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Octomom's House

A Picture of Squalor

4/25/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and the horrible house conditionsTMZ has obtained pictures of Octomom Nadya Suleman's home that have triggered a police and child services investigation into allegations that her 14 kids are living in horrendous conditions and are being grossly neglected.

TMZ broke the story, Octo's hairstylist, Stephanie, went to La Habra cops Tuesday afternoon and filed a formal complaint. A La Habra cop and 3 reps from the Orange County Department of Children and Family Services went to Octo's house Tuesday night to investigate.

One picture shows two children pooping in a portable training toilet in the backyard. We're told the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational. 

Another photo shows Octo just after she got her hair done. What's shocking is that she locked her kids in the bedroom by propping a chair against the door so they couldn't get out.

Yet another pic shows the children's bedroom, with 2 cribs and a mattress. Stephanie told cops some of the kids are forced to sleep on the floor.

And there's more ... a pic shows some of the kids in the backyard, barefoot, dirty and wearing no pants.

Stephanie tells TMZ, "The kids are in desperate need of help, and I tried to help and she's not open to anyone helping her." She says the boys are wearing girl's clothes, they are neglected and Nadya is just incapable of caring for them.

Authorities stayed at Octo's home Tuesday night for an hour-and-a-half, and determined the kids were not in danger. There will, however, be follow-up with Children's Services.


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One has to be the hair stylist had her 15 minutes of fame, too. If she felt so strongly about the matter, why report it to TMZ. Why not just care for the kids and report it in private? Why does it have to be a feed me to the media shark type of thing?

912 days ago


To be fair the kids are not sleeping on the floor but on matresses on the floor. Big difference. When you are two girls clothes vs boys clothes.. who cares a T-shirt is a T-shirt.. pants pants. Toddler training potties outside.. not a big deal, more dirty and unsanitary to have inside when you are talking 8 toddlers potty training at once. She does need some help and hopefully CPS will lay out some things she has to get done. But if the kids are all healthy with no injuries or signs of neglect why would you take them all out of the home and further burden the system and traumatize the kids. In this case CPS should work 'with' them, lay down some terms for Mom and make her get her crap in order.

912 days ago


Who didn't see this coming? Everyone but Nadya herself seemed to know it would end up like this; many tried to help her but she would not accept real help. The poor kids, they never asked for any of this.

912 days ago


after the reality soap, they dropped her........the fun was over.

912 days ago


I forgot my biggest question: How and why is SHE still affording to get her hair done?

912 days ago


I don't know why this news would come as a surprise, millions of people receiving welfare checks to survive are living in squalor. Should social services separate each child and place them in foster homes? Honestly, it isn't the worst idea. Nahlia Suleman is way over her head and other than a $2000.00 check once a month to feed, cloth, educate, provide shelter, utilities, medical and dental, even I would wave a white flag.

912 days ago


Hairstylist did right thing reporting her. Shes a true friend. I have a feeling that the stylist does her hair for nxt to nothing or either they have an agreement. Either way hair shouldnt be a priority. I feel 4 her. Should have made better decision making. As Mother of twins i think i woulda jumped with 14 kids 8 of which are octo. Get help nadya!!

912 days ago


Yep, that is what a house with 14 kids should look like if you are completely incapable of taking care of them. What is she going to do as they get older and need even more space? She and her brood are a complete mess!

912 days ago


Know we know where the disability checks that a few of kids get goes to. Octo uses them on herself not the kids it seems. So I am wondering if this is a hairstylist that didn't get paid, so she turned Octo in.

912 days ago


I can't believe the door to the tups room can be propped shut with a chair and that is considered ok. What if there was a fire, earthquake, etc. Those poor little babies would not be able to escape. AND YOU KNOW NASTY WOULD BE THE FIRST PERSON OUT THE DOOR!! SHE WOULD NOT STOP TO GET THE KIDS!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HER!! Did anyone see her smile when she was showing her newly fixed hair?? All the while, the kids door was kept shut with a chair propped against it. Kids outside shivering in cold weather with little clothes on, and she is smiling at her new hairdo. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER IS THIS??? What will it take to release the poor hostages in that home?? I'm not even a violent person but that smile....while the kids are dirty and don't even have shoes on...@#$%^%$%$#@#$$%. SORRY! Had to vent. I have two grown sons and I love kids!! This is deplorable...the house is disgusting and I thank GOD the hairdresser had the courage to say something. IT IS ABOUT TIME!!

912 days ago


Finally, NOW someone is investigating? Many, including me, have suspected this all along! I mean, come on...she never came across to me as a person who would think more about her kids than herself...such a person wouldn't have even brought these kids into the world when they obviously couldn't afford them! It's not like she accidentally got pregnant...she did this on purpose! I've wondered about her motives all along...that very possibly the kids were more of a meal ticket...that she was hoping for some big payout due to having 8 at once and being famous for it or something...or the welfare payments she could get. Sorry, gotta call it as I see it! As much as I don't like seeing siblings separated, and I know this would happen if these kids were taken away, I do believe that all 14 need to be taken away and put into good homes. Maybe some arrangement could be made with the foster/adoptive parents to work together so that siblings could maintain a relationship.

912 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

This woman is the epitome of Redneck Trash. I don't care how many kids the freak has, there is NO reason for her house to look like the ghetto w/graffiti everywhere, inside and out. That just goes to show what kind of mother she is, too. NOT disciplining those kids and LETTING THEM graffiti the entire house. PLUS, she can afford several hundred dollars on hair care, but the bytch can't get furniture for her kids rooms? What a self-serving piece of trash. Those kids need to be taken away. Period.

912 days ago


#159: Stephanie did not contact TMZ. TMZ heard that she reported it to the authorities and then they swooped in on her like flies on doo-doo to get their story.
#157 BTW is completely RIGHT. Although I feel the kids need to be taken away and put in cleaner, healthier conditions, a dirty, messy house and half dressed children are not reason enough to remove them. What they're looking for is malnutrition, bruises, broken legs and arms....indications that they've been physically abused. And these kids have not been physically abused. Unfortunately, they have been mentally and emotionally abused in my opinion. And, if you remember right, most of the kids have some form of autism. And we KNOW these particular children, especially, are NOT getting the care they need!!!!!
Nadya, you need admit you need help. I can not see these poor children going through, at least, another 15 years of this!!! (I got that approximate figure just by going by the age of the youngest children, that's all.)
And Stephanie....I hope you do NOT feel bad about contacting the authorities. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. Now, at least, they'll keep an eye on her and eventually do something.....I hope.

912 days ago


I hate seeing a family broken up but her kids should be taken away and put in better homes

912 days ago


I can't believe people are ok with the door shut with the chair! What if there was a fire? That is definitely dangerous conditions to be living in...

912 days ago
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