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HBO's 'Luck'

Another Horse Dies on Set

3/14/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There has been another fatal horse accident on the set of the HBO series "Luck" -- a third horse has died, TMZ has learned.

We're told the crew was trying to get a horse out of its stable when it reared and fell back, suffering a head injury.  The horse was euthanized at the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia.

This is the third time a horse had to be euthanized during the filming of the series, starring Dustin Hoffman.

HBO was scrambling after TMZ called 2 hours ago with the story, and the publicist, Karen Jones, stalled us while they got their story together.  In fact, when we told her about our story, she said it wasn't all true -- but it was.


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Doesn´t that constitute animal abuse?? I'm not from the U.S but aren´t animal cruelty laws there pretty harsh? I hope SOMEONE reports this. Horses are strong animals, they don´t just die. Something evil is going on in that set.

954 days ago


In total, three horses have died on the set of a TV show.

Because the reported causes of death are 'suspicious', you people are calling for the show to be cancelled and PETA crybabies to get involved.


You have almost ZERO relevant facts or information to make any type of conclusion other than what has been reported (an accident).

Oh and meanwhile...

"About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every three and a half seconds...Unfortunately, it is children who die most often."

Ignorance is not an excuse.

954 days ago

Steven Burke    

HBO should just shut it down.Because they sure don't know how to handle horses.

954 days ago


It's not unheard of for Hollywood or it's flock to do things they don't want us to do. For instance: When Hollywood actors tell us how we're hurting the earth by our carbon footprint just remember the second largest carbon footprint printed besides "Big Oil"
is..... you guessed it HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS...

954 days ago


Just read that there have been three horses that passed away.
Don't normally watch HBO but will contribute money to any organization that is dedicated to correcting the horrible practices that seem to be leading to the death of three horses.
The death of a sentient being should always be something that is observed.

954 days ago


This show needs to end now & make a huge donation to a horse sanctuary. To continue on makes all concerned sick individuals.

954 days ago


Yes #17 Yes!..Seriously!! There are laws concerning animal safety on movie sets. And the 'accidental' deaths of three horses is something that should be investigated before any more die... whether you care or not.. there are laws.

954 days ago


I hope everyone boycotts this show and emails, etc pressure from all of us to stop this horrible mistreatment. Morons who don 't know how to handle horses. Animals are dying for a freaking tv show? Disgusting.

954 days ago


...That IS animal abuse!!!!!!!!!!!
You are all right!!!

954 days ago


Animals are not stunt cars....If this is the 3rd horse that died as a result of trying to make it do an acrobatic act,why don't the person thinking of crazy ideas and do it themself...That's sick..For once,TMZ put something up that makes sense....

954 days ago


THREE deaths? Come on, something is WRONG.

But since it's HBO & Dustin Hoffman, get out your broom and dust it all under the rug.

954 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

OMG a third horse dead, awful... This show is bad luck for horses... Im probably going to have to consider canceling HBO now, right after Game of Thrones...

954 days ago


I'm not going to rant about shutting these folks down, because that aint right where talking about peoples jobs. But I will strongly suggest that they consider finding a new trainer with new horses who are more desensitize to this type of situation. There is no call for these deaths and I'm sure it would have been looked into even before TMZ said anything about it.

954 days ago


Geez people. It's not like these are Humans. Lighten up a little. I'm sure you will keep watching whatever is entertaining

954 days ago

LB Nerfherder    

I've been watching this show and thought it was pretty good, but there's no WAY it's worth this. Enough already.

954 days ago
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