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Penn State Coaches

Urge Players' Friends & Family:

"Wear White for JoePa"

11/10/2011 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1111_penn_state_exMultiple sources connected with the Penn State football team tell TMZ ... coaches held a meeting with players today and told them their friends and family should show support for ousted coach Joe Paterno by wearing white to the game on Saturday.

It's a bold move, considering there is a university-wide move for people in the stands to wear baby blue to support the alleged sexual assault victims of Jerry Sandusky

In addition to wearing white, we're told the coaches informed the team they may change the time and location of the pre-game meal because of security concerns.

And, we're told, the coaches assured the players there would be "enhanced security" for the game.

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Please tell me I read the statement wrong. What kind of people are employed by this college and I hope Nebraska beat the pants off of Penn St. Saturday.

1077 days ago


Penn State is a fuggin joke now..
Idiot kids don't know whether to support assault victims or molesters? wtf, keep them away from me

1077 days ago


these coaches need to get their priorities in check, since when is a football game more important and more worthy of support over an abused child? what kind of effed up society do we live in when we support people who don't report crimes against children?

1077 days ago


how about cancelling the game and forfeiting the rest of the season until all of state college penn gets their head out of their asses and realizes some old coach and stupid football program is far less important then what these kids went thru and have to live with everyday of their life

1077 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Urge people to wear Yellow in solidarity with the children who were victimized by Sandusky and the pedophile enablers who permitted him to continue his campaign of rape, sodomy and violent treatment of these kids.

1077 days ago


Why is this shocking? I really don't get it. I'm not shocked. These are people raesed in a world without morals, without God in the forefront of their life and where anything goes. This is to be expected in such a society.

1077 days ago


Yesterday I emailed the NCAA and called for severe sanctions against this vile football team. I urge all of you to do the same. USC was heavily sanctioned by them (no bowl games, loss of 30 scholarships, etc) resulting in crushed dreams for many young people, all becuz Reggie Bush's family took bribes. The same offense and worse has come out in other college teams since and the NCAA has not done anything to them. But this...nothing comes close to the heinousness of this crime against children. Email the NCAA people!!! Penn U should not be allowed to continue their business as usual.

1077 days ago


Guess I'll be wearing black.

1077 days ago


It's official PENN STATE SUCKS! Or maybe it's just the people who live in that wretched state...not sure which. Unfu*****believable! Why are these people not protesting outside the home of the child rapist himself??? If you all read the grand jury report, it's crystal clear that all these bastards were in on the cover up...even the blind old bat Paterno himself was in on it and did nothing. Paterno has more clout than anyone in that wretched state and could have put an end to this the moment it came to his doorstep. And what about the a**hole grad student/coach who walked in on the actual raping of the 10-year old boy??? How is this moron escaping scrutiny???

F-PENN STATE and their fans!

1077 days ago


I think he's an amazing coach, and is a legend. But ignoring the fact that someone on his staff was raping children, and he knew it, and did nothing, takes away any respect I had for the man. I'm really proud the Board sent a clear message--no matter who you are, this will not be tolerated. It's sickening.

1077 days ago


F Jo'Pa. I am SO GLAD he got fired, he got what he deserved and Sandusky WILL GET HIS TOO.

Every single person who enters the Stadium on Saturday should donate 1.00 that goes to helping children of sexual abuse/molestation.

Oh and Mr Sandouche-bag.....remember the physical pain you cause all those boys.....guess what buddy your butt is about to get worked over twice as hard. Dont forget that child molesters dont fair out well in prison....you'll be lucky to survive 1 week in Gen Pop.

1077 days ago


Isn't the witness to the molestation just as guilty as Paterno? How on earth can they justify giving him Paterno's job?

1077 days ago


This makes me sick.....Joe Pa is not innocent, he is not a victim, he did not protect the innocent, he did not protect the victims......he protected his career and his friends' careers until the 'universe' took care of it. He allowed children to be sacrificed for the sake of his own personal advancement. Every time he received accolades it should have made him sick instead of proud.

1077 days ago


At best, the university. and particularly the football staff, condoned criminal behavior; at worst, they actively covered it up. Perhaps these people should wear jail stripes rather than white.

1077 days ago


These coaches lack a moral compass. Is it any wonder why the university is in crisis? Their actions illustrate the point precisely. OK idiots...your first concern and demonstration of support should be for the victimized children. It is scary and sad to me that they are completely clueless!

1077 days ago
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