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Michael Jackson

Lawsuit Accuses Doctor

of Fueling MJ's Addiction

8/4/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein
provided serious drugs to Michael Jackson, which left the singer so out of it ... he couldn't even stand up straight ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

In the lawsuit, filed by Klein's former assistant and confidant Jason Pfeiffer -- it is alleged "Throughout 2009, Michael was a frequent patient of Klein." The lawsuit continues, "Several times, Klein told Pfeiffer to help Michael down to the car because Michael was too drugged up and disoriented to stand on his own."

Pfeiffer says he voiced his concern for Michael's "safety" -- because he and Klein's nurses "were worried that Michael was being 'overmedicated' by Klein." Pfeiffer says Klein simply told him to "keep his mouth shut."

And there's more -- Pfeiffer claims Klein tried to sneak Michael prescription muscle relaxers in 2009 by writing a prescription in Pfeiffer's name.  Pfeiffer claims he refused to participate in the scheme.

Pfeiffer also claims in the suit ... sometime around October 2008, Klein was contacted by Michael Jackson, who told the doc he "needed 'to get out of a court appearance' and needed a doctor's note."

According to the suit, Klein told Michael he would take care of it and issued a note saying MJ was suffering from a Staph Infection ... based on a fabricated test.

Klein's treatment of MJ has been questioned in the past -- TMZ broke the story ... Klein injected Michael with 51 Demerol injections in the 3 months before Jackson died. Klein has always maintained that he treated Michael in accordance with the highest medical standards.

Pfeiffer claims he was wrongfully terminated by Klein -- and in the suit, filed Wednesday in Klein's ongoing bankruptcy case, Pfeiffer alleges that Klein forced him to help round up gay sex partners for Klein, including prostitutes and homeless people.

Pfeiffer also claims he would have to help "prepare" Klein for sexual encounters -- adding, "Klein required that Pfeiffer wash Klein's groin."

Pfeiffer -- who has stated in the past that he was Michael Jackson's gay lover -- says he suffers from severe emotional problems as a result of Klein's treatment -- and is suing for unspecified damages.

UPDATE: A lawyer for Klein tells TMZ, "Dr. Klein is one of the most esteemed and respected dermatologists in his profession in the country.  This counterclaim is totally unfounded, and frankly it's garbage.  The claims in Dr. Klein's lawsuit are very serious, and we're taking them all the way."



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To OhWell. Don't you ever have anything nice to say? I've seen dozens of your posts and they're always so crude and idiotic. I can only imagine that you sit for hours in your basement waiting for the next TMZ story so you can say something stupid. I don't know how old you are, but you sound like you are twelve. Whatever the case may be, you need some serious help. It's almost time for you to wrap it up and get to your job at the Burger Barn. And remember, I said no onions on my burger.

1142 days ago


klein and jason are both full of ****.

1142 days ago

That's what I expected

1142 days ago


The comments here are hilarious - MJ's so called "#1 Fans" of course "they" think they know "him" so well as always and then the some what "educated" comments think there "fact" are right and accurate -(it's like when your sick and you go to google search your conditions LOL) - are even more hilarious!! It's like "Bum Fights" in here LOL & TMZ has the $1 on hand - "FIGHT!"

1142 days ago


When as an adult are you responsable for your OWN actions?? A drug addict will find drugs anywhere he can. It was probably an honor for this guy to work with Michael, while Michael took advantage of him. Ughh. Always blame the other guy!! Sad.

1142 days ago


mj knew he'd go to jail for lying about doing nothing dangerous to himself and the kids.
did mj cry when needles were jammed into him?

he didn't have prescription for a deadly hospital sedative.
he never used propofol until he did concert rehearsals and begged his costume designer michael bush to shut his mouth about mj's sunken face and severe thinness.
he told nurse lee that propofol was used for sleeping and then he refused to go to the hospital after feeling hot and cold in june 2009.
guess who was lying the worst JUST for the darling Jackson family and their need for self-esteem building concerts?
he planned the drug dealer job for murray for at least a year because murray was his kids' doctor.
he planned his own propofol possession and participation in deceiving the pharmacy for huge numbers of wrong injections, and distribution in his drug dealer's apartment and his home.

1142 days ago


You know it is funny how everybody wants to blame somebody else for their problems. Michael Jackson was a grown adult that could make his own choices. There is no way that this Doctor would force drugs down him. Michael Jackson took them willingly. People need to just except the fact that Michael Jackson was a drug addict and was addicted to them and stop trying to put the blame on somebody else.... If I go out there and I decide to rob a store that would not be anybody else fault but my own. The only person to blame would be me. Get off the trying to make Michael Jackson this great person and blaming everybody else for what he CHOSE to do!!!!!!!

1142 days ago


Klein has always maintained that he treated Michael in accordance with the "highest" medical standards.

1142 days ago

Carlos Barrera    

Check the autopsy report! That is the only TRUTH. Acording to that: He was not a drug addict, his body/organs did NOT correspond to the ones of an addict. NO DEMEROL, NO MORPHINE, NO ALCOHOL, N O N O T H I N G, was found in his organs, except the drugs that Murray injected onto him that particular night and that finally killed him, NO MORE. No build ups, no traces of drugs. Michael Jackson died because he was poisoned on june 25 2009, NOT because he was thin, frail or was a drug addict. He was murdered.

1142 days ago


Dr. Arnold Klein is one nasty SOB. Michael Jackson should have stayed away from him all this time. Dr. Klein is an enabler and a sex freak and not a good friend. I am glad Pfeiffer is suing him. Sick sick freak. And a liar too. Dr. Klein insinuated that he was the father of Prince and Paris. Please! He is fat and ugly. Paris and Prince are beautiful just like their father Michael and mom Debbie.

1142 days ago


it's always about blame someone else....when amy winehouse died,it was her fault,but since it's MJ,it's ANYONE else's fault but his own.he was just a wierdo who finally zonked himself.the throne people put on him is nothing short of pathetic.personally,i can't believe he didn't go to prison.

1142 days ago


aston: 4 hours ago
I don't care what Pfeiffer washed or didn't wash. I care if Klein doped MJ up, and if Pfeiffer took advantage of MJ while he was doped up. I also want to know if Klein and Murray and other doctors were in touch.

Ewwwwwwwwwww!!! Two fat people washing each other in the shower. I conclude that Jason Pfeiffer and Dr. Klein were lovers. Also I don't believe Michael Jackson has been sexually involved with Jason Pfeiifer too. Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!
Michael liked gorgeous beautiful women not fat SOBs.

1142 days ago


OhWell: less than a minute ago
My God,
Little Wacko
Was Soooo
That Face Would
Scare Freddy Krueger.

Stop staring at your face in the mirror, Ohwell.

1142 days ago
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