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Deion Sanders' Wife


After Domestic Incident

4/23/2012 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders Mug Shot
Pilar Sanders
has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking Deion Sanders in their Texas home this afternoon.

According to the Colin County Jail website ... Pilar was booked for "assault family violence" -- a misdemeanor.

As TMZ reported, NFL Hall of Famer Deion claims his estranged wife, Pilar and her friend jumped him in his bedroom earlier today. Deion says two of his sons witnessed the alleged attack.

Although Pilar and Deion are going through a bitter, BITTER divorce ... they are still living together in their suburban Dallas home.

Deion told TMZ Pilar had been taken to the hospital immediately after the incident -- claiming she needed medical treatment -- but she is now in police custody.

Deion claims he didn't harm Pilar, and only "defended" himself until he was able to call police.

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Looks like Deion's ex-wife needs some intensive "anger management" therapy as bad as Lindsay Lohan does. Guys like Deion aren't made out of steel like Superman. She could have scratched his eyes out put a big gash on his face or maybe put him in the hospital because she threw something at him. It happens all the time. Women are the ones who often get physical first. It's the guys that end up getting in trouble with the cops if they dare to push the woman to get her off him or hit her back.

It ain't easy to get a crazy biotch out of your face when they're getting violent sometimes. Not without hurting her. I saw a psycho girl freaking out at her boyfriend or hubby in a parking lot outside a club one time. She was outside his car and had him cornered in the front seat with the door open and he couldn't get out without hurting her. She was in full "cat fight mode". The guy took some damage that night. It had to be embarrassing for the guy too. She's lucky he didn't loose his temper too much and there were people around watching.

809 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

bahaha. you reap what you sow, you crazy b*tch. karma suxs, eh?

809 days ago


Is it me, or are her lips really stretched out? Deion must be huge.

809 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

once she's out she's gonna go after Tracey (the ex mistress and now his new gf)

809 days ago


What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe Lane Garrison needs a celly.

809 days ago


Sorry Deion, that's what happens when you let your soon-to-be ex wife keep living with you. This type of sh_t is going to keep happening until he kicks her ass out of the house.

809 days ago


Deion...man up. Looking at her mugshot upsets me. She does not deserveto be in jail! She is the mother of his children..point blank, she carried those children and still stayed with his horse looking a** through all of his crap! Have some respect for yourself and children...why are you tweeting pics of this foolishness. Give Pilar the house so she can raise those kids like she's been doing, move out, and save u and your family all the drama!! This is wrong, who puts the mother of their children in jail...sickening.

809 days ago


And why is everybody so pissed off at Pilar....sounds like jealousy to me. Deion gave her that type of lifestyle so now he should help her maintain it...this aint no 30 day marriage people!! How is she a gold digger when all she did was marry him....she didnt rape him to have all those kids, she simply did what she was supposed to as a wife and he supported her as a husband. Unfortunately, when cheating is in the picture, all bets are off. Stop hating on her!!

809 days ago


I hope he got his butt kicked!!

809 days ago


"Grown ass "man"" telling a gossip site the details of his personal life---yep, young men need you for a "role model". That dumb bitch pretty much screwed any hope of getting that money she was gunning for and Dion is savoring and stoking the drama. I really feel sorry for their kids, two very greedy, very [I'll be nice] "screwed"-up parents. Not the word I wanted to say.

809 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

all together now, 1,2,3....You can take em out of the ghetto but you can never take the ghetto outta them, even with millions of dollars and celebrity adulation and everything else in this world one would think would make folks who couldn't use the same washrooms 40 years ago happier than pigs in a muddy stye. But it doesn't. And it never will. 5000 years and counting..

809 days ago


How can she be a gold digger when they've been married for over 10 years, practically put up with his crap and raised all three of their biological kids plus 2 of Deion's other kids as well? She even put her dreams aside to support his. You ignorant people who want to see how disrespectful Deion is should watch the reality show they had together. Can't believe she put up with him for so long. Tracey Edmonds has a plan to use Deion just like she did to Babyface and Eddie Murphy.And stop being such a whiny crying a ss baby Deion. Real men don't post what you posted about on a social networking site for the world to see. I've seen Pilar's sites and she never talks bad about you. Shame on you and I pray your sons won't grow up to be punks just like you.

809 days ago


I don't know who did what, but that is one skanky ho!!

809 days ago


Aren’t these kind of women ASHAMED of themselves???? I would be ashamed of myself if I got arrested!!! So low life to get violent, especially for a woman!!!! My mother would smack the crap out of me if I’d ever done something like that, and I would have deserved it!!!! TRASH TRASH TRASH!!! All the money can’t buy you class!!!

809 days ago


I am glad they locked her up. Take some anger management classes or keep your hands and mouth to yourself betcha.

809 days ago
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