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Playboy 'Freaking Out'

Over Lindsay

Naked Photo Leak

12/9/2011 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's highly classified Playboy photo shoot leaked to the Internet this morning -- one week before the issues was set to hit newsstands -- and TMZ has learned Playboy honchos are "freaking out."

First off -- the pics aren't bad ... it's a Marilyn Monroe thing ... and it works.

Playboy sources tell us ... there are fears the leak could significantly damage sales of the magazine ... which is expected to be the best seller of the year.

The shoot was a massive investment for Playboy -- the mag shelled out nearly $1 million to Lohan  for the spread and we're told the company has printed thousands of extra copies in anticipation of a sales boom.


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No Avatar


First of all right off the bat...This was not 'highly classified' Lohan used this at her last court date.

This was intensionally leaked. So where is the surprise in that. Photoshopped, airbrushed not good at all.

Lindsay Lohan all by herself gave the paps her crotch shot. Didn't have to pay a penny for that.

1051 days ago

Queen B    

Yep, dry heaving here. She's so gross and has ZERO class. How are you white trash and a celebrity??

1051 days ago


It's not bad, but it looks absolutely nothing like Lindsay. Her freckles have been airbrushed away, her face looks completely different to me as does her body. I feel bad for her. What she needs is to stay away from the media for awhile and get herself some much needed r&r and then come back in the limelight. She looks way too old for her 25 years and she's too skinny. That's the mom in me talking. I don't know which family I hate more the Lohans for not caring or loving Lindsay enough to get her the help she needs or the Kartredardians for fame-whoring themselves all over the f'ing place. At least Lindsay has talent unlike the Kartredardians.

1051 days ago

middle finger    

someone needs to call the police..someone stole her areolas.

1051 days ago


Playboy got ripped off if they paid almost a million for this. I still like Lindsay Lohan, I like seeing her naked, but I've already seen her boobs, I've already seen her ass. If she didn't show everything it's not worth the money. You can see her topless for free all over the internet without playboy's help.

1051 days ago


I won't buy it, but I want to see it. When lindsey dated "FEZ" she was one of the prettiest girls to EVER be in Hollywood. The pool photos with the red bikini! But all that hard living has really changed her appearance. She's still smokin' hot, but she pisses me off as a person. I remember a couple of years ago she had a new boyfriend/sex partner every week? Then the lesbian thing? It's a shame she had it all and let it slip away. She was good in MACHETE!

1051 days ago


She's really not appealing in those photos.. her eyes look she popped a Xanax half hour before shoot time and she just looks loaded. At one point in her career she for sure was a attractive girl, but she's so 'shopped and her make-up so heavy... it's not sexy..

1051 days ago


Freckles, wrinkles, cut marks, track marks, saggy boobs.

1051 days ago

middle finger    

did they photo shop the puddle of pee under neath her also?

1051 days ago


No matter what people think of LL, she is hot and lots of guys want to do her. It's a simple as that. Next, people who leak things like that suck. Unless it will really help the mag... but I don't know about that. As for the person who said LL as Marilyn is sacrilege, that's just stupid. Lots and lots of girls pretend to be Marilyn. It happens over and over. Lohen is obviously hot looking. And if you think logically, her photos might even be hotter than Marilin as her body looks better, even though no one wants to admit that since the Marilin photos are so old and classics.

1051 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lot's of newbies commenting......Welcome To Lindsayland!

1051 days ago


Even if they didn't get leaked they would be on the internet within hours of the magazine going on sale. So I doubt they will lose any money over this. Anyway, Playboy's moment in time has passed since it doesn't really offer anything that you can't see on the internet for free.

1051 days ago


Monroe ended up dying young....

It is too bad she had to pay such a high a price to pay for being America's "dumb blond" tramp.

And Lohan is stuipd enough to even attempt to follow in her footsteps? Why? Where is the payoff? To be compared to Monroe when Monroe was a washed up old whore at such a young age?

These actresses who give credit to Monroe are ignorant... as is Playboy Magazine who thinks people will really pay big money to see Lindsay Lohan posing as her. You have to be kidding? AND... the kicker... you can see the photos for free online NOW ... and save the money that you were not going to pay anyway on the high price of gas.

Save your money .... Lindsay? Forgetaboutit

1051 days ago


they chose a red background and a red bunny with someone of her coloring and freckles .....bad choice all the way round , do they really think Lohan will be their best seller

1051 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey jay w.!

Yea, I know that. lol So? It's good to see you here. I am friends with a couple of Lilo fans on Twitter.

1051 days ago
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