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GB Packers Stud

Gets Super Bowl Ring


7/20/2011 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most NFL champs rock their Super Bowl ring on their hand -- Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields is wearing his on his NECK.

The 23-year-old defensive stud -- who was a rookie when the Packers won the Super Bowl this year -- rolled into the Ultimate Designz tattoo shop in Miami last week ... and pitched his ink idea to tattoo artist Sergio Garcia. He even brought in the ACTUAL ring for Sergio to study. 


Sergio tells us it took about 3 hours to draw out the design of the tat (pictured above) -- and a little more than 2 hours to ink it onto Sam.

We're told Shields was a "really nice guy" throughout the whole process -- and even left a fat tip.

Fun Fact: Sam's actual Super Bowl ring has 109 diamonds in it, but his tattoo ONLY has 60 pictured ... because we're told putting that many small diamonds in the tattoo would have been "impossible."


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I have sat in Lambeau for years through the snow, rain, -25 degrees, heat and I believe this is an individual who needs alot of attention to put a tatoo of this size in such a visible area. We Packer fans do not need alot of "show"; we are just proud of our history and tradition. Lombardi and Curly Lambeau are turning in their graves. I hope this franchise gets some players back that do not need a lot of attention. It was becoming obvious during the season with the bumping chests at each other, something McCarthy never controlled. Gone are the respectful athletes who just do their roles as a member of the historic Green Bay Packers. I guess there are a few left, but the NFL is out of control. It is because they allow it in college and some NFL coaches get it under control. We did not. There is more to life than winning a Superbowl.

1193 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Looks like his neck is dirty... take a shower a--hole

1193 days ago


This is so freaking stupid and it makes his neck look like he hasn't washed it in a week. Do these people who get tats all over their body or arm tats think about how their skin will look when they get older, especially the women.

Mark my words, within a few years it will come out the ink that was used at a lot of these tattoo places was inferior and is slowly releasing poison into a lot of people systems.

1193 days ago


What an IDIOT!!!

1193 days ago


Does this packer player have to remind himself that he won a SuperBowl on his neck! so stupid!

1193 days ago


Forrest Gump said it best: Stupid is - as stupid does!

1193 days ago


what a dumb ass.

1193 days ago


Wow. I love tattoos and sport quite a few of them myself. But team and race aside, this tattoo sucks! The stencil is mediocre and the ink itself is amateur as hell. All that money and he couldn't take the time the find a better artist than this? Only two hours to lay this to skin means the artist FLEW through it. Wow. Just wow. And before folks start slamming me, I'm an IT professional who has worked in an office environment for many years, and let me say, that a person can still be respected as a professional, and be a lover of skin art too. But I do have to agree, getting your neck inked is not the smartest thing to do in my opinion, especially when it looks like some home hacker laid it down...jus' saying.

1193 days ago


They treat their Body as if it were a blackboard its disgusting to write on your body no decentcy is left on this planet

1193 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This guy and Mayweather Jr. are what is wrong with society.

1193 days ago


98% of idiots that comments on this site are racist mother*******.i have been reading comments post by fools and low lifes from this site for a while,never have i read anything good when it comes to a news concerning a black person if that tat was on some pro white football player it will be awesome but since he's black thats a different story he's an idiot.so **** y'all that always have negative thing to say concerning black ppl, y'all will die while hating on us

1193 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Donald, I don't like black, white, yellow, purple idiots equally. That's the beauty of knowing right from wrong, all races can goof on other races without concern of race. Life is grand if you know whats up.

1193 days ago


Donnie .......

You CAN make the claim from MANY of the comments here on tmz about the RACE element....

As for me, it has NOTHING TO DO with being red, white or blue.

I have VERY close relatives that sport them. I hate them! ( not the rellies! lol )

Its a psychological thing....... the recent barrage of tattoos comes from hollyweird's push of a (FAKE) counterculture mentality....You know.... I am so bad so scarey, I was in prison .....blah! blah! blah.

Follow righteousness and good works not CRAP.

TATs are L.A.M.E. !!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!

1193 days ago

Jeff Becker    


1193 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

I know one thing for sure, if I was a tattoo I would have the decency to have myself removed.

1193 days ago
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