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Kris Humphries

Demands $7 Million From

Kim Kardashian

3/10/2012 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is secretly demanding $7 MILLION from Kim Kardashian to walk away from their marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell TMZ ... the bballer -- through his Minnesota lawyer -- has given Kim an ultimatum ... either pay up, or endure an ugly, public trial.

Our sources say Kris and his lawyer have been told to pound sand, and with good reason.

For starters, even if there wasn't a prenup, the marriage lasted a grand total of 72 days, so the community property wouldn't be in the universe of $7 mil.

Second, there was an iron-clad prenup, which provided that Kim owes Kris zilch.

Third, Kris actually MADE MONEY from the marriage. Sources tell us ... Kris raked in around $1 mil from the wedding and the TV special that showcased the nuptials. And Kris made off like a bandit because Kim ended up using a portion of what she got to pay for the ring.

In addition, we're told Kris made somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 from the Kardashian reality show.

Looks like the Bank of Kardashian is officially closed.

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Go Humphries! Make Kim pay 7 mil and I think that's a small price to pay concerning the way she used you and the money she and the Kardashians made off the wedding. Humphries has already won as far as I'm concerned just to have the divorce proceeding in a courtroom and open to the public is making Kim and the Kardashians squirm. They wanted to settle behind closed doors. So, all the public knows or sees is what they edited and showed on their reality series about Humphries and made him look bad and Kim as a poor victim. Stick to your guns Humphries and get a good LA lawyer make them pay and watch them squirm.

954 days ago


He doesn't deserve a cent, not one penny, he was just as culpable in this ridiculous marriage and he treated her just as badly as she treated him. They both need to just sign the freakin papers and get on with their lives.

954 days ago


Just more proof that TMZ is on Kardashian's payroll......

954 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

I am not buying this garbage TMZ! You get all your info from licking KarTRASHian ASS. It's a wonder you don't have mad cow disease from heffers Kris Jenner & Kimmie fake cakes. You defended the slut with Boycott Kim, and that was complete bull****. If I was Kris, I would sue TMZ right along with anyone else who maliciously slams him in the media for slander. I highly doubt Kris H. wants any of Kim's whore money.

954 days ago

Barbara A.    

Go for it Kris, hope he gets 7 million and a book deal to expose the Jenner/Kardashian's for what we all already know they are. Kim wears fur at a fashion show, he sister goes naked against fur, anything for attention even if innocent animals have to die. GO AWAY KIM, GO AWAY!!!!

954 days ago


7 mil, half of the 14 that she earned from the TV wedding... need to check the subliminal headline here

954 days ago


The man sucks.

954 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

I swear TMZ is run by a Kardashian. In TMZ's eyes these sluts can do no wrong. Kim should pay up. The whole wedding was for ratings and money. Im sure Kim made far more money off of the damn wedding with E and Ryan Seacrest so far up her *SS! I bet there will be a book out about her ordeal in no time. Another way to cash in on this fake wedding. This family will do anything for money. THis slut has slept with everyone in the music industry. If you give her a kiss, there is no telling who's ball hair or c*m will end up on your lips. Im so sick of this slut. I wish she would go away!

954 days ago


More slander from the Kartrashians... #fail

any he deserves it and more

954 days ago


Also funny that TMZ is grasping at straws by reporting such damaging crap about Humphries AFTER his sis was signed with Ford agency. Where was TMZ coverage of THAT???
His sister is absolutely GORGEOUS...Lard Azz HATES to have anyone else to be successful.

954 days ago


Yep, gotta agree...this makes him "look" like a d'bag. I was ALWAYS pulling for him, BUT I won't believe this "secret" chit until it becomes public AND not just on TMZ or any rag mag.
Kim's Lap Dog Cheban probably is saying this crap to ANYONE who'll listen because Kris outed him on national TV. If it's "secret" ANYONE can say ANYTHING.
Where did TMZ get the "secret" info about Kris representing himself and all the info about his lawyers???
I call bullchit.
Just Cheban trying to play spin doctor.
Even if you HATE Kris, gotta admit, all this "secret" info is kinda strange. IF it's true, why remain "secret"??? It's the wussy Cheban bein the d'bag HE is.
Typical Kartrashian style we've seen time and again. They've been tryin for months to spin things to make Golden Shower Kim get back into grace with the media.

954 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Interesting since Kris Jenner & Kim claimed no money was made off the wedding. I never believed that from day one! The day Kim got married was a HUGE payday for the KarTRASHians. The wedding was a SCAM. The ring, the proposal and all that other hoopla was set up by that ugly little troll and her s*** sucking pig mother Kris Jenner. When she did her wedding registry she picked out EXACTLY what she wanted....that is why she kept the gifts. Then donated money to charity for a tax write off. I hope Kris Humphries humiliates that whore and her whorish family.

954 days ago


Kris H. deserves the $7M, PLUS! BTW: There is no such thing as an "iron clad" agreement. A lawyer will tell you agreements are just pieces of paper waiting to be shredded in a court of law, and Kris H. is correct, the KarTRA$Hians don't want the TRUTH to come out about them, their lies and/or their scams.

954 days ago


Who gives a ****?

954 days ago


"And Kris made off like a bandit because Kim ended up using a portion of what she got to pay for the ring."
(from article)
Sooooo...there goes THAT Lard Azz's excuse about the marriage not being a sham.
NEVER have I seen a "bride to be" pay for half the ring unless she was desperate to get married to keep up appearances...or even AFTER the wedding pay for half.
She felt guilty for making him go thru this sham and she pretended she was serious and used him for ratings.

Kris...eff THAT $$...sign up to write a "tell all" about these losers and how scripted ALL their shows are. AND, how Golden Shower Princess treated YOU!!!

954 days ago
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