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Your Costume Might

Get You a Halloween Beatdown

10/26/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


D.L. Hughley joins us to weigh in on racist Halloween costumes -- how do you know if yours crosses the line? D.L. says it's simple ... if you get your ass kicked, you've gone too far.

Also, Dr. Conrad Murray bawls in court ... and Jason thinks it's the doc's best day of the trial so far. Plus, Harvey in Motown ... living a dream -- singing and dancing in the Supremes' old studio!


(2:30) Took only two minutes for Brian's first offensive joke of the day!
(7:10) Dr. Conrad Murray turns on the waterworks today during the trial -- did he gain any sympathy from the jurors?
(15:34) A new campaign attempts to stop racist Halloween costumes -- so what is really over the line?
(22:05) Time warp back to 1995 -- when Charles wore a really offensive costume ... but was rewarded for it!
(32:00) D.L. Hughley is on the phone! He thinks people in America are "way, way too sensitive."
(33:30) How do you know when your outfit is too offensive? Hughley says it when you get your ass kicked. Makes sense.
(49:10) So ... Harvey visited the Motown studio where tons of hits were recorded ... and decided to sing a classic while there. Let the ribbing begin!


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About racialized Halloween costumes-- you guys should discuss the recent Blackface scandal at a Canadian University--white university students wore fake dreads and drssed up as Jamaican sprinters and chanted, "smoke some weed" as part of a frosh event.

1102 days ago


pretty sad that the defense had to call "grandma Jefferson" to the stand! "Scuse me judge" let me talk!!

1102 days ago


The Michael Lohan story is just crazy. First off, if she has a restraining order, why the hell would she continue talking to him and let him near her let alone in the door? I am not for abuse but seriously what is wrong with her?

1102 days ago


It's great that the judge was straight up with Michael Lohan, however why wasn't he that way with Kate Major. She always makes trouble 0 she seems to love drama!!! did anyone watch celebrity rehab...that tells it all!!!

1102 days ago


The "occupiers" will go home when it snows and/or Acorn quits paying them.

1102 days ago


Charles is so awkward!!! watching him try to be funny is so uncomfortable to watch.

1102 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Ok guys thanks for making my ears bleed and curling my hair with Harvey singing. Can we go back to like sticking steel needles into viewer's eyes? He can't dance either.

1102 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Brian is Hilarious!
Make him a permanent member of the daily internet of the TMZ Live Daily Broadcast.

1102 days ago

M C Talco    

Are you ******** me lol this man was out for the money oppps, don't go anywhere Michael I have a phone call.

1102 days ago

Dr.Conrad Murray    

Can I come as myself?

Best Regards
Dr. Conrad Murray.

1102 days ago


dont you love how black people think they can just kick whiteys ass all the in country alabama it dont work that way

1102 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Charles would be leading the Occupy Los Angeles movement if he was broke,unemployed, and homeless like some of us. Its no fun, trust me.

1102 days ago


Murray cry only in self-pity. When they showed the pictures of Michael dead, he seemed cold and emotionless, when they talked about Michael's children's and mother's heartbreaking reactions when they were told that their dad and son had died, Murray showed no feelings, during the many testimonies about his disastrous treatment of Michael his eyes were dry and his face emotionless. No signs of empathy or remorse.

1102 days ago

who dat    

Get rid of the dork on the left. He is SO UNFUNNY. Ruining whats left of this crappy broadcast.

1102 days ago

who dat    

This ones totally unwatchable. Did you learn your broadcasting skills from when Sheen did a program from his home.

1102 days ago
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