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Kim Kardashian

No Me Gusta Mexican

Plastic Surgery

3/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian on a Mexican, plastic surgery billboard
Kim Kardashian is now the poster child for plastic surgery in Mexico ... and to that she says, Estoy enojada y voy a demandar [I'm pissed and I'm suing].

Dr. Victor Ramirez had Kim's pic plastered on a billboard in Mexicali -- a stones throw from the California border -- touting, "no arriesgue su belleza, ni su salud" [Don't risk your beauty or your health].

Problem is ... el buen doctor never got Kim's permission, and we've learned she's unleashed her lawyers who are now trying to figure out how to threaten Mexican style -- without getting beheaded, of course.

We spoke with Doctor Ramirez and asked if he got Kim's permission ... to which he initially said, "Que?" And then he went on, "Obviously I did not speak to Kim Kardashian. I do not have her number."

We told the doc that in America you can't use someone's picture without permission. The doc said he would get the police involved, and then he hung up.

We'd call back ... but Harvey won't spring for long distance.


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she'll settle out of court for getting peed on by a mexican donkey.

952 days ago


What chance does kim have of winning a lawsuit in mexico since there laws are much different and so are the courts. Plus it may not even be Kim just a woman with the same features as Kim Also it doen't look like on the sign it uses Kim name or says that Kim uses his service. I think kim was around lindsay too long and files frivalous lawsuits.

952 days ago


I'm sure one of the Klan gave the photo for a "project". Now, they will claim the were mislead due to a "language barrier". Bam! More money for the Klan. If people would stop doing business w/ and paying attention to these idiots they will go away.

952 days ago


LOL...this is too funny. Kim has altered her face so much I'm not sure that is Kim on the billboard.

952 days ago


Kim you can put as much plastic in you as you want...but no man likes a fake attitude or a fake marriage...

952 days ago


I'm sorry, but if Kim Kraptashian has anymore PLASTIC added to her body we'll have to have her big fat ass stamped "MADE IN CHINA".
BTW, wasn't Reggie Bush dating a replica of Kim Krap and had a Spanish last name? Wanna bet that's HER on the billboard? BWUAHAHAHA.

952 days ago

King of TMZ    

Another Day another empty KMZ "Story" lol
Bring back TMJ it was way better!
What happened to "Dr" Murray? Any news? :D

952 days ago


Blah Blah Blah, Kim Kardashian and her Mommy ARE ALWAYS SUING SOMEONE!! THEN THEY ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE SUING someone. Because they LOVE LOVE the attention.

Because they are Narcissists.

952 days ago


Dear Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner,

Don't you get it, GLOBALLY people think you guys are fake and PLASTIC, so of course they are going to put you up on a billboard to coincide with PLASTIC surgery. You both promote the fake plastic lifestyle.

Says volumes of the message you have given to the public, not a good light, is it.

Your own doing. Your own fault. You have only YOURSELVES to blame. You promote the fake, superficial, plastic lifestyle. Scamming and exploiting others to get it.

952 days ago


Ok this is starting to get a little ridiculous. TMZ are the bigger kardashian homers in the world. Not even going to visit this crap filled websit eanymore.

952 days ago


Kim, just be happy that they did not put you on a restroom billboard with a URINAL.

952 days ago


At least Kris Humphries will get a break from Kim's smear him campaign, now that she has her lawyers busy going after someone else.

Kim LOVES to play the victim role.

952 days ago


nobody respect the KARDASHIAN..KARDASHIAN stands for fake, liars, trash, Ho's, attention media whores, can't wait tell they fade...

952 days ago


The lady in the picture is a common look in Mexico.

952 days ago


Kim's look is very common in Mexico. Could be "just another curvey, dark haired lady"

952 days ago
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