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Kelsey Grammer

Please GAG My Ex-Wife

10/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Kelsey Grammer is going into court this week ... asking a judge to impose a gag order on ex-wife Camille after her encounter with TMZ last week.

Our camera guy ran into Camille and her son last Tuesday -- and asked Camille which activities she enjoys doing with her kids. Camille instructed her son to answer the question and he replied, "Play."

Sources tell us Kelsey wasn't happy with the situation -- and wants the family judge to prohibit Camille from exposing their kids to media cameras in the future.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell us ... Camille is indignant because just days later Kelsey paraded both of their children in front of a bank of cameras at Boa, a place ALWAYS buzzing with paparazzi.


So we ask ...


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They are divorced. Neither of them have the children's "best interest" in their mind's along with most divorced couple's.

1077 days ago

Lilly Pad    

Have these two clowns forgot there are children involved here? Wonder if either one of these children know what 'normal' is. Camille is so caught up in publicity,especially now that she is on RHOBH,....she obviously has very b-a-d coping skills,....move on Camille and leave Kelsey alone,....your green demon is showing

1077 days ago


he's just a bitter old man, isn't he?

1077 days ago


Gag her and ALL OF HER FRIENDS>>>>They are pathetic!

1077 days ago


Kelsey Grammer, hmmm let me think, ooh oooh I have it, IDIOT, LOL. Kelsey your suppose to upgrade with the new woman, sorry ~ what were you thinking? I thought you were suppose to be intelligent. Plain Janes like money toooooooooo:)

1077 days ago


Again...let's see how the court rules. There should be something in the judgment about not making disparaging comments in front of the kids. If it was well written judgement, it hopefully will include section on both parents encouraged to attend activities - no matter whose custodial day. As for one of the comments or replies where it is mentioned that Camille has the children in too many activities to purposefully "tire" them out...seriously??? If they only had one activity per week, I'm sure she would eventually be accused of pigeon-holing them into one activity and making them therefore - not well-rounded kids. So Camille is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Kelsey will find something wrong no matter what. Kelsey = zero on the personal accountability meter.

1077 days ago


Camille seems to run into your cameras quite a bit. Are you paying her or is she paying you? Either way she's a vindictive, wanna be b*tch. Stick a sock in it, Camille and learn to share.

1077 days ago

At least she was at one of the kids events - he drug them to Pap infested BOA!

His doucheness grows daily!

1076 days ago


Kelsey didn't seem to care much about his kids when he hooked up with his new wife and treated their mother so poorly in front of the whole world. Truly, there are much classier, more respecful ways to get out of an unwanted relationship. I lost all respect and will never watch anything he's in again.

1075 days ago


I cannot stand Kelsey Grammer anymore! What a bore he is! He's an UGLY, worthless piece of s*it. His new wife is a pig-cow! STFU Kelsey and your new show will you! P.S., I USED to be a huge fan of yours! No more!

1075 days ago


Kelsey complains about Camille's words..Shame on you, Kelsey. What message did your actions send your children? Shacking up and expecting a child all while still married to Camille. Kelsey you have adapted Frasier's persona..Phony superior attitude. One big bore. Camille will be fine, you loose.

1065 days ago


Karma's a bitch Kels. Maybe that's why your gf lost the baby she was carrying.

1059 days ago


Like the cheater should talk. He was busy getting his gf pregnant b4 he was even divorced. Right - great dad there.

1059 days ago


It's time to gag Kelsey Grammar. Success went to his head, along with one too many liters of alcohol.

658 days ago
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