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Indiana Pacers

Players in Late Night

Standoff -- Cops Respond

5/3/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Cops rushed in to break up a heated late night exchange between several members of the Indiana Pacers and a pack of angry clubgoers in Orlando early this morning ... and the whole thing was caught on tape.

TMZ obtained footage ... showing 7'1" Kyrylo Fesenko confronting a group of people outside of Club 23 around 2:45 AM.

Sources at the scene tell us ... the whole thing began when one of the clubgoers angrily accused Kyrylo of "bumping into him" ... and then unleashed a flurry of verbal attacks at the NBA star.

As Kyrylo tried to walk away from the situation ... the mob grew in numbers and the taunts became louder.

That's when Kyrylo's teammate Danny Granger charged towards the clubgoers ... only to be restrained by some of his friends.

Multiple bike cops peddled to the scene and diffused the situation ... with Granger and Kyrylo calmly walking away without further incident.

FYI -- the Pacers were in town for a playoff game against the Orlando Magic ... and after the incident, a cop jokingly says to the camera guy if he would have known that Pacers were involved in the dust up he would have arrested the guys. Clearly, a Magic fan.

A rep for the Pacers tells TMZ ... "Our players were provoked into a verbal confrontation and ended up walking away from the confrontation. To make something more out of this than what it was is ludicrous."

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Why are all of the TMZ stories about sports and wrestling all of a sudden? What happened to the celebrity stories?

903 days ago



902 days ago


Boxing + Basketball = New Sport

902 days ago


Everybodies quick to judge the players actions but did anybody read the report? "Kyrylo Fesenko (not a black guy btw) was accused of bumping into someone and the somebody got mad....Kyrylo "TRIED TO WALK AWAY" then the guy and his friends started yelling and what not. The Pacers weren't trying to start trouble at all. And if anything the "IGNORANT BLACK THUG" some of you say was coming to defend his teammate. I don't see any problem with the team celebrating a victory especially with the "OWNER" of the team who obviously didn't think it was a bad Idea either. Plus there next game aint till Saturday .....Damn I wonder how many people kick it a bar or club efore they have to go to "work" 2 days later? on another note, "don't bring attention to us don't be dumb" - the camera man.....had me cracking up.

902 days ago


These guys just tried starting stuff because their team got destroyed. The Pacers weren't out to start trouble, it was Paul George's (Pacers #24) 22nd Birthday and there was a Scheduled party at an Orlando club he was hosting with free drinks and admission to everyone. He was treating these people and the *******s just tried to start some BS drama by instigating the Pacers in front of their buddy's camera phone.... and go to hell you racist ****s.

902 days ago


First Fesenko is white. Those Orlando club goers wanted to start something with the Pacers who killed the Magic. All this over some drunk guy thinking someone bumped into them...so lame and happens all the time in bars. And the whole time they were walking away. Granger had to be held back for a second but that was it. Also the Pacers are are rough smash mouth basketball on the court but good character off the court. Larry Bird did that after the Brawl in Detroit. So think before you speak or type and try to understand the world as a whole it will make your life more complete.

902 days ago


The worst part of this video is that the guy video taping won't shut the hell up. Good god! He sounds like Shock G from Digital Underground singing the Humpty Dance, only annoying.

902 days ago

Get back to work!    

So...what were the bike cops selling, since they 'peddled to the scene'?

902 days ago



902 days ago


"Multiple bike cops peddled " REALLY???? maybe pedalled???

902 days ago


You people are IDIOTS! This is a non-Story! Just some STUPID DRUNK Magic fans trying to start a fight. Granger was just standing up for his teamate. Do you think all professional athletes should be locked away when they are not playing? They have every right to go to a club I they choose to. If it wasn't for that MORON Magic fan, there would no incident at all.

902 days ago


Boy, there sure are a lot of Undercover Racist people around. The funniest part is , it's only on the computer, where they are in the comfort of their own home. These same people will not say one thing out of line to a black person in real life. If every time TMZ posted a story about a white person doing something foul, and black people would comment "Look at these dumb azz white people, or White people this or that". It would be a problem. Cut the BS out, if your jealous because your life sucks, accept it and keep your negative, racist comments to yourself. ...P.S the Main Pacer player that was involved wasn't black, you racist bastards.

902 days ago


The media will make this into an all out confrontation and run the story into the ground just to keep something stirred up which the media is good at making mountains out of mole hills

902 days ago

Jon Zimmel    

"where is ron artest when you need him?" - danny granger

902 days ago

Pacers fan    

Just an FYI to everyone... It was Paul George's birthday. They had been out to Disney World that day and out at the club that night. (all this info is via twitter if you happen to follow them). It's quite clear they were being provoked.

901 days ago
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