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Poses Nude

For Rent Money

3/27/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom poses nude for cash.Octomom is so desperate for money, she did what she swore she would never do -- pose nude for cash.

Nadya Suleman is days away from being homeless ... the house she owns that has been in and out of foreclosure for more than a year will be sold at an auction Thursday ... so Octo needs a new crib for her brood ... stat.

The dilemma -- getting first and last month's rent together, so Octo has gone naked. She posed for the European magazine, "Closer." 

Sources tell TMZ ... Octo got $10,000 for the shoot, which is what she needs to rent a new place.

Octo is being very up front now about some misgivings about having 14 kids, saying, "I'm doing that (posing nude) because I need to feed my kids. I need to pay the bills. And I'm still very cognizant of the repercussions of my choices."

It's not the first time Octo has been offered cash for skin ... porn giant Vivid Entertainment offered Suleman a $1,000,000 contract back in 2009 ... which she rejected.



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paul a.    

This is the saddest story i have ever read on TMZ....

907 days ago


The only thing getting fed is octo's insatiable narcisstic need for attention.

907 days ago


SHE IS SO DISGUSTING, I WANT TO VOMIT! and also she is a liar and has nothing to do on tv, gives me creeps.

907 days ago


Puking....awww!!!...Nasty stupid "mother". Go work in macdonald or in a factory than getting nude.Idiot

907 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I wanna know what or how much "10st" is?

907 days ago


"Octo" should move to Utah!!!
Much cheaper rent, and no one will think twice about a woman trolling around with 14 kids.
OH MY . . .

907 days ago



907 days ago


why in the world would anyone buy a magazine featuring some desperate, nude celebrity (or pseudo-celeb in octomom's case) when EVERYONE knows that the pics will end up FOR FREE online within an hour of the magazine's release?? apparently, lindsay lohan's playboy edition sold well (i don't know why, present day lindsay lohan looks vomit inspiring frankly...a few years ago i could understand)even though the pics were released online for free even before the mag went on sale. it makes no sense to me at all. and if you want to see octomom nude that badly, you should probably save your money for a good psychiatrist. don't buy these mags!! find them anywhere for free online!

907 days ago


it's absurd to me that people actually go out and spend money on magazines to see celebrities naked when we all know that if you wait a few hours after the release of an edition of playboy or any other men's publication, ALL the pics show up online! why did anyone bother to buy the playboy with lindsay lohan??! all the pics showed up for free online even before the official release date. i don't know what sick bastard would have any desire to see octomom nude (or a present day lindsay lohan for that matter!) save you money! look for it all online, you nitwits!

907 days ago


quick question....WHO GIVES A SH_T?! she could somehow afford in-vetro to get if she can afford all that,she need to figure something out!no one should feel sorry for her!she made that CHOICE,so stick with it like everyone else does.

907 days ago


That belly button has abdominoplasty written all over it.That,and a road map of the Bay Area~

907 days ago


Also the elongated belly button is a dead givaway.

907 days ago


OBVIOUS lower body lift. You can see the arc scar on her hip in other photoes. I had a tummy tuck so to me it is easily recognisable. Total liar.

907 days ago


She is the perfect example for licensing child birth.

907 days ago


Too bad nothing was done about her UGLY face. She is NOT a celebrity! She's just a twit who had too many kids and WE are paying for it!

907 days ago
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