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Pregnant Man

My Wife's Violent Rampage

... Caught on Tape

5/10/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Months before he filed for divorce ... the Pregnant Man was attacked by his wife ... who also manhandled their daughter and smashed the family computer ... and he captured it all on tape.

In the footage, expected to be filed as evidence in their bitter divorce battle, Thomas Beatie enters a kids' playroom in his Arizona home ... to find his wife Nancy passed out on the floor.

When Nancy wakes up ... she flies into a rage -- picking up her daughter in a sleeper-hold and dragging her into the next room. 

Nancy then inexplicably directs her ire towards Thomas -- attacking him with various household objects ... including the couple's laptop.

Moments later, Nancy takes the computer into the backyard ... smashes it on the ground and tosses it into the pool while Thomas and the kids tearfully plead for her to stop.

TMZ broke the story ... Thomas filed for divorce in February -- claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic and a danger to their children. Sources close to Thomas tell us he started filming Nancy to show her how she acts when she's intoxicated.

The couple is due back in court on Wednesday to hash out custody and child support arrangements.

We reached out to Nancy for comment -- so far, no response.


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Get those kids out of there A.S.A.P!!!

861 days ago

Joey Boots    

[JerrySeinfeld] Who are theeeeese peeeeeople?[/JerrySeinfeld]

861 days ago


Pregnant man sounds like an idiot. Seriously who is in charge of putting this on the website? Is it slow day?

This is about as dumb as it gets. I am going to give TMZ a break for the rest of the month, this is boring.

861 days ago


Wow, they BOTH have mental issues, and definitely those children will suffer. The entire situation is pathetic, and my heart goes out to those children.

861 days ago


first...who is to say she was passed out? I have laid there before and let me son jump all over me, cuz I didnt want to deal with him... and just felt blah and played like i was sleeping..

Second, Prego-man is giggling in the beginning..she is hitting him with a stuffed toy that Bloings everytime..pretty funny. and she kept asking himt o stop filming and he kept going so she gets pissed off.. havent we all done that??

it doesnt look like she hits him hard at all! just taps him a little bit..and keeps threatening to trash the computer if he doesnt stop..well he didnt so the computer got trashed, big deal! irrational yes, but hey he wouldnt quit filming..

and then as far as carrying the kid like that..when children are throwing tantrums and they start slipping through your arms as you carry them.. it happens when there is chaos going around.. my son threw a hissy fit when he was 2, and i grabbed him by his waist to carry him to the bedroom for time-out..guess what he slipped through with all the wiggling and kicking and screaming and crying and i probably carried him like she did. he wasnt hurt and i didnt intentionally try and hold him like that. just happened.

who are we to judge other people especially when we don't see the full video and are not there. to me this video seemed stupid, didnt show anything but a woman mad that she was getting filmed and her mate wouldnt put the camera down..and so she trashed her own computer.. stupid yes! and then a hysterical dude getting his kids all worked up over nothing. seriously gonna cry and scream over a computer and some taps of a stuffed animal.... for real??

861 days ago


Thomas is also guilty of child abuse by carrying on like that with the children right there. He should have put them in another room away from the trauma.

861 days ago


ya know, just came to me. this may be the woman for chris brown.

861 days ago


I'm more of a man than the crying bitch in this video
with a FAKE dick

861 days ago


why is she crying like a bich! It's just a ****in' computer

861 days ago


Don't like this so called pregnant man. What a weirdo. He/she also frightened the children and cried like an idiot instead of putting the camera down and trying to prevent the situation from escalating. Both these weirdos need counselling. Poor kids.

861 days ago


the kids are the victims here. They should not have have children.

861 days ago


LMAO seriously???? you call that abuse? pregnany man is a pssy!

861 days ago


This is heartbreaking. The mom is NUTS but the man/women/dad is NOT any better!! Those poor kids. They are crying and watching their "parents" act like crazy people and neither parent cares how their inappropriate behavior is effecting their own children !!! SO sad!!! It makes me sick that some people are allowed to have kids. Those poor babies!!! To the "Parents"" GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!!!

861 days ago


I hate to say it but the dude wears the penis well. Keep your mouth shut and the camera rolling.

861 days ago


obviously a set up.

861 days ago
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