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Jon Cryer

Court CRUSHES Appeal

Pay Your Ex $8k per Month

8/30/2011 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer
's efforts to get out of paying child support to his ex-wife -- who temporarily lost custody of their kid -- have been stymied after an appeals court ruled the actor MUST shell out $8,000 per month.

The "Two and a Half Men" actor had been waging the battle for years -- in 2009, Jon filed papers claiming he shouldn't have had to pay a single cent to Sarah Trigger Cryer because back then, she only had custody of their young son 4% of the time.

But, the California Court of Appeal believes lowering Jon's child support obligation could have a negative effect on the child -- and yesterday, it rejected Jon's appeal.

The court explained, "Although, understandably, Jon may have found the situation unfair, the primary focus must remain on the child's well-being, not the parents' feelings."

UPDATE: Since 2009, the courts have increased Sarah's custody rights -- and according to her lawyer, she now has custody of their son for 35% of the time ... and the courts NEVER ruled that she was an unfit parent.

Sarah continues to receive $8,000 per month in child support.



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The court system is BROKEN. I will never EVER get married OR have a kid, mainly because this type of crap.

1148 days ago


- Maybe if JC'd been more supportive to Charlie this entire matter would have gone away -

1148 days ago


- Maybe if JC'd been more supportive to Charlie this entire mess would have gone away -

1148 days ago


that money should go into a trust for the kid.. an ex spouce shouldn't ever need to have access to such sums of money without a financial guardianship.

1148 days ago


Jon Cryer,You are a cry baby.You make how much a year ? Pay up you puss$ and go make more babies you have to shell out for.Maybe we can raise your taxes as well.

1148 days ago


Last time I checked, Child Support was to help support the CHILD. If mama doesn't have the child, then she should get NOTHING!!!!!

1148 days ago


Can't stand the (Guy?) biggest ***** I've ever seen.

1148 days ago


I don't even get $500 a month and I have 2 kids. Toss a few hundred over here. I'm not that greedy.

1148 days ago


That's a load of crap. He shouldn't be paying that much in the first place and on top of that she doesn't have custody of him. I just love how Fathers get screwed when it comes to custody and/or Child support

1148 days ago


If that kid is with him the majority of the time what is he paying her for? Tell the crazy bitch to get off her ass and get a job. There are a lot of hardworking single moms out there but there are also a lot of hardworking exhusbands who are forced to pay their ex-spouse money that is not used for the child at all. It's more like revenge money. Decent fathers have no problem making sure their children are provided for but no one should have to give money to an ex spouse. It's time these laws were changed.

1148 days ago


I'm sure he fought this on principle, but can't feel to sorry for him all the money he makes. It's not even 100k a year...not bad considering his worth.

1148 days ago


This is utter bullshiot!!! $8K for having the kid 4% of the time?! I'm with the person who said to see if the supreme court will hear this case b/c the child support laws need to be overhauled!! They are also costing lives because men have snapped and taken drastic action when they realize that the laws are written to specifically screw them.

1148 days ago


He's getting screwed. And that kid must be spoiled rotten. That's not so good for his "well being".

1148 days ago


See ladies, that why it takes us guys forever to marry you and why some of us will never get married to you. Not sounding bitter, but the divorce laws in this country are just geared to screw the guy.

1148 days ago


The guy makes over half a mil and episode and he is squaking over eight grand...go figure.
I would pay that just to keep the peace, the tension at bay.
8k a month to him is like a 100 dollars a month to us.

1148 days ago
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