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Kim Kardashian


'Sham Marriage' Stories

11/1/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling her friends ... her marriage to Kris Humphries was true love, and she's extremely angry at reports that the wedding was one big sham.

Kim is telling people very close to her ... the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much. 

Kim is saying they cultivated their relationship for a year -- it wasn't an overnight thing.  She says when they got engaged ... she truly believed the marriage was "forever."

As for the 72 days ... Kim is explaining it this way:  "Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly.  Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."



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BTW... most people think its better to be pissed off then pissed on. skank

1049 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

What a load of crap.

1049 days ago


If I thought it was forever, I wouldn't give up so quick, just sayin!

1049 days ago


She wouldn't know true love if it bit her on her fake ass.

1049 days ago


Kim if it meant SOOOO much to you why didn't you try to work it out?
"Forever"... fast forward to 72 days! Once the wedding special on E was shown you ended your marriage and had a massage.Reggie Bush must be clicking his heels that he side stepped this mess!

1049 days ago


I couldn't help notice that E! was playing the wedding episodes yesterday and they threw in quite a few scenes they did not air previously. There seemed to be even more scenes trying to portray Kris as a jerk. I think E! is worried this may hurt the ratings and want to portray Kris as the evil one. I really hope this proves to anyone who thinks they are real they are a bunch of fake, money grubbing whores.

1049 days ago


I feel bad for him he loved her and she used him and his down home family to try and look like a nice person and she showed her true colors, I really do hope that anyone who watches this show stops now and anyone dumb enough to buy their products stops. BOYCOTT THEM!! LET'S SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS THE PUBLIC NOT THEM!!

1049 days ago


Not a sham??? No sane person files for divorce that quickly. Kim, you stayed in it long enough for publicity and the money. You should give EVERYONE their wedding present back. You're disgusting.

1049 days ago

john johnson    

this may be the funniest comment from a fake celebrity this year so far.

1049 days ago


True love??? What a joke!!! The only thing the Kardashians love is having their faces plastered in all the news. The money she spent for that wedding would have been of better use to help the underpriviledged people instead of making a mockery out of marriage and shamefully parading the waste of money in the face of the rest of us poor jerks. Enough of these flamboyant ******** making money off of the ignorant fools that pay to see their dumb TV shows.

1049 days ago


shut up you 10 cent prostitute

1049 days ago


Kim Kardoucheian is a big ol fat butt.. whine baby.. cry baby...waaaa waaaa waaaa . Lying.. ho bag .. jizz dumpster

1049 days ago


Hard to imagine two gay guys could do more to harm the sanctity of marriage than this idiot, Kim Kardashian.

1049 days ago

There's a problem here    

hahaha Pissed. I gotta hand it to you on that one TMZ; great play on words. Listen, that bitch will do just fine. She made a totally lame porn tape and she came out smelling like a rose ... and I'm sure that isn't easy for that stank bitch and her stank family ... so she'll be just fine. Anyhow, the only thing worse than being pissed off is being pissed on. Right Kim?

1049 days ago


Oh please EVERYONE saw this one coming from the family of Fame Whores! Except poor Kris Humphries. If it was really love for her she would have tried to make it work. I mean if her first marriage didn't work what makes anyone think this one would. Reggie Bush lucked out on this one!

1049 days ago
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