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Chris Brown

Neighbors Say

He's a Nightmare

7/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is at war with his fellow West Hollywood condo owners, who claim the rapper is the neighbor from hell, parking in handicapped spaces, blasting music, and racing dogs in hallways.   

TMZ has obtained several pics of Brown's super-expensive rides ... clearly parked in spaces reserved for disabled drivers.  We're told Chris has been ticketed numerous times by the city.

The building manager tells us everyone is fed up and they're now planning on towing Chris' cars if he dares park there again. 

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, tells TMZ, Chris is the one who's getting screwed.  Geragos says, the deed clearly shows the two spaces belong to Chris, but the developer never disclosed the spots were reserved for the handicapped.  Geragos says Chris is in litigation with the building over the spaces and plans to fight the tickets as well.  But the building manager says Chris is parking in other handicapped spots as well.

But the gripes go beyond parking spaces.  Chris' fellow condo-owners tell TMZ ... the dude is utterly disrespectful, blasting loud music and partying day and night ... even racing dogs down the hallways at all hours.

And that's not all.  We're told police showed up this week, after someone vandalized the elevator by carving "C.B." on the elevator door.

Mind you ... Chris has only lived in the building a few months.

It's condo-mania!


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'Really, man.'

'I would love to!'


Chris Brown is a faygle. Screw him.

F Jackie.

1200 days ago


Where I live people get a ticket if they park their car in spaces reserved for disabled drivers who in turn have a special card behind their windshield. These spaces are clearly indicated so no driver can say he or she didn't see the sign.
Neigborhoods have one or more mediators who try to solve problems before police is called and before inhabitants are evicted.
It also strikes me that many (NOT all) African Americans and immigrants turn their gardens and (back)yards into a junkyard sooner or later. I have no idea why.

1200 days ago


Where is the problem!?! We all know that Chris Brown is an handicapped! :-)

1200 days ago

Renee Tolson    

First the Rihanna fiasco then his ridiculous tantrum at GMA. Sadly, he may actually be dumb enough not to realize the large wheelchair painted on the parking spot means handicapped.

1200 days ago


Typical early 20's. He's brain is still immature. But of course some guys at his age act like dumbasses. I have dudes who are in his age group and hell, they act insane and home party like idiots.ppft..Chris grow up please.

1200 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

How many cars does this **** need?

Who are the idiots giving him cash?

1200 days ago


Money can't buy ya class, *******.

1199 days ago


Seriously, is anyone surprised this guy would be an a**hole neighbor?

1199 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

Don't diss MC Hammer by comparing him to this punk!

All the young women who make excuses for this fool are stupid and sell-outs!

1199 days ago


If he jumped off the building he might just need one of those handicapped parking spaces. Hope he never does.

1199 days ago


another no talent punk.

1199 days ago


Nefilym about an hour ago

If the deed indicates that those spots were allocated to him, then the buildings owners (or more likely maintenance/management) had no right to assign them as handicapped spots.


Typically, that is mandated by federal and state requirements. Perhaps they did misinform CB about those spots, but that in no way gives him the right to park in a designated handicap spot. I mean that literally, not in the entitlement way--which he does have but is another post for another time :D

1199 days ago


The racist comments here are disturbing. Chris Brown's behavior isn't the result of his race but rather his behavior stems from his being a total douche bag. Douche bags come in all colors.

1199 days ago


I'd also like to point out, he's parked in spaces that aren't parking areas....the blue lines next to the handicapped spots. Those aren't part of his "two spaces" over which he is currently in litigation since one can clearly see the two spaces are immediately adjacent to that area...just sayin'

1199 days ago


This has nothing to do with age, race, or gender. He's just an *******! No money, awards, vaginia or court-ordered counseling therapy will change that.

1199 days ago
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