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Kim Kardashian

Divorce Turns Ugly

Reality TV On Trial

2/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorce has become a bitter fight, and we've learned Kris' lawyer intends to put reality TV on trial ... but that could blow up in his face.

Sources tell us ... Kris and his lawyer, Lee Hutton, want to "expose the M.O. of reality TV" by proving Kim had no intention of staying married to him, but just wanted big ratings for her reality show.

Now here's the irony. The duo wants to prove their point by asking the judge to allow TMZ and TV stations to broadcast the trial -- something that the judge might find a tad hypocritical ... not that we're complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed for divorce on grounds of "irreconcilable differences." Kris has countered that he wants the marriage annulled based on fraud.

Kris has a couple of problems with the fraud claim. First of all, he's the one who proposed. Second, the publicity has made him famous and marketable and he'll make millions more than he would have otherwise.

And another big point in Kim's favor ... We've learned the prenup is extremely long and complicated ... accounting for what would happen years into the future. Why would she go through the time and trouble of having a long prenup if she planned on pulling the plug on the marriage within a few months?


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No Avatar


Divorce court on t.v., fraud claim and prenup are all games for their reality show and TMZ is playing in their game also. Putting your divorce trial is all for publicity ratings ONLY !! Don't be fooled. TMZ has been marketing Kim's show since the split and probably getting a kick back. These teasers that TMZ is feeding us are only surveys to find out out her fans or the public would react. Kim will do anything for attention and keep her show.

968 days ago


OMG now this wench wants her divorce televised?? I am not surprised whatsoever. This isn't the damn OJ trial we do not need to see her divorce. ANything to make herself money! She is a laughing stock in Hollywood. I am also tired of her and her family always referring to OJ Simpson for this and that and so what do we care about a criminal. Anything to get fame off OJ and his poor dead wife Nicole. Shady ass family!!! She knows she is famous for nothing so she wants to find the relation to OJ and his fame. Pffff! Please. GO AWAY! You and your cheap ugly Sears clothes..

968 days ago


Courtroom "theatrics" run in here genes, so she shouldn't be opposed to posing for the camera like her father did during the OJ trial.
I hope Hump's attorney exposes her for the fraud she is. I bet she'd get twice as many viewers vs her sham marriage show.
Stay tuned folks, this could get VERY interesting, quick !!

968 days ago


Everything that the Kardashian Klan does is a farce - it only means money for them. Why does TMZ continue to give them more publicity? Most of your readers are smart - they are not interestted. The brain dead who are interested can go elsewhere for the news.

968 days ago


Wow, the Kardashians pay everyone, including TMZ. No matter what the facts are, they are twisted by TMZ to put this slimy family in the best light.

968 days ago


Don't believe Kim ever loved Humphries. Kim was in love with having a fairy tale wedding. They dated 6 months and she pretended she loved him. Humphries proposed believing she loved him and soon after she was planning the wedding and treating him and his family like crap. After the fairy tale wedding was over she continued to treat him like crap and asked for a divorce. This article as always sides with Kim and the Kardasdians as all the articles do that TMZ posts on them. Heard TMZ pays 25,000 for such articles. The Kardashians are making big bucks off TMZ considering how many articles Tmz does on the Kardashians and the articles are always slanted in their favor.

968 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

In other words, Kim's legal team thought about every counter Kris would have in a divorce and worked it into the pre-nup to make it look like she was being genuine. Other celebrities need to take a chapter out of her book on how to screw your spouse and public at the same time.

968 days ago


REALLY who does KIM think she was kidding?? I dont think I know anyone who thinks the wedding was real. She needed ratings/some kind of story line at all!!! Shes the boringist sibling. who really only loves herself

AND REALLY TMZ!! you cant figure out why she would have things in the pre-nup for years in the future...HELLO don't you guys get your hands on any paper work you want. If she didnt that would look fishy DUH


968 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Just as I suspected. Kim has slept with everyone at TMZ too. TMZ has nothing but good news to report about Kim on a daily basis. Even Stevie Wonder can see that Kim is a hoe that has been passed around from Reggie Bush, to Miles Austin, to Kanye West, to Little Bow Wow, etc... Who hasnt slept with Kim? She takes after her mother. Her mother has Big Foot walking around thinking that she is a Kardashian. She needs to come clean and let her know that she too was a hoe in her days! Kim just wanted to boost her ratings. Nobody watches that stupid *ss show with her baby sounding voice. Also, nobody buys those polyester clothes at Sears! Your day is over Kardashians. America does not give a f*ck about you! Next!

968 days ago


Nothing but a sl**. Just went from telling Ray J in her sex video "come on bab***ene on my face" to making millions and having so many parents letting their kids look up to her, these same parents will wonder one day "why does my daughter act like a spoiled brat" wake up people and get a life. They (the family) do no good and you just keep feeding their pockets

968 days ago


If ever TMZ was accused of kissing ass and taking sides this is it. You guys are so slanted it's unbelievable. I hope Kris
wins this one big time. Kris I hope you get your annulment because this skanky ho used you big time.

968 days ago

I am Spartacus    

She probably didn't plan to be divorced that fast which is why the prenup is so long and thought out. That still doesn't mean it was a fraud and she that she wasn't doing it for ratings. She probably wanted to be with him long enough to have kids (cha ching... more $$$$$) and then the divorce would eventually come. But they are completely different people and he was not her first pick and she got to the point where she didn't want to be around him. I'm sure being with a mediocre NBA player is not what she wanted because she wanted a bigger name for more recognition but it's what she was stuck with.

968 days ago


This is so boring ,what is Kris trying to prove , he is one stupid ,guy, I watched the show, the guy is so immature ans not respecting Kim , now he so famous because of the show,none of us didn't even notice him when playing basketball.

968 days ago


kris humphries needs to GTFO and let Kim be.

968 days ago


This is so boring ,what is Kris trying to prove , he is one stupid ,guy, I watched the show, the guy is so immature ans not respecting Kim , now he so famous because of the show,none of us didn't even notice him when playing basketball.

968 days ago
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