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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

No WHEY We're Advertising

on 'GCB'

3/7/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kraft Philadelphia is seriously cheesed off over the direction of ABC's new dramedy "GCB" -- telling TMZ, the cream cheese company has decided to yank ALL of its advertisements from the controversial show.

A rep for the company tells us, "Philadelphia has decided to pull its advertising from GCB ... We have received a few complaints from consumers and their opinions about our advertising are important to us."

The rep adds, "We have recently decided to redirect our advertising to other programs."

"GCB" -- based on the book "Good Christian Bitches" -- has come under fire for its arguably derogatory portrayal of Southern Christian women.

As we first reported, NY Councilman Peter Vallone has already called for his constituents to boycott the show


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It's clearly based in reality.

962 days ago

chaz lane    

It will only last 4 more weeks, tops, anyway.

962 days ago


I watched it... Annie Potts was my favorite. I like Kristen Chenoweth but her mean girl character got annoying by the end of the hour. I'll keep watching.

962 days ago


Hey, let's all complain to them about every show they advertise on, and then we won't have to look at their stupid commercials. Maybe we will get something a little more interesting in it's place...wink. These morons are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

962 days ago


Super funny show so far... and even funnier that Philly cream cheese pulled adds since their commercials in Canada depict a man hungry angel slinging their product...weird eh?

962 days ago


Living in the Dallas area, I knew from the first few moments into the show that there would be a whole lot of squirming, gasping, bible clinging, pearl clutching whiners in the area! The book/show has hit the nail on the head with these characters! Think of it like that scene in The Help where that lady is in bed reading the book, recognizes herself in one of the characters/storylines and starts to SCREAM! No wonder, the book's auther is FROM Dallas so she KNOWS all too well how it is. I work with people everyday who think that random hymn singing, bible quoting, and "God Bless You's" make up for the back stabbing, gossiping, drama queenin'!!

962 days ago


OMG.....CHRISTIANS HAVE NO PROBLEM with the show....its the conservative fakes who do....Im a proud practicing CHRISTIAN who thinks this show is hilarious....Im looking forward to the next episode....

962 days ago


I have family from Austin Texas and according to them, this show is exactly right about how the "Christian" people act. Not just the women. 90% of Christians are hypocrites any way. I also watched the show and am not quite sure what I think about it.

961 days ago


My goodness people, it's a TV show. I watched it and it was funny and interesting. Most of the points they hit on are actually what really takes place in real life. If those of you complaining don't think things like that is going on out here then you have your heads buried in the dirt. But, for goodness sake, grow up - it's a TV show. LIke others have said, you don't have to watch it unless you want to.

961 days ago

Vicki Rice    

Thank you Philadelphia Cream Cheese for pulling your ad from ABC's "Good Christian Bitches". I will never watch the show & I'm so happy you will not condone this sort of garbage. I'll keep buying your product!!!

961 days ago

Monica Cole    

I am writing to voice my STRONG!!!!!! opposition to the decision to pull advertising from GCB (good christian belles) television show. Its outradgeous! The show is beneign. The organization "One Million" (liars, less than 100,000) Moms is an economic terrorist organization, run by small minded, mean spirited holier than thou jerks who take money from non-thinking sheep and use the bible as cover to enrich their greedy lives and attempt to impose their radically inadequate reading of christian morality on secular society. The policy of this nation is not to negotiate with terrorists. I am appalled that you have appeased these Bad Unchristian Bitches by pulling ads from a harmless tv show that airs after 10pm. Please restore your advertising immediately and tell these economic terrorists to get bent. Im sure they would have bought your products anyway when they bake because they are liars just look at their name. When will it stop?? They tried the same with Ellen Degeneres and JC Penny and they had the gonads to stand up to these aweful bullies. I am very much less inclined to buy products from producers who support One Million Mom's attempts to impose censorship on our country's art!!!!! Please respond. PS YOu didnt poll the number of people who appreciate you advertising on the show did you? So, you DONT take your consumer's feelings into account, only those of a minority group of terrorists.

961 days ago


ABC is a bunch of smucks. They are also feeding shows with incorrect dates tagged so that DVRs will not record them. Read about their ratings manipulation here:

961 days ago

mike hunt    

Everyone needs to contact Kraft and let them know you will boycott their products until they put their ads back on the air on this show. Why should the gay-hating, prophylactic denying extremists dictate what gets advertised? We have more disposable income than these losers. If they were really christians, instead of causing ****, they'd be offering up love and understanding. The fact that they are threatening boycotts proves that they are just using their church-going as a ruse to try to control something.

961 days ago

mike hunt    

Sent this along to Kraft:

I find it hypocritical that you would pull advertising from a tv show because of peoples' religious views. These same people try to limit the rights of Americans who don't fit into their mold - anyone who is gay, non-practicing-christian, or practices safe sex is a target for them. Because Kraft chooses to pull ads based on complaints from these kinds of people, the same kinds of people who would cause gays to commit suicide and raped women to bear children they don't want, I will no longer purchase Kraft products until I see that these ads are airing again. Your statement that these types of people are important to you infers that all others aren't, and we are going to band together to boycott your products since you'd rather sell to church-going child producing christians than those who practice safe sex or are gay, or just don't take their extreme views. And we have much more disposable income because we aren't spitting out kids every 10 months like clockwork.

961 days ago


I've known plenty of Southern Christian women, and while slightly exaggerated for comic effect(in some cases), they are not that far off.

961 days ago
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