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TMZ Live -- Casey Anthony ... Hot or Not?

7/25/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- Do you think Casey Anthony is hot ... and why it actually matters. Also, Dr. Murray's defense strategy takes a huge hit. Plus, no sympathy for Amy Winehouse ... why is she being treated differently than Joplin or Hendrix? 



(2:50) Amy Winehouse died this weekend -- and is getting no sympathy for the way she lived her life. See what 500,000 people had to say about her death.
(4:48) So ... why no sympathy for Amy?
(8:15) Addiction ... and why people are powerless against it.
(14:05) Harvey was lucky ... he was able to quit drinking no problem.
(20:24) BIG development in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case ... and it's a major blow to Dr. Conrad Murray's defense strategy.
(24:01) Katherine Jackson makes a powerful statement -- she's seen NO evidence there was a conspiracy against MJ by his estate.
(26:50) Happy Birthday Evan!
(35:45) So the big question ... is Casey Anthony hot? Before you judge ... check out a picture of her when she was all dolled up.
(40:50) Is there a connection between good looks and criminal justice?
(43:10) Cledus T. Judd -- who co-wrote the Caylee Anthony tribute song with a member of Rascal Flatts -- calls up to talk about how it came about.
(48:30) Would you call the cops on your own child?


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Casey is a b---h thats didnt get a right verdict from jury and hopefully something will happen to her too many sickoos in the world , guess beaz left his wife for that ****, hopefully she wont have the chance nor the time to bear another innocent child to murder and walk free. If she were my daughter she would have already dis-appeared from earth before she faced the screwed up judical system we have! And lawyers need to fear her safety but they think people will forget her soon for her lawyers say people will get into other things and it will calm down, boy is he wrong!

1182 days ago

HOT - and you don't need to use a condom because she will kill the kid with an abortion or after it is born. - I don't really understand the differance between an abortion and what she did??????????????????

1179 days ago


Casey Anthony is a boo-bitch!

1174 days ago

Tracey Jordan    

Casey Anthony got away with the murder of her child! Why is the media giving this killer all this press and publicity? I just DO NOT understand why ANYONE would give a rat's rear about her and what she does. She is such a waste of time and by the way, she IS NOT HOT!!!!

1174 days ago

Tracey Jordan    

Why does this bitch who killed her child get all this publicity?! Seriously?! I think that she is NOT HOT, and nothing more than a babykiller! BOOOOOO to you Casey Anthony!

1174 days ago

Tracey Jordan    

No one can blame TMZ or the media for Amy Whinehouse's addiction or the careless and very reckless lifestyle that she led. It was HER CHOICE and it ultimately took HER life.

1174 days ago


Casey is smoking hot, even if she is a dummy. I'd let her play chicken head anytime, especially with those glasses on, yum!

1172 days ago


Are you People f'n nut?? That bitch looks like crack fiend baboon. She is one ugly ass bitch. and not to mention an ugly bitch with absolutely no remorse and conscious of the death of her own child. She is responsible in some way or another.If she is as sick as she looks then she needs to be put away forever. Look at her her head! It is sooooooo long and she is pale...Geez ppl wake up. Nothing on her represents beauty. She has no sex appeal either!!!! Eek

1159 days ago


She looks dam hot with my c$$%% deep in her c^&(. I hope she is doing so hot porn...can not wait..she is always welcome...

902 days ago
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