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Snooki's Ex

I Don't REALLY Wish Death Upon Snooki's Fetus

3/5/2012 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki's ex-BF Emilio Masella says he's just a schmuck who misspoke when he wished a "miscarriage" on the MTV star ... but says he still HOPES TO GOD she's not really pregnant.

Emilio just called in to "TMZ Live" to explain himself ... saying, "What I meant by the statement was that I hope she doesn’t have the child. I just hope the test was wrong ... I think she's too young. I don’t think this kid is in it for her."

He continued, "If she's pregnant with this kid I guess I can't associate with her."



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She's not old enough? She's 24 years old. I'm not defending Snooki because I'm a fan of hers, I'm defending her because if she wants to have the baby she should. EMILIO, I hope you read've ridden on Snooki's coattail LONG enough. Time to grow up, go away, and do something with your life.

961 days ago


He looks like a black guy

961 days ago

BB not bb    

I thought that that was what he really meant but it came out sounding very bad. I guess he is hoping that she isn't pregnant so that he could still have a chance with her. It is funny how Mike, the Unit, Emilio, etc. all have a comment about the pregnancy, but not Gionnni. Where is he in all this? Is he hiding somewhere? I wouild say it was his fault. What kind of goody goody is he anyway?

I kind of feel like he was fooling around with Snooki to get back at the house for luring in his cousin for sex one time. Maybe he never inteded for things to go this far. If he doesn't like their lifestyle, why is he even involved with them? I think that Snooki screws up and cheats because she can't really trust him.

Maybe she does really like Mike in a way. Maybe she was taken advantage of by Vinnie in Italy. If you watch the show, she is not an air head but she is very confused. There is alot of drama there.

Snooki doesn't have very good judgement. Maybe the drinking isn't helping things either. I wonder if Gionni is keeping quiet because he is part of the story line for the new show and isn't allowed to comment.

961 days ago


Look at his picture.....he sure has a purdy mouth. Perfect fit for a nice banana. Real greasy too.

961 days ago


Such CLASSY people!

960 days ago


How much does this cat pay for eyebrow waxing. What a dufus.

960 days ago


he also has fish lips.

960 days ago


I'll bet a dollar Snooki the umpalompa aint preggers, the show is in the tank and they need the ratings.

960 days ago


I think this is something that shouldn't surprise anybody, what do you expect from this guy, honestly? is not about what he said, the question is why this "Guido" thing exist, I'm not a fan of politicians, but I have to agree on some of them being ashamed of being related to this people just because they're from New Jersey. On the other hand, for moments I think we need this people, it reaffirms the fact you should send your kids to school, you should try to inject some king of common sense so they don't end up like this guys. And people is worried about gay marriage, **** that's like having a f.....g bag on your head, this is the real problem here, this "Guidos". This is the time of the iphone, internet, unlimited resources for knowledge and we're paying attention to this guys... Really?

960 days ago


emilio: class. get some.

960 days ago


Don't worry about Snooki - got pick your blackheads

960 days ago


they are s*** and any one who watches the show is moronic s***

960 days ago


honestly. i'd never wish death on a baby but snooki is famewhore who only got pregnant so it would further her publicity and her crappy upcoming show. i hate everything about her i wish her loud mouthed, ugly face would cease to exist. she only exits to corrupt our youth, i wish she would just disappear, same with all the other trash that surrounds her.

960 days ago


Please just promise to eat some broken glass next time... and we'll let it slide.

959 days ago
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