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Kelsey Grammer

Please GAG My Ex-Wife

10/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Kelsey Grammer is going into court this week ... asking a judge to impose a gag order on ex-wife Camille after her encounter with TMZ last week.

Our camera guy ran into Camille and her son last Tuesday -- and asked Camille which activities she enjoys doing with her kids. Camille instructed her son to answer the question and he replied, "Play."

Sources tell us Kelsey wasn't happy with the situation -- and wants the family judge to prohibit Camille from exposing their kids to media cameras in the future.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell us ... Camille is indignant because just days later Kelsey paraded both of their children in front of a bank of cameras at Boa, a place ALWAYS buzzing with paparazzi.


So we ask ...


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So I'm not seeing where Camille "disparaged" dad in front of her son in the tennis lesson video. In this instance she shows restraint and is pretty composed. No reason why both parents cannot enjoy their kids activities together - Kelsey should have made an effort to come to see them at some of their activities. What kind of msg. is his sending to his kids? If I know your mom is there, I'm not going to come??? Kelsey self creates a lot of the mess. Plus, it is always easier to keep making accusations and taking Camille to court - making the problem her fault, rather than Kelsey taking responsibility for his actions. Personal accountability meter...Kelsey is a zero.

1087 days ago


Camille should have objected to the reporter's subject of questioning in front of the child; she's passive aggressive and sly.

1087 days ago


HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE!!!! Just tell the honest truth Kelsey and that is that you only want to project YOUR side and don't want people to realize what a DOUCHEBAG you really are!

1087 days ago

CA Girl    

I don't care about these two people and their children. I don't care how famous either one of them is or is not. We have more important things to concern ourselves with than these two people. Our nation and economy is in a mess. WHO CARES what these people do with their lives? Just go away.

1087 days ago


Wait a minute. Isn't this the same guy who talked his wife (at the time) to do RHOBH to put all the business out there, while he screwed around with his mistress? Really!?! Now you want her to shut up?!? Really Kelsey! You created this monster... deal with it!

1087 days ago


I think that they both need to grow up and stop using their children like that! Kids don't need to be subject to their bitter divorce and custody battle. They have sooo much money...why don't they hire a nanny for the kids and keep them out of the lime light!!

1087 days ago

Alison Shine    

Kelsey Grammer looks like VINCENT PRICE in every creepy horror movie - he's hideous

1087 days ago


I'm astounded that Kelsey has not asked the court to issue a gag order to prevent Camille from speaking ill of him on RHBV. Make that fat cow shut her mouth.

1087 days ago


He needs someone else to gag her because we all know what he is packing down there, according to Camille.

1087 days ago


Talk about disappointment! The ONLY reason that Kelsey was granted custody of his 2 kids (that he otherwise basically wants nothing to do with unless they are getting him press) for the 6 days he's in LA was IF he took them to all of their activities as to not disrupt their lives and do you think he has complied .... NO! Let's see he has the NERVE to try and gag Camille when it's he that should check his behavior. What a TOTAL and utter LOSER he's turned out to be! If you're really trying to get us to believe you have your kids best interests at heart than why would you take them to Boa where you know ALL the media will be there. Hmm, perhaps to make it seem like your actually doing something with your kids! PLEASE!

1087 days ago


Honestly, I feel for her. She thought she was living a happy life and was happily married till this ******* blindsided her. I think she's coming out looking better than him because she just genuinely cares about her kids. And from what I hear.... having the judge grant the order is the ONLY way Kelsey'll be able to gag anyone LOL

1087 days ago


Kelsey needs to shave off the Mr. Nemesis beard. It gives away how evil he is.

Bwa ahahahahah hahahahahahahaha

1087 days ago


What a disgusting human being. He couldn't keep it in his pants for the sake of his wife and children. The really sweet part of all this is, what goes around comes around. Camille is lucky that this guy did what he did. She seems so much happier than when he was in her life. I'm sure in due time, he'll do the same thing to that new trash wife of his. What goes around, comes around. Camille needs to find herself a true man. She never had it in Kelsey Grammer.

1087 days ago


ummm has anyone seen the real housewives? someone needs to kick start Camille's head omg could she be anymore fake?

1087 days ago


Kelsey what a goober you're turning into at first. I wasn't that keen on Camille and her behavior on Housewives. It sure is strange how things can turn around quickly...

1087 days ago
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