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I Didn't Lip Sync ...

I Just Sang Over My Own Voice

3/17/2012 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Singer Jeremih is adamant ... he did NOT lip sync at a spring break concert Wednesday night -- when he was pelted with drinks -- telling TMZ, he just sang loudly over a recording of his own voice.

According to Jeremih, the situation wasn't ideal regardless -- because the promoters didn't adequately prepare the stage or provide the right equipment for J to perform.

Jeremih tells us, he was late on stage because the crew wasn't ready for him to perform -- but the crowd was chanting his name anyway ... so he decided to make do with what he could.

Big mistake -- because Jeremih says the equipment backfired ... playing his vocal track much louder than he wanted ... making it look like he was trying to lip sync, when he wasn't.

As for the bottle attack -- Jeremih says a girl threw her underwear at him and the girl's boyfriend got jealous, hurling a bottle at Jeremih in retaliation. Jeremih walked off soon after (below).

Jeremih called the whole thing "a horrible experience" -- and adds, "I would never lip sync period. I am way too talented to do that. I am not the type of artist that has no voice."


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950 days ago

Silverado Mom    

People used to lip sync all the time. Then the Milli Vanilli thing happened and everyone felt fooled. So what! Let them lip sync. It's not easy to sing without an effects processor, and dance around too. Let it Be!

950 days ago


Dude is busted lip syncing and says, "I would never lip sync, that's for loser. I'm a autotuned no-talent rapper [or whatever the hell that was]" That he's talentless isn't the story, that anyone should listen dare even pay to see this crap is the real crime.

950 days ago


"not the type of artist that has no voice" hmmm... could have fooled me when I saw him last summer. He was AWFUL!!!!

950 days ago


Whoa Jeremih! Your voice is not very good period so calm that, "I'm too talented to do that" talk. Saw him Performing on tv live and wondered out loud how he got a recording contract. Singing over a loud vocal and music backtrack is no different than singing along with the radio or a CD, your voice gets drowned out. Other artists do the same thing, I kinda hate that, it makes a performance seem very junior high school talent show.

So it took over 2hours for the crew to set up or was he already running late? Anyway, this was a horrible thing that happened to him but that whole " I'm too talented for this" stuff...whatever.

950 days ago

Tyler the creator    

That's not a photo of JEREMIH, but Tinie Tempah. FAIL TMZ. Come on son

950 days ago


That's not Jeremih in the photo! Damn TMZ I guess any black dude will do huh? SMH!

950 days ago


This is why pop and rap are crap with zero artistic cred.

If they can't even play their own music 100% live then they're not pro-grade musicians and are just karaoke acts

950 days ago


Thank you for your comments. On behalf of TMZ, I'd like to apologize for the photo mistake. It's highly inaccurate and the offending staff member has been decapitated. And please remember, Harvey is not racist. Nobody loves black men more than Harvey.

950 days ago


My weekly education on who are these people:), and their free TMZ advertisement. It's all good.

950 days ago

John Galt    

Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

950 days ago


WOW TMZ has some ignorant people working for them. That is not jerimih in the picture.

950 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

He must not be a natural, a natural doesn't need auto tune. JLO needs auto tune because she can not sing. Auto tune(distorts the human voice)making the person sound better thn they really are.

950 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

he's lucky it was only water.... Tell him to go to a juggalo concert... lmao

950 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

She threw her underwear at him because she didn't have a drink to throw.

950 days ago
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