Dog´s hair or it is a hay stack?

1175 days ago


He is one of the nastiest creatures I have ever laid eyes on!

1175 days ago


It is a shame that the public continue to watch his show. As far as I am concerned, Dog, Bethm, and the posse are nothing but "White Trash" in really nice SUV's. This show is class-less and a disappointment that this particular network would air such garbage. Duane - Dog Chapman is a convicted murder in the state of Texas - he gets a show - Casey Anthony - NOT CONVICTED gets DEATH Threats ? A life is a life Right -

Side Note Beth is nothing but a fat tramp - Child Protective Services should take their children away - Oh wait Beth I forgot they already did!

1175 days ago

T Dogg    

Just because he is chasing a bad guy does not give him the right to do whatever he wants. He commits crime after crime but it is ok because he is chasing a guy who committed a crime? That logic doesn't make much sense to me. Plus he is a convicted murderer and does he forget that he himself jumped bail in Mexico less than 10 years ago for a kidnapping charge? Murder and kidnapping along with regularly entering people's property and homes without permission as well as physically attacking people makes you a thug criminal. Murder and kidnapping and people think the guy is a role model. Also, do not say that the kidnapping charge was wrong. Mexico does not allow wannabes "bounty hunting" in their country. That is the law and so when you take someone against their will it is a crime. A very serious crime. He is a racist also. Remember when he was spewing hatred when his son was dating a black girl? So he hates whites and blacks. If I were betting I would bet he hates asians, hispanics, and basically everyone not like him. That is to say a lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, ****less, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey ****. The only people who fit that profile are the rest of his s***bag family and he hates that one son because he isn't a blatant racist and dated someone from a different race than him. Yep the dog is a real good person. hahahaha

1175 days ago
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