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Rick Ross

Victory In Murdered Doggy


7/21/2011 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross just scored a victory against a woman who claims the rapper's pit bulls mauled her adorable pet Yorkie to death because a judge has DISMISSED her lawsuit ... at least for now.


TMZ broke the story ... the Yorkie, named Banks, died after several pit bulls (one pictured below) escaped from Rick's Atlanta mansion back in April and tore Banks apart.


Banks' owner filed a lawsuit against Ross demanding more than $15k in damages and fees ... but today, a judge threw out the case ... saying Banks' owner failed to properly serve Ross with the suit.

Rick's manager tells TMZ, "We tried to do good business ... we paid the vet bill ... but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks' owner] tried to capitalize off of."

Banks' owner tells TMZ ... she isn't giving up ... and vows to correct her mistake and eventually get justice for Banks.


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@ Neko Nation...oh yea I am such white trash because I own a Pitty. Get a life...who else am I/Ross blaming? Its not his fault the JUDGE threw out the case but it is his fault for his dog attacking the other dog. My aunt's little Pom was attacked and killed at a dog park a couple years by a ....YELLOW LAB. Saying people who own pits just want to look tough is like saying everyone who owns a yorkie is an airhead Pari******on wannabe

1189 days ago


YES!!! keep dismissing this stupid lawsuit. She's not trying to seek justice, she just wants money. People can't accept apologies anymore. Nor the fact that someone tried to make amends by at least paying a vet bill. People question why he has pit bulls, Like he's the only one in the country with a pit bull. Also, Animals get mauled all the time by another, this little mutt was just a statistic, GET OVER IT!!!

1189 days ago


Well not to many idots on here bashing pitbulls. maybe people are learning not all of them are bad! not everyone can own this breed and if you do please know your dog and train your dogs! Pitbulls aren't the only dogs out there that attack people and other dogs. My 2 pits are wonderful dogs and would never want any other breed! Nothing like seeing your pitbull smile :)

1189 days ago


@CanGirl - lol @ everyone who owns a yorkie is an airhead Pari******on wannabe

I'm a female who owns 2 pits! what does it say about girls? My T*ts are bigger?

1189 days ago

travis miller    

alot of pitbull bashing goin for no reason. i got attacked by a rooster before dont see rantin nd ravin bout game*****

1189 days ago


I'm sure a lot of you would be more than happy to cough up 15 grand if your dog happened to escape and attack a little yapper that was probably egging on the pitbull from yards away.oh wait, none of you have 15k lying around, but since Ross is famous he should have to cough it up. Ross probably wasnt even home when it happened and his assistant/housekeeper happened to let the dog out without a leash and it bit the first little yapping furball it could sink its teeth into. Where was the little yapper? Why was the yorkie not fenced in and protected? why weren't its owners watching it? Hope this blt(h doesnt get the payday shes looking for and is left standing outside the courtroom with an empty bag she was expecting to be full of money and another bag containing the little furballs remains. 15 grand gtfo of here. Watch YOUR dog...protect YOUR dog. She probably saw $$ signs as she watched her fur rat get torn to pieces. just like everyone else that sues celebs nowadays

1188 days ago


He paid the vet bill and thinks that that made up for his dogs ripping her dog apart??? I hope she gets 10 times what she's asking for. What a heartbreak for that poor woman.

1188 days ago


Ricky ross, is pure selfish, ignorant with no concern for anybody. He speaks it in his music. He's nothing but a drug using pig. Pay up loser Oh I forgot! I read you'd rather pay the strippers with bags of money in the strip club than to be a decent neighbor and pay your condolences to that poor girl and her family. I'm sure to them that little puppy was a child. You're a pig officer RICKY!

1187 days ago


To all you ******** who thinks it's all about money, let one off those pit bulls kill something you love! Ric still has not offered any condolences!

1187 days ago

Grudge Kkonz    

Dumb bitch, that's why you buy a REAL dog instead of a little ****in rat -____________-

1105 days ago
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