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Val Kilmer's Ex-Wife:


8/4/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Val Kilmer
's ex-wife claims the actor has stiffed her on child support payments  ... according to documents obtained by TMZ ... and now she's going after his property in order to get what she claims is rightfully owed.

Actress Joanne Whalley had two children with Val before their marriage ended in 1996 -- one of the children is now 19-years old and the other is 16. At the time of the split, Val agreed to shell out $27,500 per month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims Val has fallen behind in payment. Whalley doesn't specify how much Val owes ... but she has established a lien on Val's property to force the actor to pay up.

It ain't the first time Whalley claims Val left her hangin' -- court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val's stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support payments back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation -- and the lien was removed in 2008.

We placed several calls to Val's rep for comment -- so far, no response.


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$27,000 a MONTH?? Really?? Since when does it cost that freakin much to raise a kid?? Sounds like the wife is a gold-digger. That is a ridiculous amount of money, no matter how rich you are. And I would say he's probably having a bitch of a time trying to pay that every damn month! And now she's like, "Oh I'll take all of your property because you haven't paid, no excuses!" Horrible. I feel for the guy. I am a mother of 2, and was a child whose dad paid support, and all my dad paid was about $100 a month. And my mom was thankful for that money.

1141 days ago


Love to see an audit on her finances to see just how much of that $330k a year went towards the kids vs plastic surgery, spa visits etc. Typical H'wood gold digger!

1141 days ago


slo news day? this took place 3-4 years ago. why are you even discussing this?

1141 days ago


Hang in there Val, this only shows that she blew the $27K a month you have been paying for the care of your children, when the youngest kids turns 18 your obligation should end if you find it necessary, lets see what the blood sucking leach will do for a living

1141 days ago


I'm sure he's got the money. he's made lots of it(millions) that's no sweat to him. He needs to pay up.

1141 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@ Pablo Page1 "I want to chime in on this one. I'd hardly call someone who can't come up with 27000 a month in child support a deadbeat. Maybe he's the victim of backwards perception? Let me explain. Having custody of a child should never be a monetary incentive. If you 'want' the child to be with you, you should be willing to pay for the child. Maybe he's having a hard time coming up with the child support because it's a F*CK load of money. Maybe the mom is in fact a gold digger. So what's a gold digger if not a lady like this? It's unreasonable for a judge to think that kind of irrational level of pay is sustainable. Val's not a captain of industry but rather an actor, meaning very inconsistent and unstable with his salary. This kind of insanity makes me want to let out a primal sigh."

Being around the kids isn't THE reward nor THE reason to pay support you DORK. The money is for the kids. Its about supporting and being a honest gardian to nurture the kids for a better life..

About Joanne: she looks awesome. Still do-able. Still attractive
about Val: Val has as looked terrible since like 2003 ish . this guy has let himself go downhill like a Titanic cannonball with the gravity of jupiter. If you know anything about Val you will read reports of irratic behavior on sets in the mid 1990's .. and with his terrible deteriation of looks it probabley means Val was/is doing drugs of some sort, either perscription or illegal.

Val is such a fool to choose drugs over joanne.

1141 days ago


she should Call BOUNTY ALERT!!!

1141 days ago


hnmmmmm it reall takes 27,500 per month to raise akid on your own!!!!
selfish bitch!!!

1141 days ago


wow they both look like death warmed over.

1141 days ago

shae bleckler    

lmao. this women is complaining...i'm pretty sure at that kind of money she's receiving for child support she's not wanting for anything, neither are the teens. Sorry but the guys not a dead beat dad. The father of my children is a dead beat! My oldest 10, middle 9, and youngest 7. It was court ordered I recieve 208 a month in support payments for all three and i have yet to see one and my oldest is the math. hell i'd be happy with just one month of support that she recieves. it'd be enough money to survive the whole year. Quit Complaining Chick!

1141 days ago


Another wallet sniffer crying for more cash.

1141 days ago


$27,500 per month is not going to the kids but to the mother who endeavors to continue to act as a parasite against the wallet of her ex husband.
I'm sure Val takes excellent care of his kids, but why continue to support an ex-wife so she can get her nails done 3X per week, head to Starbucks 5x per day, and continue to trade in her Range Rover every year.
Get real... Fathers generally get screwed in these cases, and $27,500 per month is a lot of screwing.
Focus on the kids and stop supporting spoiled ex spouses.

1141 days ago



1141 days ago


Thats just it, he NO LONGER has that type of billables, or projects, and she is bitching because he can't give her $30k a month!!! REALLY, YOU CAN'T SUPPORT YOUR CHILD OFF OF $360... A YEAR!!! MY father supported 5 people for 50k a year!! get over yourself lady

1141 days ago


$27k a month for someone who only gets walk-in roles is steep. I think the Child Support system is broken. I'm not one to defend actors, but this should be re-evaluated and overhauled.

I'm sure there are a lot of deadbeat parents right now. Most Americans are probably making less than they were before Bush Jr. razed the Treasury. Child support should be based on your previous annual salary as stated on your tax returns.

If you look at it as if both parents were still together, but unemployed, the child would have to learn to sacrifice the $27k/month lifestyle.

1141 days ago
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