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Lindsay Lohan

Booted From

Community Service Program

10/13/2011 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Booted From Community Service
Lindsay Lohan
has been kicked out of the program where she was supposed to complete her community service because she violated the rules numerous times ... TMZ has learned.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lohan to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in L.A., as part of her probation in the shoplifting case.  Part of the deal -- the judge required her to be reliable, non-disruptive, and serve at least 4 hours at a time.

But sources tell us ... Lindsay  blew off 9 scheduled visits ... and when she did show up, she would often bail after working there for only an hour.

Sources say ... 2 weeks ago, she was terminated from the Women's Center because of the violations.  The Probation Department's volunteer center has now assigned her to a new community service program at the Red Cross.  We got a pic of Lindsay doing her community service there earlier this week.

Now here's the BIG problem ... Lindsay is due back in court next week for a progress hearing.  Judge Sautner made it clear ... there would be no more second third fourth fifth sixth chances.  If she screwed up again, she was going to jail.

And just for bad measure, we've learned aside from Lindsay's violations at the Downtown Women's Center, the number of community service hours she has racked up so far is "very unimpressive."


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She should go to jail for sure. This is ridiculous that she cannot do the simplest of tasks. Throw away the key!

1075 days ago


She's no Pari******on. She's screwed this time.

1075 days ago

Good riddance!    

This is great! Someone told the truth about what a worthless, self centered piece of crap she is! How bad do you have to screw up to get canned from a volunteer gig? The shelter must not have been too impressed by her sitting around, picking at scabs/invisible crack bugs, smoking an entire pack of ciggies and digging out pieces of rotted teeth for an hour before shining them on. How could anyone be the least bit surprised by this update is beyond me. All that remains is whether or not the judge just pats her on the head again and encourages her to screw up even harder. The judge has been masterful at doing that much.

1075 days ago


Booted because she "violated the rules numerous times," and she's still walking the streets. Oh wait, we ARE talking about the California legal system, aren't we?

1075 days ago


Sure, send a black rapper, T.I. back to jail for leaving the slammer in a tour bus but this feedlot tw*t spent a smidgen of his sentence and will get of****ain. When will Hollyweird judges teach these celeb debs a lesson???

1075 days ago

sisao tresed    

You go girl. Your sloppy lifestyle has lowered your brand from "Prime" to "pig".

1075 days ago


She has ADD doesn't she? It makes it hard for her to stay focused and follow-through on her commitments.
Not excusing, just sayin'...

1075 days ago


She has ADD doesn't she? It makes it hard for her to stay focused and follow-through on her commitments.
Not excusing, just sayin'...

1075 days ago


C'mon. Does anyone really believe she will go to jail? Empty threats from a celebrity judge--OOOHHH--doesn't Ms. Lohan look scared? Here we go again--the rich really are better!

1075 days ago


I ask you time and time again.Why do you say she gets off for being a celebrity and now in a big voice...HOW DOES SHE GET THE TITLE OF CELBRITY.WHAT DOES SHE DO? Back to reality,is she just famous like all those stories on Nancy Grace about small time trailer trash that get the redial button on Nancy's show for doing repeat crimes?

1075 days ago


If I were in her situation (which I would never be because I'd never be that arrogant -- we all make mistakes but she has effed up so many times cuz of ego and stupidity)....I would want to get it all done as fast as possible to get it out of the way and get on with my life.

Ugh, so typical. Smh.

1075 days ago

Eric B.    

Lindsay needs to be put away for a while. She obviously thinks she is above everyone else. She's had numerous chances to set things right and hasn't. The time has come.

1075 days ago


Lindsay couldn't accept a role in Mike because because she's locked into Mary!!!!!!!

1075 days ago


AGENT smith: about a minute ago

If she goes to jail it will only be for a few hours due to severe overcrowding. What is the point of Lindsay going to jail for three hours?

To have the best celebrity mugshot ever?

1075 days ago

Cheryl A.    

go to jail. there is no bail.

1075 days ago
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