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'CSI' Star

'Hillbilly Heroin' Charge DROPPED

8/20/2011 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"CSI" star Gary Dourdan no longer faces a drug possession charge after his arrest back in June ... when cops claim they found OxyContin pills -- aka "Hillbilly Heroin" -- on the actor.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, prosecutors dropped the charge for oxy possession earlier this week in light of new evidence -- but Gary's drug paraphernalia charge still stands.

As we previously reported, Gary got into a MASSIVE accident before he was arrested -- plowing his SUV into a parked truck.

Gary's due back in court next month for the paraphernalia charge.



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Good riddance!    

Well at least they got this idiot for something and he's going to be on the knife's edge for a long time. It won't be long until he slips and a leg goes over each side.

1162 days ago


He's a couple steps away from becoming Lindsay Lohan... I sure hope she doesn't sue me for saying that.

1162 days ago


Whats this?...An actor getting off on a drugs charge? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo surely not.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1161 days ago


He has been popped for drugs several different times in various counties in the US. I believe they are still pending in a few courts, but when his "wrap sheet" gets looked at, one of the courts will NOT be happy about it.

C'mon Gary, you need to get some professional help and get your life back together. You can do it and we are all hoping you do just that.

1161 days ago


Yea, there is a big ******* surprise. These celebrities getting off every time is complete bull****.

1161 days ago


Surprise, surprise, surprise, who would have ever
guessed they would drop some of the charges. Maybe
before it's all done, he might just walk free.

1161 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

This guy is talented and good looking but, by letting him off from the charges they aren't helping him at all. Does any celebrity ever pay for the crimes that they do? No Never. It is a sad and pathetic world we live in.

1161 days ago


He can't really be considered a "CSI Star" when he hasn't been on that show for over 3 years!!!

1161 days ago


Lol, at the "hillbilly heroin" remark...Did not know that one...yuck yuck yuck yuck

1161 days ago

Duncan Smith    

With a bunch of actor/models/sports figures getting released after new evidence revealed nothing happened I have to wonder if paper bags of money have been walking around. It's like that drug dealer in the one do***entary movie who says he got caught a bunch of times but because of his job had stacks of ca***** hand and offering a police officer 250,000 dollars to forget what he saw worked more times than the general public would believe. With the rumours of the Haynesworth lawyer trying to give the victim money again and again this week you have to wonder how a bunch of people got let go after the arresting officer suddenly realized he/she was on LSD or sleeping in their cruiser and dreamed that a semi-celebrity hit or attacked them.

Well that or wonder how any of these people have jobs as identifying and witnessing crimes is the main part of their job and they seem to arrest people they have seen on tv before for something that apparently never happened.

1161 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

"Maybe self-improvement isn't the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer."

Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

1161 days ago


im a huge fan so i hope things dont turn out bad hope the best for you and i will keep you in my prayers

1154 days ago


wheres grissom when u need him. lets get down to the truth using nothing but the evidence.

1080 days ago

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