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Seau Family

We're NOT Blaming NFL

for Junior's Death

5/3/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Junior Seau's family does NOT believe the NFL legend shot himself in the chest to spare his brain ... TMZ has learned.

Seau family sources tell us ... Junior never complained about concussion-related medical problems and didn't appear to be suffering from depression.

We're told Seau never really spoke about the ongoing legal battle between the NFL and retired players who claim the league concealed critical information about the long-term effects of concussions.

One family source was adamant ... if Junior was passionate about preserving his brain, he would've mentioned something to his family.  The family is still unsure why Junior would want to end his own life.

Seau's death instantly drew comparisons to the death of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson -- who left a suicide note explaining he shot himself in the chest because he wanted his brain to be sent to the "NFL brain bank" for study.

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No Avatar

I luv u RPattz!    

What's done is done.....I hope Junior is at peace now. Fight On!

903 days ago


I keep wanting to say: What a loss. But then I see comments from people that say they have no sympathy for suicide. In a way, I agree with what they're saying, but someone Still died and that part of it is STILL very sad. In any regard. May he rest in peace and prayers to his family.

903 days ago


Geez, this format is so lame!

903 days ago


I feel bad for his 4 kids
that he left behind
who will never under stand
their daddy took his own life!

903 days ago


Not trying to be rude but a guy who drove off a cliff and shot himself sounds like someone who has depression problems!

903 days ago


Ironically if you want this injuries to stop, remove the protective gear from the player and you'll see how they won't get hurt! Sound weird? Well, look at rugby, they play as hard but without the protective gear and have a lot injuries than NFL players.

903 days ago

Delaware D    

RIP Junior. I think they should study his brain. I bet he would have wanted that!

903 days ago


Whew, that's a good thing, they're not blaming the NFL


903 days ago


Has anyone given thought to the fact that this might have been an accidental discharge of his gun? He wasn't depressed, he wasn't suicidal, he wasn't preserving his brain for science. All we know for sure is that his gun went off and he is dead. Everything is speculation based of what prior NFL players have done.

903 days ago


Please remove the word "hate". Dislike is more acceptable.I prefer the old format.

903 days ago

She's baaaack    

The new format sucks donkey.
Aside from nut cases who do so out of revenge, suicide stems from an illness that people can fight and fight for years but it breaks them down and takes all the good things away from them. No one is telling you people to pity him but if you don't understand what it takes to come to that point please try to get an understanding. The thing I find most disturbing from this whole thing is the cameras and microphones shoved into the face of his wailing, grief-stricken mother begging to her God to take her instead. I don't want to see any more of that.

903 days ago


Brain injury had nothing to do with this. He struggled with the loss of his professional football career. It happens, and sometimes these guys just have too much pride to try and get help, and appear weak.

903 days ago

no shit..    

All sounds weirded out to me...He did not sound as if he was suicidal .Blaming the NFL for his death.cause he loved it so much.STUPID.. Junior could of easily gotten a coaching job in any level of the sport to stay with it... SOMETHING fishy here...

903 days ago


I dont know who to blame, but I dont think Seau killed himself. This is all way to fishy for me to believe.

903 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

The instantly drawn comparisons were by YOU, TMZ. TMZ in their constant need to be "first" at something .

How about being the first to bring some quality in journalism to the entertainment business? How about being first to display standards in spelling, proofreading, and grammar? How about first in not portraying yourselves in writing as horny 15 year old boys or some kind hipster-thug crossbreeds?

He could have been depressed and suicidal, sometimes people are really good at hiding it. You can't know what's going on in a person's head, no matter how well you think you know them.

903 days ago
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