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Ex-NYU Professor

James Franco Was Lucky

He Passed

12/19/2011 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Franco wasn't just lucky to get a "D" in his NYU acting class ... he was lucky to graduate -- this according to the professor who says the University fired him for sticking the actor with a low grade.

José Angel Santana and his lawyer, Matt Blit, called in to TMZ Live today, claiming NYU was shameless in its special treatment of Franco.

Santana claimed, "I saw what every other student did during [the 3 years I was there], and I saw what [Franco] did at that time, and there's no comparison."

That said -- Santana said he actually likes James Franco ... telling us, "When he was in my classes he was a model student." Problem is ... Franco only attended 2 out of 14.


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José Angel Santana was pressuring James Franco for a part in his next movie. He treated Franco like he was Santana's agent.

950 days ago


I knew there was something suspicious behind his multiple degrees - managing a full-time course load while doing a million other projects.
He looked half asleep while hosting the Oscars. God that was awful. His sleeping picture is pure comedy.

950 days ago


How did he get a D for only attending 2 or 14 classes. He should have received an F for attendance alone.

950 days ago


2 out of 14 classes reminds me of my sometime recurrent dream about skipping my history class entirely that prevented me from graduating because I hadn't taken the final exam for fear that I would flunk it after taking a decade long sabbatical from the university. Everyone has their nightmare about their school experience like the one I just described. Franco may too.

950 days ago


You wasted almost half of TMZ live over this piece of **** story? Wow.... I'm finding it harder to come to this site more every day. Must have been a slow news day.

950 days ago


Franco really needed to attend more classes. He can't act, can't dress himself, and should seriously avoid opening his mouth at all times.

950 days ago


Waaaa, waaaa, waaaaa....
I'm Black and eveyone is picking on me. Waaaa, waaaaa, waaaa..
I am SO sick of this. If you can't get ahead as a professor because you are black, then become the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!
Whiny minorities that use the RAAAAACIST excuse disgust me.

950 days ago


Hey Harvey, Aren't there FERPA laws that Santana is breaking by discussing Franco's information with anyone other than Franco (or those that need to be in the know about his grades)? Federal Education Reform Protection Act. It was put into law for good reason. Couldn't Franco sue Santana? Just curious.

950 days ago


FERPA violation!

950 days ago


A lot of people don't go to class, is it mandatory? The quality of his work and exams should be all that really matters in determining his grade.

950 days ago


Since when do you need to attend class to prove that you have learned the material? Isn't that what tests/papers are for? It never ceases to amaze me how you are told all throughout high school that college professors don't care if you show up to class and do the work or not but then you get there and every damn prof. has an attendance policy mandating you miss no more than 3 classes. Some people don't need to sit in a class room to learn the material!!

949 days ago


Franco is a flunko.

949 days ago


James Franco got a D...who cares why is this news!...Teacher should have gave him an F

949 days ago

Well yeah    

No surprise here. He's about to get a 2nd MFA. I've read his work in the program and it's beyond awful. As long as the schools and degree programs are willing to admit substandard candidates based on their celebrity, the Francos of the world will skate.

949 days ago


This guy is the biggest troll of all time. There are more than one pic of him sleeping in class, and people actually call him a renaissance man. What a clowns shoes and a wooden, boring actor.

948 days ago
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