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Kris Humphries

Livid with 'GMA'

Over Kim K Questioning

12/9/2011 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries upset at Good Morning America
Kris Humphries is telling people he felt ambushed by "Good Morning America" this morning -- claiming he was put under the impression the interview was NOT going to focus on his split from Kim Kardashian ... but "GMA" is calling BS.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA player claims he knew he would be asked about the divorce during the sit-down ... but he didn't expect to be grilled like a cheeseburger.

During the interview, Kris appears VERY uncomfortable as he's hit with question after question about Kim ... and things got downright awkward when interviewer Josh Elliot asked Kris' mother about the relationship.

We're told Kris is saying ... he only agreed to do the interview to promote his charity work and to support his mother's cooking segment on the show ... and he's livid about the way it turned out.

But a rep for ABC tells us no pre-show deal was made to limit the interview ... saying, "There were no ground rules."


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that was unconfortable for me to watch...gheezzz. What did he think they wanted to talk to him about.

1015 days ago


Thought Kris and his mother did the best anyone could. Being asks questions that he clearly didn't want to answer concerning Kim and the Kardashians. Unlike Kim and her family spewing out everything and anything for positive press. Most people that give interviews do it to promote their charity work or movie etc. Kris and his mother did a great job to try to keep it focused on their charity work and his basketball career and not giving GMA any juicy gossip which was clearly what they were after. Kudos to Kris and his mother they showed more class in that interview than Kim and the Kardashians have or will ever have.

1015 days ago


He's terrified that his mother was going to accidentally say something that they weren't allowed to. You people need to remember that he's NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS **** BEFORE. Why wouldn't someone be interested to get a players thoughts on the strike being over and the return of their season? Why wouldn't someone want to ask a player who's been in the media lately? The fact that GMA ONLY focused on the KIM aspect shows that they have as little class as Kim does. Thankfully for them, Kim still holds the number #1 classless spot.

1015 days ago


Josh Elliot didn't get it. he pressed on with the questions. Kris should have slug him. Interviewer just don't understand even with the replies get. I don'*****ch GMA.

1015 days ago


Have to agree with you Jayden. Didn't even know who he was til he married the Kardashians for 5 minutes.

1015 days ago


I don't give two s**ts what anybody says. This guy is a straight-up tool...Period.

1015 days ago


I mean, FOR he. THAT. STUPID???!!! Does he REALLY THINK he's being interviewed for him & his mother's CHARITY WORK & for his phat basketball skills?!

That's all well & good...but sorry LURCH, you're not getting a gig on GMA for your basketball & charity work w/Mom. Oh, & he's seriously offended?! Give me an effin break...STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!!

Yeah, another blogger mentioned previously on this thread that he's really not that far off base from the caricature of him on SNL....NO DOUBT. Looking at him sitting there....JUST LIKE LURCH!!!

What an IDIOT!!! He SHOULD BE laughing all the way to the bank from all the media/money/exposure from the Kartrashian bullcrap...INSTEAD, he's taking it all personally. Again, he's DUMB AS DIRT, & deserving of all that's thrown in his face!

1015 days ago


He's so full of it. He likes the publicity just like his soon to be ex-wife does. How come he never promoted his "charity" before

1015 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Why else would anyone talk to this imbecile?

1015 days ago


Did Kris Humphries REALLY think GMA wouldn't ask about the Kim situation??? He IS Mr. Kardashian!!!

1015 days ago


You got to be kidding me, he really thought GMA wanted to talk to him about his foundation? He became relevant because he married Kim. No one knew of him before her and no one will remember after her. Give me a break. I want my 5 mins back because I did watch the 1st interview and he looked confused. Unbelievable.

1015 days ago


Kim did the right thing, dude has never been so popular in his life GMA come on now, and he has to have mommy holding his hand throughout the interview PLEASE!

1015 days ago


Kris thought people were interested in him or shooting hoops? He always came across as kinda dumb, with that stupid glazed look he has.

Also he's not doing to well, his hair kinda looks nappy.

1015 days ago


Sorry, dude. You can't marry a publicity wh0re, be on her reality show, and expect people not to ask about what you chose to make public. It doesn't work that way.

1015 days ago


I saw the whole thing this morning and was in awwww. Who does this loser think he is? They said he was coming on to tell his "speak out". You have to know what you are going to be asked because other than him being KK husband he is a no named BB player. He sounded a looked so stupid this morning...poor thing was better of quite at home.

1015 days ago
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