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Lane Garrison's Ex-GF

I Have a Huge Knot on My Head

4/23/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison
's ex-GF claims the actor hit her so hard Saturday she got a giant knot on her head.

Garrison was arrested Sunday for felony domestic violence. The incident occurred at Ashley Mattingly's Beverly Hills apartment the day before, when the two began arguing and it turned physical.

Mattingly says the problems started Friday when they went to the Playboy Mansion and Garrison got wasted and began "hovering over Hef." She says Garrison slept in his car that night, came back to her apartment Saturday and that's went the real trouble started.

Mattingly says in addition to the knot, she has multiple bruises. She also says she'll press charges IF Garrison refuses to go to rehab.

As for Garrison, his lawyer tells us the actor denies hurting Ashley, claiming she went ballistic and he merely put her in a chair to calm her down.


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What is it with these women staying with abusive men? She obviously has money if she can afford an apartment in Bev Hills. Just like Riayana getting back with Chris Brown. They are stupid women just asking for trouble.

922 days ago


Hey Lane, did you place her in a chair head first, YOU MORON!!!

922 days ago

Quinn Stone    

killing a kid after drinking and driving,to beating up a woman. He really is a piece of sh*t!

922 days ago


no evidence at all, but yes everyone believe the woman as know, innocent until proven guilty is a constitutional right

922 days ago


I hope he isn't paying that lawyer too much money, because he's going to have to do better than "he tried to get her to sit down".

922 days ago


Sorry don't believe it. She's another one just looking for publcity.

922 days ago


I have no respect for anyone who drinks and drives, especially when they kill someone doing it.

922 days ago


After killing that kid, you would think that would have sobered him up for life. Very sad. "Says she'll press charges IF Garrison refuses to go to rehab".
Sounds like she just wants him to sober up, I doubt he will, what a waste.

922 days ago


Now according to the convicted murder, Lane Garrison, attorney. She inflicted the injuries to herself... and everybody knows that attorneys don't lie [cough]. What the convicted murderer's attorney haven't seemed to figure out is that pissing a person makes them more intent on seeking revenge. Dumb idiot. But she doesn't stand a chance, the Californian Celebrity Courts will have his back, probation, anger management and REHAB or THERAPY... Yikes. What a crock of crap. Because as we all know the LA jails are overcrowded. Tell that BS to folks with names like Martinez or L'[ghetto name]

922 days ago


I just read a post where she said she press charges "IF Garrison refuses to go to rehab". What a dumb bitch, then she deserves getting punched.
LADIES WITH BRAINS: This chick loves the drama and the limelight, DO NOT use her example.

922 days ago


Dear Ashley, You are f- dumb. Why sit here and go with a three minute story about what happened THEN say "You can talk to my lawyer?" Who gives a flying F what your lawyer says now because you didn't think twice before speaking in the first place. Another thing, isn't it really weird that you are all the sudden "walking your dog" at God knows what time with NO MAKE UP ON and TMZ just HAPPENS to be there? Stop calling media to yourself. A. No one gives a flying **** about your playmate ass, you'll be a dead beat in five years and probably fat. B. You are barking up the wrong tree with the guy you just put behind bars..FOR NO REASON AT ALL. C. Stop hurting yourself. I know when you were younger you use to cut because you were fat but COME ON!!! D. Learn to be an adult mk? You're how old now? If you were ANY smart and ANYTHING of an ADULT you would have never started this bull in the first place.

922 days ago


This girl sound brain damaged. Did she suffer from a massive brain injury? She sounds like she has the IQ of a 5 year old. I just saw the other post with her tweets where she wrote; "no drunk ass is trying to brake into my apt!"

LOL she doesn't even know the difference between BREAK and BRAKE.

So she dates a guy who killed a teenager. He allegedly beats her up. She doesn't press charges and she starts dating him again. He beats her up again. Now she's hired Robert Shapiro (I assume OJ's old lawyer who is now running ads about an online legal website?).... Interesting. This girl has made a lot of bad decisions in her life. I don't know if the reason she sounds brain dead is due to an accident or this incident.. or if she dropped out of school, but her parents need to come get her and get her some help.

Is she really a Playboy model too? She doesn't look like someone Hef would pick. No offense.

922 days ago


I do not know if she is telling the truth or not...But there is clearly something not right with this woman.

922 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

And the story returns to alcohol again...anybody else notice how often alcohol abuse or overindulgence is the foundation for so many troubles? But, no, the govt. won't legalize marijuana.

922 days ago


She let the dog poop in someone's lawn and did not pick it up. How trashy.

Did she hire Robert Shapiro as a civil lawyer? Is she planning on suing Lane?

Also Hef needs his eyes checked. This girl is not cute and she seriously sounds like she's suffered from some sort of brain injury... I feel sorry for her, but I assume that Hef would not put a mentally handicap girl in his magazine? Or did Lane's ALLEGED abuse lead to her suffering from brain damage which would explain why she sounds incoherent and with the IQ of a child...?

I don't think this girl has the mental capacity to even agree to going nude for a magazine, unless -- like I said -- some sort of recent accident lead to her "issues".

922 days ago
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