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Chris Hemsworth & Matt Damon

The Shirtless Water Slide

1/19/2012 4:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0119_slide_chris_matt​Muscle god Chris Hemsworth celebrated the news that his gorgeous wife Elsa Pataky is pregnant with their first child just like anybody else would ... by diving down an inflatable slide off a helicopter-carrying luxury yacht with Matt Damon in St. Barts on Wednesday.

This is how Thor and Jason Bourne unwind.

And you thought your vacation was fun.


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I get it. The slide must be his career and the water is the we bought a zoo movie.

1010 days ago

Studley Buck    

Are those two sissy punks dating each other?

1010 days ago


Excellent article I must say.. Simple but really entertaining and engaging.. Keep up the good work!

1010 days ago


An inflatable slide off a helicopter-carrying luxury yacht, huh? That sounds necessary.

1010 days ago

paul a.    

Good to see Damon's avid defense of the OWS movement is real...

Sounds like a real 99% activity......

1010 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

Maaaatt Damon!

would you have the spine and clarity of mind to end wars if you were president. to disband CIA. to dismantle NSA.
would you have the spine to tell the truth about UFOs. to set TSA straight. to have serious investigation of 9/11.
to put the Bush administration in jail for the crimes they committed.
is there enough of Will Hunting in you..

1010 days ago


must be nice.....

1010 days ago


Somehow, this does NOT make me hate rich people any less.

1010 days ago

melissa b    

"This is how Thor and Jason Bourne unwind."


Lucky S.O.B.'s

1010 days ago

Throwback kid    

I never realized Matt Damon had such short dwarf like legs? How tall is this vertically challenged actor?

1010 days ago


The god of the vanishing Muscles Chris Hemsworth. See kids, this happens when you stop taking your roids!

1010 days ago


Where's the "who would u rather" vote? I vote sandwich!!!

1010 days ago


wow, some pretty snarky envy here. No doubt Matt Damon is a millionaire but why wouldn't he be? The guy works his ass off. Warren Buffet supports the OWS movement but nobody seriously thinks if he doesn't live in a cardboard shack that he's a hypocrite. I guarantee you he was a guest aboard that yacht, he ain't that rich; should he refuse to have fun with with his wife at the invitation of a friend just because he supports a worthy cause (or three, check out his work on the behalf of teachers and his excellent non profit I am struck by the invective here, he works like crazy as an artist, gains a measure of success, supports very vocally some unpopular causes that no doubt negatively impact his personal bottom line and all people can do is shout snide comments and point out that he is currently body normal rather than buffed up on a starvation diet like his buddy Chris. Jesus, the guys 40 years old, a huge star with some pretty wealthy friends, I'm sure. Let him eat a hamburger and have some fun with is wife and friends without sacrificing all the good stuff he's done and will continue to do. I swear, understandable why celebrities go low profile, with people like the ones here yapping at their heels no matter what good they actually do in the world. Before you shoot your mouth off like that ask yourself, how much of MY income did I give away, how much time did I spend on charities and helping kids get decent teachers. Grow up.

1006 days ago

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