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Adam Sandler

I Did NOT Dine and Dash!

8/12/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Sandler is being accused of stiffing a small Massachusetts restaurant, but it looks to us like the restaurant owner is a publicity hound.

Here's the low down.  Adam is filming a movie in Peabody, MA.  Last month, Adam's company, Happy Madison Productions, made a deal with a restaurant -- A Taste of Italy -- to cater a meal for the cast and crew.  The owner brought the grub and got paid and everything was hunky-dory.

But the restaurant owner claims the production company asked him to stock up on food for 2 BBQ's the following week.  He claims he did just that, but Adam's company never called, leaving him with bags full of groceries to the tune of $2,500.

The restaurant owner says Adam's company wouldn't pay, so in retaliation, he put a sign in the window of his restaurant which read, "ADAM SANDLER ATE HERE AND NEVER PAID."

Reps from Adam's production company tell TMZ .. they never made any promises about catering future BBQ's and as far as they're concerned ... it's case closed.

And, we're told, Adam has never eaten at A Taste of Italy -- and we're guessing he never will.


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I live in Peabody and beleive me you wouldn't want to eat there either. Their pizza is ok but the rest is horrible. It isn't fresh, it is microwaved in front of you- If you want microwaved, heck I can do that at home-once was enough for me and many others- I think there was a communication issue with Sandler's group-. Any business wouldn't order that amount of extra supplies unless they had a deposit to cover it, especially if they are a small business, with little business as they are. They got some money afterwards, mostly likely for any miscommunication but the food wasn't prepared and they can sell it- but perhaps they don't have enough of business- Hey Sandler, There are better Italian eateries around-

1127 days ago


I live in Peabody and beleive me you wouldn't want to eat their either. Their pizza is ok but the rest is horrible. It isn't fresh, it is microwaved in front of you- If you want microwaved, heck I can do that at home. The owners are of questionable ethics as well. I don't believe them for one moment. There are better Italian eateries in the area than this fly by night one.

1127 days ago

Vincent Walsh    

Tuesday. why Tuesday... last I checked the police dept is open 24hrs a day. Yes you need to file a complaint with the police first, then you can go to court.
I don't live in MA but I'm sure, like most states, you have to start with a police report.
But you will need to hire an attorney. It would be my guess that it will cost you more than the $2500 you are "owed".

1127 days ago

Vincent Walsh    

So you are telling me that Roger Williamson (the guy who started this) is no longer working at the Little Italy Cafe in Peabody. I believe the owner of the cafe is good person. She probably was convinced by Roger that this would be a good thing to announce to the world. It would have been if the truth was told. But Mr Roger Williamson is not a good person. He has quite a long history.. some of it in the film biz... it's not pretty
ps.....he is a con artist. see below for the link..

Ps he is the one on the left side in the picture from the link

1127 days ago

Glenn Guglia    

Don’t be so quick to grant Sharon Meehan saint status just yet. She “decided a year ago she wanted to open her own place and with the help of her boyfriend”, Roger Paradiso (actual name Roger Williamson) according to Robert Cook of the PeabodyPatch.

Paradiso (Roger Williamson) said Little Italy Cafe, which join the ranks of other eateries such as Petrillo's Italian Kitchen on Foster Street, Toscana's Ristorante in West Peabody and Santorro's across the street, will offer some unique fare. Unique alright, it taste like it came out of a microwave.

Paradiso (Roger Williamson) claims the new restaurant is the only one on the North Shore that makes square Sicilian-style pizza. He also said they make homemade meatballs and chicken parmesan. Homemade spazzatura!

Meehan said the menu also contains many items that very affordable, which should also appeal to working families. "If you can serve good food at the right price, it's that simple." Key word being "good".

According to “Molly” (five post up) “a former employee” made the deal with Happy Madison Productions. Did Meehan finally grow tired of supporting Paradiso (Roger Williamson), or is she covering for him because she knows several people and a couple state agencies are looking for him? You can only hide him for so long, but why would you? He’s ruined any business he’s associated with (restaurant changes name from Little Italy Cafe to A Taste of Italy in less than four month ???), steals from his best friends, is a deadbeat dad, will fake an illness to get out of court (except for that district court judge who caught you in a lie) and lies to women telling them he’s a movie producer just to get laid (don’t let Roger lie to you Sharon, I’ve seen the surveillance photos of the Roger in action). If you would put as much effort into something legal as you did the production company scheme, you might make something out of yourself, but that would require work. You’re disgusting. Maybe you should legally change your last name to Paradiso. You’re living up to old Quahog’s standards.

1125 days ago


They owners said they are from Revere- well go back there- you have put a bad light on the businesses in Peabody- Sandler- we are not all like them-There are good business people in Peabody

1124 days ago

Tony Medlin    

I was a stage-hand for a show featuring, an at the time, A-lister. "Her people" stiffed us with the tab after going to a bar for drinks after the show. It meant nothing to them, but to working-stiffs, it took every dime we had to cover their rudeness. We live it different worlds and the demands and problems of survival, imminent to those of us with a blue-collar budget, don't exist for them. That or either they are some of the sorriest S.O.B's that walk the face of the earth.

1036 days ago

vincent walsh    

This company has gone out of business.... roger strikes again. I guess they really needed to try and screw a Hollywood star out of money to try and stay afloat... and threaten to sue others.... what goes around comes around.....

1029 days ago
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