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Deion Sanders' Wife


After Domestic Incident

4/23/2012 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders Mug Shot
Pilar Sanders
has been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking Deion Sanders in their Texas home this afternoon.

According to the Colin County Jail website ... Pilar was booked for "assault family violence" -- a misdemeanor.

As TMZ reported, NFL Hall of Famer Deion claims his estranged wife, Pilar and her friend jumped him in his bedroom earlier today. Deion says two of his sons witnessed the alleged attack.

Although Pilar and Deion are going through a bitter, BITTER divorce ... they are still living together in their suburban Dallas home.

Deion told TMZ Pilar had been taken to the hospital immediately after the incident -- claiming she needed medical treatment -- but she is now in police custody.

Deion claims he didn't harm Pilar, and only "defended" himself until he was able to call police.

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Eckra Nkele    

To much! What about godliness? We have to many people playing church during the good times. When evil come in the christ in them goes out. That's when we need to pray and fast. Deion should have stayed with Carolyn. That's what happens when we make foolish mistakes. Go get Carolyn and ask for forgiveness. Forget what society says. Deion please stop bragging and trying to be all that. Humble yourself and watch God. He has already blessed you financially. The best is yet to come.... Everlasting love! Only when you truly commit to him. Stop playing he knows the difference.

880 days ago


I think dat dat bitch should be arrested she assaulted Deion. Her kkids got ugly ass names Shilo, Shelomi, and Shedur. Pilar was on crackkwhen she named them that. Deion shoulda have believed Deiondra when she said that Pilar was crazy. I hate da name Deiondra. Carolyn was razy to name her that. I feel llike Deion was good to her and da bitch is gon get waht she deserves

880 days ago

Why people, why?    

I honestly think that if Pilar Sanders was not a strikingly beautiful woman people would not be so harsh. If she were average looking or unattractive we would be more sympathetic. Attractive women are discriminated against particularly by other women.

879 days ago


How is she a gold diggin ho. They were married for year with children shut your face. I think these fans lose their minds sometimes. They both need to get their acts together. They shouldn't be living under the same roof.

879 days ago


I dont think pilar is or was a gold digger, remember she had her own career until she meant deion, she put her career on hold to be a mom a 100 percent to there children. Deion, gave her no! respect at all when he went out with Baby Faces EX. That would upset a soomn to be EX. exspecially when still living in the same house. He gave her NO! respect on that. And lets bring up hes having hes own children fill out reports against there mother. THATS WRONG!!!!!!! No! matter the situation. So like me I dont know them personally but calling pilar names when you dont know her is wrong. There was one comment that someone wrote said they knew him with first wife and he disrespected her. I beleive that. Deion you have made a fantastic career and a wonderfull family [ so it seemed] AND THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER ABOUT YOU. make it right and do for your children you and pilar will be intertryed by your children for life. Youve always been a role model now keep it going with your kids........ Luann, 1515

876 days ago


(((((((((( BUFFOONERY))))))))))
I'm SO embarrassed for their kids. What happened to the Dion and Pilar that used to come on TBN so on fire (fake)for God? So he's a womanizer and she's a club rat cougar...wow

873 days ago


She doesn't want to give up that lifestyle... why she stayed there all that time taking his crap... She's said... I wouldn't be fighting him over any money... I would have started a business and/ or stacked a lot of cash... This is the result when you want to be a housewife and depend on a man... Ensure your own future, instead of fighting him for what he earned... Sorry just because you married someone and had kids does not entitle you to their money.. And child support should and can be enough to support a child... Shouldn't be anything to support you because your sorry...

863 days ago


That's crazy pack your **** and move on trick.....lol

656 days ago


Is there a new wave that is happening, that men are getting full custody of their children. I'm confused about that, and especially the play boy deion. Who was the judge who allowed this new reality show. He cannot hire a nanny for the children, he has to take care of them himself, well it that happens, I seriously doubt that he will have time for any booty calls.

446 days ago
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