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Val Kilmer's Ex-Wife:


8/4/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Val Kilmer
's ex-wife claims the actor has stiffed her on child support payments  ... according to documents obtained by TMZ ... and now she's going after his property in order to get what she claims is rightfully owed.

Actress Joanne Whalley had two children with Val before their marriage ended in 1996 -- one of the children is now 19-years old and the other is 16. At the time of the split, Val agreed to shell out $27,500 per month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims Val has fallen behind in payment. Whalley doesn't specify how much Val owes ... but she has established a lien on Val's property to force the actor to pay up.

It ain't the first time Whalley claims Val left her hangin' -- court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val's stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support payments back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation -- and the lien was removed in 2008.

We placed several calls to Val's rep for comment -- so far, no response.


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...And she's a worthless mom...What her point?

1140 days ago


Wow, I cannot believe how you are all dissing her. I have met them here in New Mexico, and I can tell you that he was no picnic. I met them when their kids were very small, Jack was just a baby. She was an excellent mom. He didn't seem into his kids at all. He was into Cindy Crawford during the balloon fiesta when they were trying to work out monetary matters when they were divorcing. She was so delightful and nice. He, not so much. I think she deserves every penny. Child support is based on the income of the two parents. Apparently he is "worth" it. He's got a big, beautiful ranch here in New Mexico. He's making residuals.

1140 days ago


Yeah my Mom raised two kids on $300/month, so STFU!

1140 days ago


The daughter may be 19 years old and in college, but Val may have stiffed the ex, Joanne Whalley years ago and she's just now trying to make him pay up! It doesn't state how far back he's in arrears. Man, what happened to this guy? He's way out of shape and just drifting. He was a fine actor in Tombstone.

1139 days ago


Vals kids do not live with him. The 19 yr old is in college in NY, that's what I read. The boy lives with the mother full-time in LA. Val has visitation and gets summer months. Google articles, you'll see where Val said that in interviews. I think Val owes his ex for maybe from 2009 to present. He's in "arrears" so it could be a couple of years in arrears or a year or months. $22,000/month is average for celebs people! Joanne Whalley currently works on the TV show The Borgias with Jeremy Irons. So she works. What's Val working on?

1139 days ago


This guy also owes a lot to the tax man too right? Federal taxes. Something's not right with him. The bloated weight gain, unhealthy look, taxes problems, now child support...

1139 days ago


What a pair. He looks like it was his metabolism that divorced him and she looks like she hasn't been laid in a decade. They should reconcile.

1139 days ago


Obviously child support has become a mechanism that some mothers use to enrich themselves. It's plainly obvious that with over 50% of marriages failing and 80-90% being filed by women that this is being used in a way that often does not have to do anything with supporting a child but supporting a person to provide an incentive for them not to work. It's time we re-evaluated child support to move time sharing to 50-50 and reduce child support if not remove it all together with each party paying for the child when they have them.

1139 days ago

Sarah Gosselin    

This is disgraceful. How could one little boy need $30,000 a month, this is more than I make in a year! Plus they have joint custody, why should he have to pay this much. This woman didn't even give him the courtesy of informing him that she was leaving him, the poor man found out she was divorcing him on tv. Now she is trying to take his home away from him! I am so sick of reading such mean comments about this wonderful actor, he is a person like everyone else who deserves privacy and respect, he is my favorite movie star and an inspiration to me. And regarding these "ugly fat old" comments you allow below, Val is a fifty year old man! Unlike other movie stars, who spend millions on plastic surgery (which i'm sure this ex wife is using with all his money from the looks of it!), he spends his money on charity work and taking care of his children. These comments you allow on your website are disgraceful, and I am sure most of these awful meanspirited people writing these mean comments are jealous and not nearly as handsome as he is. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen and he deserves to be treated with respect, let alone admiration for his talent and kindness to others.

1137 days ago

Sarah Gosselin    

And he is still a great actor, he works and makes films all the time! He is an actor with actual talent, unlike these reality show "stars" nowadays who get paid millions of dollars an episode, who "earn" this money by getting stone drunk in public, being a nuisance, and sleeping with every random person they meet on the show, it's just disgraceful. Or the Kardashians, I mean really what to do they do. Val deserves respect as an actor because he embraces every character he has every played, he has actually brought me to tears in many of his films. He has turned many "good" roles down for personal and artistic reasons, to tell a story he felt needed to be told. Think of Thunderheart for example. This whole culture nowadays is just disgraceful. Why can't his ex wife get up and work like all the rest of us and not threaten to take a man's house away. I just don't understand people these days. And no I am not an old lady, I am actually only thirty. :o)

1137 days ago

Sarah Gosselin    

Oh and by the way, one more comment, my parents were divorced too and when I was his son's age I worked full time at a supermarket and put myself through college with the money I made. My father didn't help me with anything. I am sure his two children have two hands and two feet as well as his ex wife. I think maybe Ms. Whalley should feel lucky they have a father like Val.

1137 days ago

Sarah Gosselin    

Also, how do you think his children feel when they read such mean comments about their father. People need to have more respect. This story has upset me as one of Val's fans but it's just disgraceful how mean people can be, he deserves more privacy and respect, both for himself and his

1137 days ago


If you are behind in child support when you kids are grown he still owes the money. If the law was different then most men would stop paying until kids turn 18. He still owes the money. If you don't know the law then STFU! Saying she should move on the ****** on. Men be must be informed to these laws.

1129 days ago


Why does Valkilmer wear those sunglasses.They look like he got them from the cereal box.

1107 days ago

Family Assistance    

$78,000??? WTF??? much money does the child need? Obviously this thing about being on the fathers GROSS wages/pay needs to be adjusted. This might not be such an issue for Val, but if you take 18% of a minimum wage earner BEFORE tax, there isn't a lot left, especially if the father is trying to re-start with another family (should the mother had decided on cheating and leaving).

1083 days ago
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