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Pregnant Man

My Wife's Violent Rampage

... Caught on Tape

5/10/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Months before he filed for divorce ... the Pregnant Man was attacked by his wife ... who also manhandled their daughter and smashed the family computer ... and he captured it all on tape.

In the footage, expected to be filed as evidence in their bitter divorce battle, Thomas Beatie enters a kids' playroom in his Arizona home ... to find his wife Nancy passed out on the floor.

When Nancy wakes up ... she flies into a rage -- picking up her daughter in a sleeper-hold and dragging her into the next room. 

Nancy then inexplicably directs her ire towards Thomas -- attacking him with various household objects ... including the couple's laptop.

Moments later, Nancy takes the computer into the backyard ... smashes it on the ground and tosses it into the pool while Thomas and the kids tearfully plead for her to stop.

TMZ broke the story ... Thomas filed for divorce in February -- claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic and a danger to their children. Sources close to Thomas tell us he started filming Nancy to show her how she acts when she's intoxicated.

The couple is due back in court on Wednesday to hash out custody and child support arrangements.

We reached out to Nancy for comment -- so far, no response.


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Twilight Sparkle    

What a Class A bitch. She clearly can't think for herself! Assaulting your mate like that in front of your kids. Does she have a mental problem, because I think so.
Thomas deserves all custody rights. This woman is terrible

895 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Two dysfunctional a$$holes. Why didn't "pregnant man" (gimme a break) stop filming, put the camera down, and grab that computer away from her and push her into the pool, instead. They deserve each other. Poor kids.

895 days ago


lol two women fighting

895 days ago


Your new format sucks, TMZ ..... But the junk mail posters seem to love it.

895 days ago


Domestic violence such as this is going to stay with these children. It may seem small now but that is how it starts, and for a child to witness their parent being abused makes a huge impact on their psyche.

895 days ago


First of all: this is why you always back your info up. You could throw my computer into a pool right now. All of my stuff is safely backed up on a separate hard drive.

Second of all: Thomas should have put down the camera, removed the children from the tumultuous situation and taken the computer from the woman or stopped her from taking it out of the house.

In my opinion, Thomas' reaction to the situation traumatized the kids as much as Nancy's actions. The kids were left to feel helpless, vulnerable, and as if they had no "stable" parent to turn to in this tense moment. The both suck and need parenting lessons.

895 days ago


I wish he'd beat the daylights out of her. I'd take that computer, bash in her face and hope it makes her more attractive.

895 days ago


They need therapy

895 days ago


She seemed a little out of control. Granted, Thomas wasn't helping much. I think his reaction to it was scaring the kids even more...but atleast he wasn't hitting anyone. Thomas should get custody until Nancy gets help for her issues.

If you get violent when you drink, then you should drink...period. It just takes hitting someone in the wrong place once to seriously hurt or kill them.

895 days ago


Seriously? the question: "Why is she doing that..?" Answer: Because you are continuing to film her and antagonising her! She kept telling you to stop, and was using the computer as leverage basically warning you to stop, and you didn't.. and there you go, your computer got ditched in the pool! Seriously, what do you expect?
And, as for this woman now being a man.. clearly not, when you cry ridiculously like that in the end, all over a computer.. you would think she threw one of the kids into the pool..

895 days ago


you can buy another computer, duh

895 days ago


Pretend time is cool! When I was a little kid I used to pretend I was a jedi! I could make things move with my mind and had an invisible light saber. But of course I wasn't REALLY a jedi but maybe I would have believed I was if everyone around me called me one and news sites reported me to be one. But still I wouldn't ACTUALLY be a jedi because it doesn't exist. Neither does a "pregnant man".

895 days ago

just my opinion    

ok, neither one of them should be parents. this has zero to do with sexual preference because the same idiocy and abuse goes on in heterosexual households. this is child abuse. "Thomas" sat there and let the children witness all this so he is JUST AS GUILTY as she is. why the hell is he using his children as a support system in the middle of all this turmoil? the god damn little girl is repeating everything he says. A REAL FATHER or MOTHER would have taken their children out of the situation...but i guess the VAIO was more important.

895 days ago


Neither of these nutjobs should have kids....and it is not a "him" or a "pregnant man".

895 days ago


This woman has a serious problem with alcohol and should NOT be around children. I hope HE gets custody. Poor kids.

895 days ago
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