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Kim Kardashian

No Me Gusta Mexican

Plastic Surgery

3/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian on a Mexican, plastic surgery billboard
Kim Kardashian is now the poster child for plastic surgery in Mexico ... and to that she says, Estoy enojada y voy a demandar [I'm pissed and I'm suing].

Dr. Victor Ramirez had Kim's pic plastered on a billboard in Mexicali -- a stones throw from the California border -- touting, "no arriesgue su belleza, ni su salud" [Don't risk your beauty or your health].

Problem is ... el buen doctor never got Kim's permission, and we've learned she's unleashed her lawyers who are now trying to figure out how to threaten Mexican style -- without getting beheaded, of course.

We spoke with Doctor Ramirez and asked if he got Kim's permission ... to which he initially said, "Que?" And then he went on, "Obviously I did not speak to Kim Kardashian. I do not have her number."

We told the doc that in America you can't use someone's picture without permission. The doc said he would get the police involved, and then he hung up.

We'd call back ... but Harvey won't spring for long distance.


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sure, suing him in latin america, hire a lawyer and wait 10 year for nothing... for sure her lost her money.

851 days ago


i love this article. well done!

851 days ago


This is ridiculous!!! if only she know how many stores, businesses, magazines use her image without permission she would never end her suing spree

851 days ago


what happen her

851 days ago


how do you say trashbag in spanish?

851 days ago


behead her and then send it around to all her ex's so they can shove their **** down her throat one last time

851 days ago


Skanky, diseased whore! This bitch would spread her legs or fat ass for anyone or anything if she thought she could make a dime! WHORE! The Kardashians do little more than take up space on an already too crowded planet.

851 days ago

Christopher Lynn    

Viva Mexico... Pinche Gringolandia come mi salchicha..

851 days ago


phkn low life whore is just in love with money...when is this bitch gonna drop dead....then it will be time to celebrate..any woman that just continiues to act like a whore should just be treated like one.........Your Karma is pretty dumb azz slut!

851 days ago


How about a bill board with a pic of the k-trash family then the word FRAUDS written over the pic.

851 days ago


I blows kims head up look there using me without my permisson the Doc in mexicao doesnt know thats a bad thing.
kims on power trip shes going sic her atterny s on this guy who the f cares. Now she has the TMZ staff invloved in her mess. none would evenknow or care if kim didnt call tmz to report her dayly bizz.
what other cleb does this. The relentless TMZ reporting on her self is despret. The only think kim is in the news for is for who is sueing her for fraud and who she is sueing.
Hey harey why not set up a seprate TMZ where you only report on k-trash. That way you can resrve this tmz for real cealbs and REAL news. Kim has stooped to wearing a wig when out in la, so noone well harass her but then she calls the paps to tell them where she well be. If you do a seperate k- trash site youll never have to use your own staff cuz k trash well supply you with thier own pic s, and even write the exculsives you wont have to do anything.

851 days ago


TMZ has to have something about this ho every day. Boycott the stuff she is making a profit from? boycott TMZ because she must be making a profit since she is in here every frickin day. This website must be for reality stars because that's the only thing that makes it on here.

851 days ago

Jay W.     

Kim looks outstanding on the billboard!

851 days ago


First, TMZ people, "America" goes from the tip of Alaska to the Patagonia; make it clear "USA" then if Kim has not registered her looks as a copyright she will be paying the doctor. Her Attorneys need to know International trademark law. Besides who cares, only you TMZ.

851 days ago


...hahaha! Funny, I've seen a couple of this kind of billboards all over mexico, with different famous personalities, Did't know how much of a big deal that was, since in mexico laws are weak. ------ Surprise me that Kim K. wants to sue, isn't she famous because of Brainless persons like that doctor ? *no offense

851 days ago
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