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Kurt Angle


I Wasn't Too Drunk to Drive

9/6/2011 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wrestling superstar Kurt Angle says his blood alcohol level was WAY under the legal limit when he was arrested for drunk driving this weekend ... and now TMZ has a police document that seems to back up his story.

We've obtained the Certificate of Blood Alcohol Analysis ... issued by the State of Virginia ... which shows Kurt's B.A.C. was .06 at the time of his arrest. The legal limit in VA is .08.

The TNA Wrestling champ has released a statement on the matter ... saying, "I did not believe my driving behavior was reckless or otherwise improper."

He adds, "I fully cooperated with the officer who clearly recognized me while performing his standard procedures. Subsequent to the stop, I was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and passed. I do not believe that I broke any laws and will be entering a plea of not guilty in response to any pending charges."

As TMZ previously reported, troopers pulled over Angle's car after receiving a tip from another motorist ... who claimed the wrestler was driving erratically.

Angle explains, "I was returning from an iMPACT Wrestling show in an unfamiliar place, late at night and was trying to find the exit for my hotel."


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Sure whatever u say...u know if its a regular person we wood b rotting in jail but since its a celebrity they do get special treatment like umm Paris Lindsay n all the rest of the bratz out there they need 2 have stricter laws its not fair 4 the rest of us!!! so f**k hollywood

1107 days ago

cynical me    

Driving buzzed is still driving drunk. But this meat head doesn't get that because he's had 1 to many blows to the head.

1107 days ago


C'mon now, there is a 'legal limit' of .08 for a reason people.

So to me, the officer was abusing his authority and wasting Kurt's time by arresting him. Also, wasting taxpayer funds by leveling charges which Angle's lawyers will easily defeat in a courtroom, as well as processing him when there was no need.

You people bashing the guy for driving after 1 or 2 drinks need to get a life of your own.

All the whining and crying on here about "celebrities get special treatment" is sickening. Especially in this, a case where a man was unjustly arrested under the law.

He submitted to the test as requested anyway, which proved he as a grown man, did not violate the states legal limit for operating a vehicle.

Get over it all miserable, jealou*****ers, who would call for more of a POLICE STATE just so they could see stories on TMZ where cops kick the sh*t out of the celebs you hate because they have everything you don't.

Big Poppa

1107 days ago


Comparing the comments about Kurt Angle to the comments toward a Black celebrity, the contrast is startling. The hatred and vitriol are nearly non existent towards Angle

1107 days ago


So many people just plead guilty to the DUI and get through their suspension. However in this case he should fight the charge. Impairment was possible, but they can also show something with an expert testimony. In most cases your alcohol level goes up, so he may have had a .03, and it just spiked slightly at the time of the test. In fact some states have laws that a test can be given two hours into the arrest. Because it benefits the state.

1107 days ago

help this young woman    

Linds said that the guy is a lightweight - that a .06 is nothing. She won't even answer her Tweets unless she's at at least .16 - She also said that he's weenie and that she never gets behind the wheel with less than a .25, and that sounds about right.

1107 days ago


Well, if they got a tip from another driver that he was driving erratically and then they stopped him 30 minutes later and he was near the legal limit, it's a foregone conclusion that he was driving drunk.

1107 days ago


If the Officer has suspicion of Driving under the Influnce and the fact he blew an .06 that means he had a couple to Drink non the less. Plus with the fact this is now his 3rd DUI/DWI in the last 4 years. thats not gonna look good in this case even with the fact he blewm only a .06 so kurt you better plan on defending this one because the courts will have the other 2 DUI/DWI arrests on your Record already. and just remember Kurt one of those 2 happened just 6 months ago up in south Dakota when he was found sleeping in his car in the Median of a interstate highway. Kurt is better just take a plea bargin for a suspended license and get off with that.

1107 days ago


Kurt May have only Blown a .06. but its obvious he had a couple Drinks. Plus Texting while Driving. and the fact that this is Kurt's 2nd DUI/DWI this Year and 3rd overall in the last 4 years. this doesnt look good for you Kurt. if i was kurt id take a plea bargin for a suspended License and get out of their. I Guess Kurt forgets he just got one of his other 2 DUI/DWI's earlier this year. I guess Kurt forgets when the police found him sleeping in the median on a South Dakota Interstate

1107 days ago


The guy needs a math refresher because if the legal limit is .08 and he blew a .06, that is NOT way under the legal limit! Maybe if he had blown a .01 he might be correct.

1107 days ago


Hey roid head, well below would be something like .01 maybe .02 .06 that's not well below, that's a cop ride to the precinct to blow into the machine.

1107 days ago


Really Kurt? Great excuse. Wrestlers travel to same cities several times a year. We don't buy it. Its true Its Damn true!!!!!

1107 days ago


just because a person with a bac under the legal limit does not mean they are able to drive safely. alcohol affects each person differently and some do not handle it as well as others. the size of a person doesnt matter. bac levels is a states maximum limit but a person can be under the influence at any level. as it was reported a third party reported erractic driving and the police acted properly, if they erred it was on the side of caution. we have had 14 people die on our local roadways this year, most were alcohol related those killed ranged in age 4 to 50 plus years old. one accident took a whole family of four.

1107 days ago


Who cares he was still driving why been drinking and this is not the first time he got pull over. Take it like a man Angle!

1107 days ago


What about the pills he's known to be addicted to? The guy has a problem and refuses to acknowledge it.

1107 days ago
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