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Lindsay Lohan

Bikini Beach Party

AFTER Thief Strikes

12/12/2011 6:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in a bikini in HawaiiHere it is ... PROOF Lindsay Lohan can still act ... because the actress hit the beach like she didn't have a care in the world Sunday ... hours after someone jacked $10k out of her purse.

With her Playboy spread officially released online, Lohan showed off her physique in a tiny bikini ... that couldn't quite tame her breasts.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan freaked out Saturday night when her purse went missing at a house party ... a purse which contained her ID, passport and $10k in cash.

The purse was eventually returned ... minus the money.  Would you be smiling?


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Rogue Warrior    

Alright, time to get back to work now that the trolls have been exterminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye Madi!

1024 days ago


That is NOT a really great body, she doesn't look like she works out!

The passport story is stupid and possibly not true. Who brings a passport to Hawaii, unless they've had their driver's license revoked???
Also suspect the $10,000 was an attention seeking lie...
Even if you're going shopping, you don't carry cash... The extraordinarily wealthy people that I know don't carry that kind of cash, they use their Amex Black cards, Platinum Cards, etc.

1024 days ago


Get the f*ck outta here! What would Blohan be doing at a 'Mormon' party? You people, my gawd. The things her 'fans' believe. Unbelievable!

1024 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There is another site I visit called "Vigilant Citizen" where the enlightened people go, and one day I went through all the comment********* dislike for the hell of it. The very next day the dislike option was removed. Go figure.

1024 days ago


So, she left $10,000. cash in a jeep, but took her tape recorder with her? LMAO

1024 days ago


I am debating sending a Xmas present to..
419 venice way..
some vanishing creme (its the thought that counts)
lee press on A$$
a mr. microphone (that comes out with a less burnt voice)
"bunz of steel" video.
and a box of rubbers (but thats a gift for everyone)

1024 days ago


Ha,ha, the right pic (and others too) above is shopped, of course, but in a way that it deserves a top 10 ranking at Photoshop Disasters. (without PS, the pics would be a disaster anyway)

The healing brush and stamp tool can make saggy things flat but give you unnatural results in coloring when not used with correct blend mode. True to the motto: i am not that bad, i am just drawn that try.

1024 days ago


She needs to get to the gym and firm up. Way to soft.

1024 days ago


Who the eff walks around with $10k in their purse?? You asked for it.

1024 days ago


I dont think she faked it. I think her purse reelly "dissapeared" fer a bit. Maybe she owed a drug dealer some money? Purses and contents dont magicly reappaer once stolen so somebody just wanted what was do them, the cash. And who says cash was hers to begin with? Somebody probly gave it to her so she could by good stuff then she pulled some trick and "lost" the cash.

Oh who am I kiddin? Even all thats to farfeched. Story probly aint true. Why Lindsay why? All them great chances you have to make somethin of yerself so why do this stuff?

1024 days ago


are you guys kidding ...she looks great...better than looking anorexic or fat... hey , if she were to go to jail...she would have no use for the money smoking in the county jail.

1024 days ago


Are we really supposed to beleive she was carrying $10K in her purse, either she's lying or else she was planning to do a lot of drugs. Nobody would carry that kinda of cash around, unless they were to spend it very quietly!

1024 days ago


Just had to add that she looks so durned diffrent in these photos then Playboy shoot. Dont git me wrong shes ok here, kinda avarage and thats ok. But not a hair like them pics in Playboy. Nuthin. Butt is diffrent, face is diffrent, breasts and stomache diffrent. Is it to much to ask that you git somethin that looks like the orginil person? If ya dont like her originil look ok but then why put out somethin that clearly aint her? It just dont figger.

1024 days ago


I agree with Peter, nuthin wrong with a women whose got some meet to the bone. Nuthin wrong with Lindsays figger. It aint perfect but its nice. Her face dont look so healthy though, which bothres me. But anyway Id rather see a gal with a little bit extra then someone who looks skinny and sick. Im not sure but I think her sister mite be the second choise and that to bad.

Oh and I aint sayin that Lindsay is healthy. I dout it given her lifestile. But least she aint deprivin herself of food rite now.

1024 days ago


I like the Pumpkin Song was that from that movie about the Scarey Christmas Halloween ...Dam can't think of it's name.............
Each time I get a red check it shows they been reading what I I laugh makes for a great Christmas theme
Red and Green ......Merry Christmas......

1024 days ago
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