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Vanessa Bryant's Ex-Step Dad

She's JUST LIKE Her Gold-Digging Mom

12/20/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
should have known his soon-to-be ex-wife would take him to the cleaners in their divorce ... because she learned the wallet-raiding playbook from her mother ... so says Vanessa's ex-step dad.

TMZ spoke with Stephen Laine -- an inventory manager for a food company who was married to Vanessa's mother from 1990 to 2003 ... and helped raise Vanessa from a child into adulthood.

Laine tells us, "Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]."

He explains, "In California ... it's considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries ... just like her mother is doing to me."

Laine continues, "I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it."

Sources close to Vanessa tell us ... Kobe's soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law is currently living in one of the BBaller's mansions ... and we're told Vanessa is very good to her.

Laine gripes, "I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something ... you'd think she'd care ... but no, she's spiteful."


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No Avatar


I hope she takes him to the cleaners!! Get all of that dough, Vanessa!!1

1002 days ago

I start my day with TMZ    

get real here. Vanessa married Kobe, she had 2 kids and took care of them. Anyone who calls her a golddigger is stupid and immature. He screwed around on her all the time and I guarantee you, the girls he screwed around on her with are the golddiggers.

And truth be told, when you are married to a jackass like that, she earned every penny by putting up with that crap -- the real victims are the kids and likely, Vanessa will be taking care of them the rest of her life, while Kobe 'plays'....eff him.

He should have honored his vows and honored his kids by being a good role model.

1002 days ago


Um, where is the blame for Kobe being too stupid to have a prenup before marrying her?????????????

1002 days ago

TONY H    


1002 days ago

Carol L    

She married him when she was still in school, didn't she? I'm pretty certain she didn't want to waste he 20s on a failing marriage. She put in her time. I hope Vanessa has a great life and that her ex-stepdad acts like a man in front of his 6 year old daughter instead of a big flapping gum baby.

1002 days ago


standard BS American entitlement issues. Seems like every girl in america is a victim. Got me a nice young Chinese wife now with values, integrity AND BRAINS. You wouldn't believe how wonderful and refreshing it is. she has a PHD to boot. American women are just week and pathetic and want everything given to them (like my ex-wife). IMHO ofcourse!

1002 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

In my opinion she is in her right to take everything from him. The pig cheated on her. By the way ex step dad? Where the hell did they find him and who cares what he has to say..

1002 days ago


calle her what you want....and dont get me wrong i hate the biatch...but truth be told if i was in her shoes damn straight i would be doing the same thing...its kobes fault for not getting a prenup come on kobe how stupid could you be..im a girl and i know how important a prenup is duh!

1002 days ago


Step-dad may have a valid complaint in regard to his own marriage, but did he very publicly humiliate his wife the way Kobe did? Doubtful, because who's ever even heard of the guy. If I was the wife of someone like Kobe, Ashton Kutcher, Tiger Woods, etc., you'd better believe I'd take him to the cleaners, for emotional distress, if nothing else. It's not like they'll be putting their ex-hubbies into the poor house, after all.

1002 days ago

Patrick Henry    

Oh sure and I am going to believe a disgruntled ex- stepdad who just got his licks in. How much did he get paid for the interviews. I have no respect for men who either don't take care of their responsibilities and beyotch about them when forced to with a gun at their heads. It's this way with any divorce: men think they can treat a woman like crap and if they get divorced want to throw her and the kids away after years of marriage. Women these days are just s*x objects and not people. Look at all the names that are foisted about concerning women. what a bunch of misogynists they are. No wonder our society has gone downhill. Whether you marry a woman for compaionship, to have your kids adn make a home for you or as a trophy wife, you got what you wanted until your ego lead you to believe that you were better than them and deserve more. Men define themselves by their money job and s*x. and they get mad when women think they deserve a right to the income when you toss them to the curb. Double standards men. Or should I say boys. Don't get married and don't have a pal and then you don't have to pay. Don't lie toa woman and say that you love them and want to spend your life with them and then don't do that.

No one's saying anything about the dameg he is doing to his kids who know and will be told all that daddy is doing by other kids. A man should role model marriage and love to his kids. Now they will be screwed up for life and marry men just like him. He will be too busy chasing women to spend time with them anyway.

You believe her ex- step dad, who sounds like such a winner not is like believing Michael Lohan. Kobe is a r*pist with a bad attitude towards women. It's his money which he has already settled and not yours so why you belly aching?

1002 days ago


For everyone wondering why she stayed with him through the cheating and rape incident, simple, those were all under the 10 year mark.

1002 days ago


Dear Santa, for Christmas 2011, I wish you would make divorce go away and never come back again, Ok? thanks. And now that we no longer can afford to prosecute for domestic violence in the US, also, I pray for that to go away likewise, OK? thanks.

1002 days ago


To the comments that state that Kobe raped that girl in Colorado, look at the case carefully and her previous actions. This "wife" of his is a gold digger - always was, very obvious. When they met she was 17, still in HS, and Kobe was forced to consummate the marriage - the father/mother were going to pursue felony charges, underage in CA, against him if he didn't. That is why no pre-nup and he got married to her. She deserves some money, mostly as child support, but not more than $10-15 million or so.

1002 days ago

Just Reading    

The ex step father sounds bitter. His failed marriage and financial responsibility isn't relevant to the story. How his ex wife lives has nothing to do with her own income and everything to do with the generosity of her daughter. If anything, he's most likely pissed that he's not part of it anymore and therefore not "digging for gold" from his step daughter.

What caused his marriage to fail anyway? Was he running around L.A. bagging women with promises of court side seats to laker's game because he step daughter was married to Kobe?

1002 days ago


Vanessa sticking by him during the whole rape accusation helped big time to rehabilitate his image while keeping his sorry a$$ out of prison and he knows it!
so Kobe better had better not complain!
you don't get paid millions when you're a former basketball player behind bars in prison
and you lose any and all endorsements -possibly for the rest of your life even if you are fortunate enough to have a team hire you when you are released
so Kobe would not be where he is if it were not for her sticking by him
mind you I wouldn't have- so he reallt does owe Vanessa ...big time in my mind!

1002 days ago
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